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  1. Anybody that is playing competitive/gb I'm a f/a and I want to compete. Hmu on xbox @ Triggod
  2. messaged you, I also have a thead on here
  3. Me and my boy need 2, Ive placed in pro bracket a few times back during MLG and my buddy Odin is a smart, dedicated guy. We want two to grind with before H5, and then do really well at the first few H5 events. 29th raleigh 10 4th dc combine 6th dallas 10 23rd dallas 11 Have a sponsor lined up Message me on xbl- Trigga Top 1 MATURE players wanted
  4. Galaxy needs 1 for HCS today and Columbus.. Got top 4 in the pre/season thing last week. I'm getting on in like 15 so message me on xbox live Trigga Top 1. GL to everyone today
  5. I was referring to the portion that stated going to a bad place and giving your teammate a bad spawn. It's not 100% but its around 90% if you go to snipe spawn in king and your team is 3 down, you will spawn there.
  6. Not sure if you're talking about Vanilla H3, but I'm talking about MLG. I should have made that clear, because if you talk to anyone who played high level H3, they will tell you especially in Construct King, going to snipe spawn and mid gold when your team is 3 down is literally the worst idea on the planet.
  7. I would love to hear some top player's compare themselves with reasoning.
  8. I'll help you out H3: Construct: Going mid gold on, gives your team the worst spawn. Going for sniper will likely give your team bottom sword spawns, ready to get destroyed. Guardian: Going bottom green unnecessarily will likely force Green spawns Pit: Going for snipe, you're looking at court spawns aka the worst These are just at the very top of my head. There are many others
  9. It's not "insane" we are simply attempting to play the game we enjoy the most.
  10. Really? May be true, it may not be. But I can't stand reading shit like this
  11. We didn't get put up when i posted us the first time but... Galaxy - Trigga, Bruh Bruh, Tire Iron & Rabiiid
  12. 343 is coming out with these maps as well, just a heads up. Probably going to be forever though, so good job.
  13. anyone going to columbus and want to split gas money, i have me and another nc local going.
  14. no team name yet but Trigga Tire Iron DoA Bruh Bruh still running games with 4th's, but we're going to Columbus 100% if you're a good F/A msg me at Trigga Top 1 to run
  15. Going to Columbus, have plenty of event experience, pro bracket placings, online a lot 11-1 on PGL 4s ladder, etc. etc.. F/As with some kind of event experience would be great, need 1 to run with now. Gt- Trigga Top 1
  16. Not just no, but hell no. Party teams switch after every game, game session leader changes at complete random times, etc. etc.
  17. Don't understand how any one here/there/anywhere can defend 343 at this point.
  18. Worse than Halo Wars? Halo Wars is the only thing keeping me from selling my 360
  19. My daily "is there an update/patch planned?" Thought I read it was client side, and was due this morning.
  20. Still play almost daily. Really hope we see HW2
  21. I spend my money on an entire experience. For 59.99 plus tax, the entire game better be playable. If the campaign was half-assed and the MP was fully-functional, I would have 0 problem with some noob complaining about some dumb bug within the campaign. The logical thing is for people to want what they paid for, that is the logical thing. Get this shit together 343.
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