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  1. i will be on tonight if you guys wanna run. about 6:30 pacific time gt:h0stile
  2. F/A and looking to run with whoever. Just trying to see what options are out there. Iv been to multiple events and played in a lot of tournaments. I am currently on west coast and can play 6pm - 2am (Pacific).. thats 8pm - 4am Central HMU on twitter @clinthostile or on xbox... GT: H0STILE (its a zero)
  3. I am on most nights, HMU and we can run some.. GT: H0STILE (its a zero)
  4. Recently moved to WA, currently in the renton/auburn area... Are there any upcoming local tournaments?
  5. anyone else that wants to run some games hit me up!
  6. yea, i can... really just trying to find a squad
  7. I guess I will give this a try... Free Agent for HWC/HCS Looking for a good, solid team Lots of tourney and LAN experience. can be on everyday. Hit me up = Gt: H0stile | @clintHostile
  8. This debate is ridiculous. To say that scuffs are unfair is just stupid. how about they ban people from clawing and smack their hands every time they try and change the game controls. People are just being little girls about others having a better option. I guarantee that if scuff would have been around back then nothing would have been said. All a scuff is is the rearranging of the buttons. its the exact same as changing the controls. Its not like it matters for H2A b/c no button glitches and there will be multiple game controls. Where was this issue in reach? there were people using scuff in that at MLG and AGL. ex. Roy. it gives you the ability to melee or jump without taking you thumb off the stick. On a separate topic, i am sick of people talking about how good they were at Halo 2. holy crap its ridiculous. apparently everyone was a halo 2 god and cant wait to shit oh everyone else when it comes back.
  9. I just want to point out that Roy used a scuff controller. Why ban them when people will just claw instead. If scuff is a lazy mans claw then clawing is for poor people that cant afford a scuff.
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