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  1. I'd take a skyline remake in infinite. I wouldn't mind haven either as long as it's not overdone artwise like mercy. Shit looks like a gears 5 map. Not that it's bad, just too ornate and not halo looking. Doesn't even look covenant...
  2. I dont think it's illegal to copy a game 1:1 as long as you don't title it as the competition's name. okay maybe not 1:1 on the art front. Yea
  3. get out of jail free card... only one is situational (portals can only be used on the portal walls, not anywhere) unlike sprint.
  4. I only want remakes if they take the original geo and highpoly over it/don't ruin it. I actually liked what Battlefield is doing with the "portal" idea. Give all players access to their playstyle with all era's of battlefield. WW1-Modern Era. I want all the best Halo maps remade for infinite, but I know that won't happen and has the possibility to ruin maps/sandbox. similar to CSGO, they bring back previous maps cause they keep working. 343 can't keep bringing back maps that worked previously cause they keep reinventing halo every game, and yeah I'd like some new maps to shine as well.
  5. New footage of the Halo: Infinite overshield meta
  6. could be a LOS thing. if the crosshair passes over the enemy, the spartan will chat it out. If he doesn't put the crosshair over the enemy, the game safely assumes the player (spartan) may not see it and therefore pass on calling it out. To prevent spamming of the chatter. At least, that's what I would think would make sense. It's probably not the case. Could be a timing thing in conjuction with screenspace. if a spartan is visible on your screenspace past a certain threshold, the spartan will call it out.. Again screenspace and timing to prevent spam.
  7. oh someone already mentioned they modded. I even read. damn.
  8. It sounds pretty good on 1.25 speed. (the burst) I just wasn't a fan of the slow paced nature of the BR now. but it's better sped up. IMO
  9. oh yeah bro they got nothing.... thats why all the marketing after the demo was literally the demo... They didn't have anything else to show and I still stand by that statement because of this video they were literally still really early mapping out the "swords of sanghelios" a few months before e3.... Like framerate didnt exist early... At least most of the assets were done tho. 343 literally did the same ting this time except they didnt finish the demo lmAooo they just released it!!! not to say this isn't normal, 3 months is actually pretty decent time if your team knows what the fuck theyre doing... but we all know...
  10. ppl have been saying MS is targeting marketing closer to release, not just halo but most of their IPs. Gears 5.... idk any other IPs or the legitimacy of that claim but to me it doesn't sound smart, but to their credit ppl do have short attention spans. If you market too early and dont keep up the steam ppl could forget. so I get them wanting to go all in a few months before, but still seems silly.
  11. MP and forge arent launching with campaign. watch
  12. i remember thinking h5 wouldn't have descope. because it would be moronic to have Reach (descope) then h4 (no descope) then h5 (back to descope). I thought they were so set in their ways and wanted to avoid the "we messed up" and contradict themselves removing it in h4... Also the fact that it's ADS. but here we are, descope in halo 5 and H2A. I was pleasantly surprised.
  13. I REALLLY want to see what 343 PLANNED to show us a year ago... Ya know back in july 2020 they had the gameplay demo, then they said in a month or so they would show the MP reveal..... I want to see THAT video that they were planning to show MP off... It was probably just as laughably bad as the campaign demo. and 343 was super excited to show it OMG I gotta see it pleasseeeeraeref
  14. be funny if infinite flops and 343 adds Chief's infinite armor to halo 3. So I can be PEAK spartan in h3
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