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  1. I think lowering the red reticle range on controller every input could help. Not just the red reticle range but also the range where the aim assist kicks in. I could be wrong but I think there's still a tiiiiny amount past red reticle and then after that range its completely free aim. This could make drilling people across map harder and also make it so bullet mag isn't kicked in until close ranges. (damn I just remembered there's no red reticle on PC) Roast me if I'm wrong. This probably wouldn't help much anyway as controller dominated close range anyway. Make BR and SNIPE projectile too. If this game is so "low aim assist" then ppl should have no problem leading again as that could possibly be a balancing factor. if you have to lead in a game that already has low aim assist, you risk falling out of that aim assist 'zone' every time you're leading. Again tho, this favors controllers in closer range so idk.
  2. this is actually an area 343 is following with infinite or at least for the forerunner artstyle. It's not super 3d modeled anymore. it's just modeled in certain areas and wrapped with nice texture that has parallax occlusion/tessellation. I was actually happy to see a return to this form again.
  3. as someone else said earlier, bungie knew where to focus their art and details and where not to focus much... Notice how every halo redditor bitches about lord hoods face/humans faces in general in h3... that's literally the only thing they can bring up about h3 looking bad. Nothing else, they have no other ammo... human faces you don't even see much, save for the few cutscenes... So yeah while bungie didn't give two shits about faces... they sure made a hell of a game that's still being played in 2021... maybe they focused in the right areas?
  4. theater wont be ready for launch /s nah maybe
  5. lol bro you're just gullible at least for this pic. it's from a dev update. Also slightly more offtopic all the way on the left you can see the blam dev menu... So that proves to every idiot redditor that this isn't a new engine. Idk why they keep digging into the "they spent all the time making the engine from scratch" no they didn't. It's h5 v2 engine.
  6. I haven't played h5 ina while but man I was blown away at how slow the H5 pistol is. I thought it was WAYYY faster than it is. I thought it was only slightly slower than the sidekick. Man infinite pistol really spoiled me with the ROF. H5 pistol is so slow, but I know its more balanced.
  7. simple, make snipe AND br projectile...
  8. It's a good thing 343 really toned down sprint, this guy almost got away.... https://streamable.com/8pb1ku
  9. what a shit vid, fucking use it on bots, dont just shoot the air... wtf SHOW us how it works, one shot kill? two? what?
  10. disregard the digital foundry audio in the background this is why we flight
  11. oh my god he mentions the horrible weapon animation framerate... my rocket reload looked like it was animated for a power point presentation
  12. I'm not too psyched about this (electricity arcing from weapon to weapon) because I have a clip showing how RNG this could be... at the bottom of this post. You run into a room that happens to have some weapons and nades thrown about the floor. Well now you risk dying because you could not control what weapons were at your feet when you entered the room. You can hear me rage at the end of the clip, cause i dont know what the fuck just happened.... CLIP BELOW https://streamable.com/odwaka in the above clip you can basically see the grenade arc off 3 different things. An AR, a pistol (after I died), my drop shield (after I died) so now I wonder. If there were no weapons in there to ARC off, how much damage would i actually take... Im fine with it arcing to my spartan. sure, but off a weapon that I have no control over if its there? whyyyy
  13. it does use a lot of halo 3 forerunner textures, but that's about it for me. and chief armor is cool that's about it in terms of halo 3 for me
  14. did anyone know this? idk why i didn't assume it. but i mean. it's halo. it kind of makes sense I should have seen this coming
  15. does anyone else notice the needles flying past their face? i keep challenging needler cause it looks like the needles are missing/going past me... then i explode... the needles look like they bend AROUND my spartan instead of moving towards me.
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