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  1. It's not the predictability. It's the chaos it makes. Have you played bomb on warlock? anyone can just jump up and disarm/arm when they please. No more strategy to it. You're constantly having to go back to your base and kill these idiots.
  2. Yes! I already outlined it, before warlock only had TWO ways into the base. Now there are 4 ways. Before you either had lift or the ramp.... Now you have, Lift, jump up, ramp, jump up. Now kids can just jump into your base anytime they want from anywhere and either arm or disarm bomb. Would NEVER happen in h2 cause of the focused routes that HALO doen't have anymore. this is my biggest problem with abilities and 343's new halo. Before you were forced to use the paths of the map, that lead to natural engagements cause EVERYONE had to follow the path. Now with sprint, thrust and slide, we can ignore 90% of the routes and jump jump window to top mid on midship now. Leading to less natural engagements. It's no wonder removing the abilities makes even the shittiest of maps better, the flow of engagement comes back as were forced to use the path of the maps.
  3. PC. Even xbox has new assets available to use... Hell, zealot has replaced the sandbags with actual dev assets, same for coutdowns health ledge. Sandbags were replaced with an actual piece. edit: actually from some xbox gameplay, looks like xbox still has sandbags on countdown. could just be an older build/map obviously.
  4. Or we could forge a sort of runway/room thats just zero G. We have forge pieces. It doesn't have to be open or closed. It can have a small but focus path aw shit I completely missed your last sentence. disregard me. tho still think it could work if done right. right?? new assets
  5. Anchor 9 is honestly not a bad map, it's like a knockoff H3 pit. Even has a sword room, just needs more cover around this area. Question is, do we go the amplified/onslaught route and just make it DMR only? or should we have power weapons? it looks big enough for power weapons, but if they dont add more cover.... DMR only.
  6. IMO the shitty maps, and H4 legacy code (nade hitmarkers) made it horrible and the artstyle but that's less important. Legacy Example, warlock. They added two extra jump ups on every base. Before you ONLY had two routes into base, now there are 4. It completely ruined the flow of warlock. Making it mayhem now. Sort of like abilties in Halo. We used to have certain routes on maps, now we can make our own with abilities. Ruins the flow of engagement. I know it's probably really demanding but I would have rather had saber's engine from H2A campaign overlaid with classic h2mp. so I could still do all the h2 button glitches with newer assets.
  7. I posted this vid back in oct and a lot of you didn't like the suggestions, but I wanna hear your thoughts about the portal 2 icon suggestion? Icons on the map that point to where we should look for mic-less teammates Only allow two icons at a time, and have a cooldown period so people aren't spamming it constantly, and only allowing two icons wont crowd up the screen. ( I guess it could be adjusted depending on the gametype size) BTB could have 3-4 icons that are smaller. The more icons used, the smaller they go so less screen real estate is taken up. And Halo has had waypoints since CE so I don't see an issue adding them now.
  8. I'll bite, 343 added some new assets to forge and with Reach going to PC that means the entire Reach asset is at our disposal with mods. It's just up to 343 if they would let us use them for competitive play as it may not work on consoles. But grey maps don't HAVE to happen. Hell we could mod textures onto the damn pieces.
  9. I refuse to support anything Reach. Won't be tuning into events. BLAH That's like going to my bully's birthday party and bringing him a gift. I've never seen a blood shot on lan for money... unlike h3
  10. I see this man also enjoy Rick and Morty edit: lmao I didn't even know that was rick and morty related. fuck
  11. yeah the certain affinity's version... I hate every certain affinity h2a map they ruined them. Warlock especially, adding those additional jump ups completely ruined the map and turned it into a hell hole.
  12. "but ninja guise" Remember bungie had heatmaps? Also something interesting I've noticed is that the 343 maps dont have heat at on specific areas of the map, never in the center areas, its usually on the outside. But the BUNGIE maps have heat EVERYWHERE, people were using every part of the map it seems like.

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