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  1. It sounds pretty good on 1.25 speed. (the burst) I just wasn't a fan of the slow paced nature of the BR now. but it's better sped up. IMO
  2. oh yeah bro they got nothing.... thats why all the marketing after the demo was literally the demo... They didn't have anything else to show and I still stand by that statement because of this video they were literally still really early mapping out the "swords of sanghelios" a few months before e3.... Like framerate didnt exist early... At least most of the assets were done tho. 343 literally did the same ting this time except they didnt finish the demo lmAooo they just released it!!! not to say this isn't normal, 3 months is actually pretty decent time if your team knows what the fuck theyre doing... but we all know...
  3. ppl have been saying MS is targeting marketing closer to release, not just halo but most of their IPs. Gears 5.... idk any other IPs or the legitimacy of that claim but to me it doesn't sound smart, but to their credit ppl do have short attention spans. If you market too early and dont keep up the steam ppl could forget. so I get them wanting to go all in a few months before, but still seems silly.
  4. MP and forge arent launching with campaign. watch
  5. i remember thinking h5 wouldn't have descope. because it would be moronic to have Reach (descope) then h4 (no descope) then h5 (back to descope). I thought they were so set in their ways and wanted to avoid the "we messed up" and contradict themselves removing it in h4... Also the fact that it's ADS. but here we are, descope in halo 5 and H2A. I was pleasantly surprised.
  6. I REALLLY want to see what 343 PLANNED to show us a year ago... Ya know back in july 2020 they had the gameplay demo, then they said in a month or so they would show the MP reveal..... I want to see THAT video that they were planning to show MP off... It was probably just as laughably bad as the campaign demo. and 343 was super excited to show it OMG I gotta see it pleasseeeeraeref
  7. be funny if infinite flops and 343 adds Chief's infinite armor to halo 3. So I can be PEAK spartan in h3
  8. Bro i actually really want this. I posted before about it.... It could be a legit mechanic... Only viable on empty weapons though... Hold RT (fire) + LT (grenade) and the gun will be thrown at the enemy. it would ONLY work on empty weapons so the chances of it happening elsewhere is mitigated. Since your gun is empty you can just HOLD the RT ( cause nothing will happen) and when the grenade button is pressed the game knows what you want. As for shields I'd say it should be worth 1 BR burst, maybe 25% shields. Maybe 15%-20% 343 hire me. actually no dont
  9. what is this portal? Prey 2006? Could I kill people in "no mans land" from the "base" portal? or would I interfere with their dimmension? Also reminds me of this cool thing I saw on unreal engine subreddit a while back Basically you could kill people from other planes... Because of how fractals work, you'll see multiple instances but I think he was saying you can kill them in any of the instances.
  10. I posted a while ago on NLD about teleporters on a timer. So instead of waiting for powerup drops, you instead wait for pushes. But it's a two way street because if you setup for a push as the enemy does you may get out slayed and capped on, but if you setup for the push and then COUNTER push after killing all of them... Idk... I thought the idea of teleporters on a timer would be cool, so it's not constant back and forth but instead strategic like "teleporters up, im going thru guys" sort of like Destiny 2 gambit. but it honestly would probably just lead to constant stalemates as each team runs up and dies and cancels out both teams push, which leads to it just resettting and canceling out again most likely.
  11. I was just thinking 343 can give us no sprint and sprint. Give us both maps. Make one classic sized = no sprint, then give us the sprint/enhanced mobility playlists... Same maps but literally taken into MAYA and scaled bigger for sprint. LMAO Imagine playing the same goddamn map, everything is the same except the size and ability to run. It's honestly blowing my mind how possible this is but weird. Right there behind symmetrical guardian
  12. so like is the new HUD gonna have the weapons on the bottom right of the screen now? Where does team score go? where do grenades go?
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