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  1. well ppl liked DOOM grapple hook, so maybe.... just maybe.. we could leverage that success found in that game and... hmmm this all sounds very very familiar...
  2. THE WORST PART ABOUT THAT IS once they make the change, u know fuck all they're NOT going to go back... No matter how many people kick and scream they WONT revert back because they already changed it. and to their credit they'll probably pull "well if you guys wanted it so bad, why'd you ask us to change it in the first place?" and damn If I can't agree with it.
  3. splitgate went from being huge to now having MCC numbers... Infinite is gonna be no different. https://steamdb.info/app/677620/graphs/ I know halo has the luxury of having a bigger name but I dont think Infinite will do much better. I bet were looking at 23k after the first month or two. only to go down depending on how quickly 343 can add content. and based on their "estimation" it could be even longer
  4. The vehicles don't feel too bad, but they could use more interactive audio to them instead of just "THUNK"
  5. the problem is they didn't submit a ticket so 343 can ignore it... hahaha
  6. I dont understand why they have such limited search times. WHY WOULD YOU LIMIT THE FEEDBACK YOU RECIEVE. If you let players play MM all day they will find more bugs and issues for you to fix, so your game launches smooth. But instead they give it a time limit. It sucks cause a lot of ppl actualy want to play this game right now, and 343 has a fucking timer on the Matchmaking. Ugh
  7. This game is gonna be CSGO soon, theres so many holes in the roofs of these buildings
  8. Already found a couple "sick" mlg jumps... If you like spamming the clamber button that is... Same jump can be done on the other side, but it's harder. Didn't do it yet on other side.
  9. So i managed to get into a custom game and try out CTF by myself... Umm you can drop flag but you have to press Y now. Pressing RT (shoot) only melees the flag. As well as the traditional melee button also STILL melees flag. SO now there's TWO melees buttons... And I'm inconvenienced by not being able to shoot to drop flag (keeps my thumb on the analog stick to aim) now I cant aim and drop flag.
  10. hey guys, halo 5 sniper is back also I cant wait to rocket myself on flag with it's collision on... hopefully its changed.
  11. tell their dumb fans that, they keep arguing that it's entirely from scratch "new" engine
  12. did you like, take one of my reddit rants? lol this is exactly the shit i spewed all the time. It's funny that of the games on that list, halo is the only one that really changed and felll off the leaderboard. The rest stayed the same and maintained their place on the list. Hell even H2 is still top played Xbox OG game in 2009 https://majornelson.com/2010/01/11/the-top-20-live-games-of-2009/
  13. my MCC opens on my second desktop window about 80% of the time. But it could be my PC it's been buggy lately. That's about my only issue. And lack of population
  14. the closest we've come is 343's handling of MCC. I wonder how this game would have faired if not for the years of bad PR surrounding it. And the horrible PC launch... Lost 90% of it's user base cause they didn't know the games were sold separate and Reach was the only game available at launch. 343 is terrible at fan communications. Unless you have a twitter or reddit account you won't know shit about updates, flights, what games MCC launches with etc. Didn't bungie used to half weekly updates every friday? Now we get one update a month IF that
  15. I still don't know if bungie did this on purpose or not for balancing. Cause the LOS from Br1 to snipe 1 can be pretty OP with a snipe (but that was h2) halo 3 probably wouldve been different if they kept it 1:1. I mean 50% of shots don't register so that's only reason narrows works. But midship is almost 1:1. Save for the eli pillar in h2.
  16. the difference is MS has fuck you money, so they can afford it. and lets be honest. Hate halo or not, the simple fact that HALO is printed on the box art is what sells this game. I could take a hot shit in a disc case, and as long as halo is stamped on it. 90% of r/halo and community will buy it. just to see what happens to chief. Unless Halo makes them no money at all.... I doubt MS will change devs. Tho it's actually starting to look possible. because infinite relies on player retention to feed the f2p and monetization. Guess what??? player retention is the ONE thing halo struggles with. And splitgate lost 50% of it's population already. So microsft should be worried. What happens when everyone beats campaign and moves on? MS won't make their $$ back on MP. (who knows how good campaign will sell, lets be honest it prob will sell fine) I just wish bungie held onto the franchise and was able to shelve it. Then they could reboot it like DOOM or other GOOD reboots that are happening. Instead of milking halo all these years, maybe H3 should've been the last and we should've been looking at a REAL classic reboot nowish.
  17. I usually don't entertain your ideas but i seriously think an alt fire BR double shot would work in future halo games. Idk how they could code in the RRX combo but if fighting games can do it, halo can. BR shoots normally, but when you RRX obviously double shots. And if they could make it as challenging as the OG combo, it may balance itself. Risk reward. Accidentally hitting reload = death sentence, aim is at a disadvantage (unless you claw) the only advantage is doubling the rate of fire.
  18. how are ppl still blaming Microsoft for wanting to ship the game? lmao. they gave them 5 years and another year ontop of that... 343 used their time wisely clearly. Microsoft can only hold out so much before they expect a return on their investment.... Microsoft is literally handing off millions of dollars to a toddler it feels like. And the toddler is running over and tossing the money out the window, all while snot bubbles and drool runs down his face. This baby but with money in his hands
  19. isn't it ironic? that they're fine releasing the game unfinished because it's a "live service game" and it evolves over time with features and QOL improvements but.... they're not comfortable releasing forge and evolving it over the time via the same "live service" idea? what the backwards fuck?
  20. I can't wait to line up a sick shot on a kid behind a destructible stair post... nah but really has anyone tested this? do shots go thru it and maintain momentum? like If I shoot it, will it continue going past the destroyed geometry and into the spartans head? like a 2 for 1 snipe? or will it hit the geometry? break the geometry? and THEN require another bullet to hit the players head? hopefully it's an "on overlap destroy" and it doesn't have actual collision with your weapons bullets, so the bullet can continue going thru to it's intended target. I obviously dont care about most of this, it's just the stuff that can potentially block shots, like the stairwell posts in the first clip or maybe a prop gets blown up in the air and blocks your shot... It's like rocketing the flag pole...
  21. this is what annoys me about orgs in general, they keep catering to 343's made settings. like 343 always gave us the tools to remove their dumb shit, but no org wanted to make their own settings like MLG used to. WHYYYYY? I suppose the only answer is parity, no one wants to practice multiple settings if one wont be used. but hopefully they do now, Im tired of waiting for 343 to find settings 3- years into the games lifecycle
  22. Im not going to lie there were so many times in this game where i did want clamber but only because the fucking jetpack doesn't work for half the jumps I do. Especially if you dont time it right... So yeah I did want clamber but only because "MODERN FPS HAVE SATURATED IT INTO EVERYGAME THAT I NOW EXPECT CLAMBER." (the problem sprint is having) Im ruined.... no but seriously it also kinda reminded me of h5 in some ways and it just felt weird getting half way to a ledge and falling back on my ass, it's weird being punished again. I like it, but I will admit. I did expect clamber a lot of the time and was actually confused if the game had it and maybe I wasn't pressing the right button. Hopefully they dont add it
  23. clamber is fucking training wheels. if no one had it, everyone would be better because you'd be forced to think of your feet and their position on the geometry. Nope, all gone. Button mashing.
  24. lol I said this on another site too. Like stop being pussies 343. Bungo wasn't afraid of a little comedic relief. Bungie had the enemies shoot your dead bodies in campaign. There's no reason bots shouldn't teabag, especially knowing they're AI's and not real people. Even better cause WHO could take THAT personally?
  25. agreed but they need to actually be faithful and retain LOS and jumps/ledges.
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