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  1. Ahhh fair enough guyyyy. It was bringing up PTSD from xbone. When kids were blocking good ppl and the good ppl were getting bad rep because of it. Oh man remember when 343's solution to the quitting problem was to just lower their rep every time they quit. Man I can't wait for their Halo Infinite ideas!
  2. No because then bad kids block all the competition.. That's not cool Then they either never find matches or get their 50s playing against brain dead kids
  3. they have money too guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and there are a lot more of those idiots playing halo than us... for at least a couple weeks ya know. Then they go back to their main game haha dumbass 343 catering to the wrong crowd YET again... Vocal minority literally the best phrase as Reach's population is down into the single digit thousands
  4. I said it before and I'll say it again. H5 had an established engine and still launched with barely any gametypes that it has now. KOTH, Oddball, forge came so late (but worth it), maps (shitty ones at that) Infinite has a new engine they're making and I don't know if they'll be able to craft an engine, a game and have time left to fill it with the proper content for launch. If h5 couldn't do that with an already working engine, I don't see infinite doing it. But on the other hand maybe the last engine was harder to get content into.
  5. I don't think it's good enough as we see with assassinations and holding it. It's tough for the controller to sometimes tell if you didn't want to do that. Plus I think holding/double tapping introduces an extra buffer. Because the input has to tell the difference between you double tapping it, tapping it or whether you're going to hold it. So i don't think that's good for comp play. Because it's going to have to take that extra millisecond for the game to make up it's mind which input you're hitting and then animate the action. How many times have you animated someone in Reach by accident. People will probably just keep the option off to prevent errors.
  6. I think we should have an underhand nade option like CS but there's no more buttons on the controller to map it to. and combining buttons doesn't seem doable with the different controller layouts. Someone would always be at a disadvantage having to press the buttons and aim
  7. ikr, Infinite launches end of the year, unless it's delayed which I'm putting money on... Yet they claim to want to hold flights for infinite, when the hell will they start. If MCC continues down this path, well have to pick what flight to play, do I want to play the Halo Infinite flight, or H2 MCC flight? Let's be honest, half into jan and no word on CE yet. H2 won't be flighted till FUCKING April. Honestly in typical 343 I bet they changed their plans midway through without telling anybody. I'm betting they're hiring more studios to get ALL the work done now. THey showed HCE and H2 with the 120+ framerates. It's making me think they're working on getting all the games out faster than doing one at a time. Hope I'm fucking wrong, cause they did say they would work on the main flight game (CE) while a smaller team prepares the next game for flights (h2). That could be what those screenshots are from, but I'm still betting 343 are trying to rush all games out at once. MS probably doesn't want the staggered release interfering with Halo 6 marketing or flights
  8. funny enough the theater files are in the game but there's no way to access them even out of game. They're displayed as a mp4 video but it's not playable for some DUMB ASS reason. C:\Users\jesse\AppData\LocalLow\MCC\Temporary\UserContent\HaloReach\Movie edit: actually maybe these aren't theater files looking at the names now. well they're certainly something cause they're listed with the custom maps and gametypes we download.
  9. think of what you guys are asking though. 343's not going to go back and redevelop reach to make it better. they have 5 more games to release... AND on top of that they had a fucking list of "not actively working on a fix" bugs.... Hell don't get me wrong, I want them to fix the reload cancel bloom, or flag drop bloom. But it probably wont... They wouldn't even add descope back to h4 when that was "relevant and improvements were a must" Hahaha the amount of times me or the enemy has been up shots but ends up losing because of exactly that. Once you're unscoped across the map, good luck getting that scoped crosshair back on them. Especially on a high sens!
  10. hey guy good luck digging up the og code and getting that to run flawless. these ports are the best they have. they can be fixed... would you rather start from scratch or take over a project that's already mostly done? all that's left is to fix the rough edges.... They showed a pic of h2a and CE on pc at 120fps or 110 fps. Granted it was a pic, who knows if it's functional, but that's already better than h2v...
  11. as long as the silhouette is intact, that's fine with me, they're doing better than 343 already.
  12. I honestly didn't play it I'm mainly talking about some of the banished stuff and the fact that creative assembly didn't randomly change signature models like the ark. Ya know like 343 randomly changing the forward unto dawn, or chiefs armor, or every weapon ever in h4
  13. we already have it to some degree but they're all different projects. Saber interactive worked on Campaign for HCE and H2A and made the Halo Online game for RUSSIA, Certain affinity did MP for H4 and H2A, Creative Assembly made Halo wars 2. I don't see any reason they can't handle their own games as they've already proved they could. Hell creative assembly is probably more faithful to Bungie's halo. If you've ever played Alien Isolation, Creative assembly was faithful as FUCK to the 1979 movie. Even HW2 was pretty damn impressive art style wise.

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