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  1. I just thought of something funny and interesting. what if infinite had a mechanic where we could throw our empty weapons at the enemy? Only does 1/4 shield damage... Run out of BR ammo and just chuck it at the dudes head. maybe you die, but you still got some damage on him loool. id actually love to see that in action, especially since Cursed Halo has it.
  2. Agreed, Halo online aim assist is just barely there that it's kinda hard to use, but also not there enough that it's overpowered like people say Reach, CE 2, 3 etc are. It's a nice balance, not too much not too little. 343 wont use it though. Makes too much sense to.
  3. can someone make like a 343 seal of approval PNG? i'm tryna start stamping that shit everywhere
  4. specs? theres no way, you gotta be either on a 2010 laptop with so much dust in it or you're plugged into your motherboard and not GPU
  5. ITS JUST AS BAD AS SPRINT. one shot? thrust behind the wall 5 feet to your left or right. about to fall off the map? Thrust back onto that bitch somewhere I wouldn't mind thrust too much if it wasn't so damn fast and instant. There's no telegraph to it. Also if you're strafing right and you thrust left, you should not go full distance left. You should go half of that distance because you were strafing in the opposite direction. Thats why jumping is better, you can telegraph it better. also if im strafing left and try to jump right mid strafe, ill just go straight up in the air. shit actually makes sense. There's momentum.. Not in h5. Sprint left/jump to the left THEN thrust right to fuck your opponent up every time no fail. Can ppl even react to that? I dont watch h5. Seems like it always throws ppl off when I watch. if the thrust had a slower time to activate, and it showed on your spartan that your thrusters were charging up before hand, like maybe a .2 second before... then mayyybe... Still fucking hate the idea of it though.
  6. but the game(s) did report 0 multiple times and were not accurate. people were searching. so then what? you're not going to search because the game says 0? why not try first.
  7. I dont think this is a legit reason or the h3 and reach games would have been dead when H4 came out. that wasn't the case. ppl kept searching regardless of the low numbers in playlists. in practice ppl dont search because of numbers they search first and then stop. just like we do now with no pop counter. except now its harder to tell if its dead, we just have to wait 20 minutes.
  8. I called it, 343 is prob going to do a bulk release because if they continued the "one test a game thing" then we would be flighting H4 during Halo Infinite flights probably. 343 doesn't want Infinite flights to collide with the rest of MCC. So here ^ bottom app is H2:anniversary if you hover the mouse over it. BULK RELEASE BOYS. Im betting they release them all (in insider), but lock them all for testing, go one at a time. Could be wrong obviously but.... CE came out in pretty much under a month when they announced flighting. It's not too far fetched considering these games already had most done save for the PC aspects
  9. i still dont get how they didnt just get chimera in someone ELI5
  10. I know but I doubt it will happen. You know the excuses will come in, JUST PICK ONE GAMETYPE, we need SOMETHING to practice on. I'm sure they don't want to practice on settings that are constantly being changed like h5
  11. Great, this means out of the box settings that probably won't be changed for a while. Hopefully theyre not shit
  12. i'm betting the new "radar" is based on the compass at the top of the screen like MW. I don't know if they'd go red when firing or always red when moving full speed like traditional. Otherwise we'd see them constantly on our compass. personally I don't care cause I dont use radar but hopefully they have the classic radar
  13. yeah lets change it back to team throwdown /s
  14. that and the damn needles explode in your face making your vision kinda impaired from all the BLASTS
  15. It was literally the testers/proteam, do ppl forget ghosts description of the new aiming? " At first, it's going to be tough, but it will get much better with practice." -Ghost HAHAHa I'm guessing they tried mimicking Halo 3's trashy aim and fucked up. H3 is wonky as fuck compared to h2 or CE or even Reach. actually funny enough reading it now it seems like the aiming issues were inconsistent EVEN IN TESTING GUYS "There were some days where our entire team despised it, other days where our team had a split-decision, and finally one day where we all felt extremely comfortable with it."

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