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  1. https://twitter.com/IronGamingTV/status/480171993451724800 Thoughts?
  2. It was never necessarily a "Halo Branded" headset, its just was polk audio ended up calling it as far as we know
  3. Did M2K just lose 3-0 in Grand Finals to Emukiller? I'm done, so done.. That match up might as well have been Mew2King VS Mew2God
  4. Found the link below on /r/CompetitiveHalo, and didn't see it anywhere on our forums, so I thought you guys might want read it, pretty much just a rehash of all the discussion that has taken place here but its nice to see Halo getting notoriety elsewhere. http://www.esportsmax.com/opinion/opinion-time-right-343-industries-support-esports
  5. From my recent experience with Halo 3 while i've been streaming, its been a lot of derankers and people who don't know what they are doing and I mean a lot. I recently hopped on and play two matches only to go 50-2 combined, because 3 out of 4 players were just sitting there, and that was MLG playlist. BUT When I do actually manage to get a match, they are fun as hell, my BR is still pretty awful being as I've mostly only played H4 and Reach, but its way more fun than playing either of them on any day, even when I get absolutely demolished.
  6. I swear to god if they make my spartan freeze up everytime I check the score mid-game to see how many people are down again, I'm gonna snap. Also, descope & reach-esqe menu interface please :ghost:
  7. I was just thinking to myself today and a thought popped into my head. Why hasn't 3v3 ever caught on? Almost every other variation up to 6v6 and 8v8 has been explored in a playlist at one point or another, except for 3v3. When you try to search low level MLG Halo 3 now, thats almost all you can find anymore and it doesn't seem to bother anybody, so why has 3v3 then never been popular?
  8. I can sort of understand from a fiscal standpoint, but still... Its Halo freakin 3
  9. MLG official Twitter has NEVER posted anything. Only Sundance has ever teased anything with his monthly halo tweets
  10. I guess the biggest question now is, what comes this year? Inb4 Spartan Assault 2 :trash:
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