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  1. So I'm lost... are they doing the staggered release? Cause how can you have MP and campaign and have MP be F2P? will that mean launching two separate clients for each option? Client for campaign and theater and a client for MP, forge, customs. Like launching warzone or Cold war.... Like I remember them saying they thought of doing it, but then rejected it, but the more I think about it the more it sounds like theyre going to do it anyway. help?
  2. Yeah I wouldn't mind H5's sandbox if all the weapons weren't copy pasted versions of the other factions.... I would still probably hate it but at least guns would feel unique. I WILL give 343 props on fixing the boltshot and maybe the supressor, H4 to H5 boltshot was a massive improvement. and the supressor isn't just an SMG/AR clone anymore. they mixed it up better
  3. Yeah but it's only useful because the movement mechanics require the guns to be.... You can't keep the classic game's damage values when you can sprint, thrust, slide and jump across the map now... Now the weapons have to do more damage because of the ground you cover in the shorter amount of time... ANd the thrust requires explosions to be bigger and more deadly.... Basically it lessens the skillgap now that every weapon is higher damage output, but not any harder to use or aim with...
  4. not as cringe as the money lost going into such a stupid fucking show.
  5. Nah this is just assuming everything from the demo is still there, clamber, the slide thingy, grapple hook. ANd obviously your two feet (classic halo jump style) Though I wasn't a fan of the constant platforming in DOOM eternal I did enjoy some of it, if it was paced properly, but that game was 90% platforming.
  6. Damn I was just watching this vid And he brings up a point about platforming. One of my favorite things about Destiny 1 & 2 was some of the platforming that some levels have. I kinda want a ubisoft esque tower-climb/platforming areas around infinite where you have to get to these sick forerunner installations or just find cool hidden easter eggs that are hard to find. Like im sure the warthog runs used to give ppl the same feeling of "oh shit" but for me, it's platforming and having my feet almost slip over the edge after a long fall *in first person*
  7. Ehh well see. Reach proved that maps can work for sprint and without sprint. And we already saw most of the other stuff will be pickups on the map (grapple at least) We just need an org that's not afraid to turn off the bad mechanics. Granted Reach only worked that way cause not everyone had sprint, so the maps weren't totally stretched out but well see.
  8. what happened to this? https://www.gamespot.com/articles/a-halo-5-reality-tv-show-is-on-the-way-from-wicked/1100-6445852/ Maybe Infinite...
  9. a lot of people don't like it but I think halo already has. Plasma and UNSC weapons have similar alternatives but plasma deals more shield damage but no health damage. Where UNSC does more health and less shields. So a plasma rifle will destroy your shields but wont kill you as fast. The assault rifle takes longer to destroy their shields but destroys your health once shields flare. Imagine a precision plasma rifle that destroys shields fast but doesn't do one hit headshots... that's the thought im going with. Hell bungie already experimented this idea with the focus rifle. it's basically a shield sniper alternative to the UNSC sniper
  10. Should 343 add a walk button to Halo or to take it a step further. Star citizen has a function where you can control your walk speed with the mouse scroll. Scrolling up makes you run faster, scrolling down makes you walk. 343 could make it have a few speeds. So that everyclick of the mouse scroll increases the speed in those stage. You could choose to have 3 different states to auto pick from, Walk, faster walk and default run. So if you're running and you want to walk, two clicks back (scroll clicks). Or another option that just lets you dial it back without the steps, so each scroll will just slow you down incrementally. Like a volume slider, you adjust it yourself via the mouse wheel. no snapping to preadjusted walk values. Or turn it off all together.
  11. that's the idea, Nades throws, melees, reload animations, weapon pickups/drops. Tons of animation possibilities, and they would be client side, no need to animated it for everyone else to see as long as it fits in the same animation window as the defaults.
  12. What are your thoughts on custom animations? we all know MTX is going to be the main cash draw for Infinite. Any of those who played cyberpunk know there's a certain weapon and mission you get where this gun has a certain animation where you pull it out and reload it. You spin the gun around in your hand to reload it and then spin it back the other way to shoot it. Infinite could sell cool animations per weapons, and don't tell me you guys wouldn't want it. I've seen the proof over the years of H3... Everyone shoots their BR before they pickup the flag because the reload animation while grabbing flag looks better than the default pickup animation... And tons of pros who YY cancel a reload purely because it looks cool. Sure some of them are actually trying to look for another shot, but I feel like most are trying to be flashy. Personally I think of the CE pistol flipping animation. The only problem with this proposal is making the animations not drawn out or longer than the default animations. I just think i'd get so bored on this game after 10 years and boring pizza skins
  13. dont remember plasma pistol or launcher being able to do this you can use this to ignore geometry. lock, aim around the geo and maybe just maybe...
  14. Yeah this would only allow you to do it with a second weapon on your spartan, but you blew my mind for a sec.
  15. What do yall think about throwing empty weapons at an enemy? So, you could throw your empty weapon at an enemy for about 25% of less health off their sheilds (about one BR burst or less) and then clean then up with the pistol if you're fast enough. The animation would probably be as fast as swapping weapons so there's no advantage over the other. Still have to rely on either them choking or you having a good strafe. Button to do this action would be 1. have an empty weapon first 2. Hold RT (fire) and melee (flings the weapon at enemy) This way the game wont confuse the action as you need to hold RT first to throw the gun. obviously this would be a last case scenario if there's no ammo around and it still gives you a viable chance while being empty and caught off guard.
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