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  1. remember when they spent like $1000 each going last year to lose to us twice
  2. We told him 2 days after Pax. Gave him as much time as possible imo. We were the least shady/sketchy that we could have been
  3. Pistola finally comes back to halo after his injury, then our team struggles, and all he sees when watching my chat is #betterwithNinja. Is it really that surprising that he got emotional and upset. I guess 1 outlash means all the years of him being extremely nice to fans is out the window. Yeah im used to the hate but im still gonna speak my mind sometimes
  4. Cause we beat Str8. And kept knocking out the Carbon team with Walshy and Naded on it. We didn't do anything to deserve it to the level of getting Boo'd off mainstage after winning WB Finals at Dallas 09
  5. Don't think Pistola has ever been seen in a bad way by pros or the community.
  6. Takes a lot to get Ola that angry but the halo community found a way
  7. averaging 4 more deaths a game than everyone on the team is a problem
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