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  1. Very much do remember that. How neighbor didn’t spike his controller and then spike himself is beyond me.
  2. So when can we throw out halo 5 for Halo 3? Still think a couple tweaks need made, but I have had more fun (aside from playing construct TS every game) than I have had in about a year playing halo.
  3. I think Shockwave goes unnoticed in history because it’s been a decade since he played, but 2005-2006 Shockwave everyone knew was a god and maybe even the best player. His obj work was some of the best as well as his double shot. He tailed off in 2007 and coasted to 2nd on just knowledge of the game alone, and then hung around as a very good player in 2008-2009. Defy has a solid 2006-2009 run, but Best Man was really solid in 2009-2010 and I don’t think he is one of the most underrated players of all-time. Just a really good player for a while
  4. Oh my god I walked on here for the first time in months just to see you guys talking historic ranks. I must be dreaming. I have to do my top 5 by YEAR I’m so excited 2004: Ogre 1, Ogre 2, Walshy, Saiyan, Killer N 2005: Ogre 1, Ogre 2, Walshy, Shockwave, T2 2006: Shockwave, Ogre 2, Gandhi, Walshy, Karma 2007: Ogre 2, Strongside, Walshy, Ogre 1, Legit 2008: Legit, Roy, Snipedown, Elamite, Neighbor 2009: Cloud, Heinz, Ola, Roy, Snipedown 2010: Ola, Roy, FiS, Vic X, Cloud 2011: Roy, Ola, Lunch, Ogre 2, Formal 2014: Roy, Snipedown, Lunch, Lethul, Snakebite 2015: Lunch, Roy, Snipedown, Lethul, Snakebite 2016: Snakebite, Royal 2, Frosty, Lethul, Roy 2017: Snakebite, Royal 2, Huke, Renegade, Shotzy 2018: Renegade, Shotzy, Royal 2, Snakebite, Stellur
  5. I would have to say Snipedown still has to be top 10 over Ola. Ola has been great lately though
  6. Anyone else feel like grenades in H2C are extremely over powered? I swear I'm nowhere near them and I die. I didn't remember it being like that over 10 years ago
  7. I have been playing halo 2 classic the last month or so and I get on halo 5 and I can even aim anymore. Take one day off it sets you back weeks I swear
  8. Does anyone have a couple spectator passes for Columbus they are looking to sell? I’ll pay double for them.
  9. The first day the oddball playlist came out and I played 3 games turned it off and hung up the sticks. I will not play this kind of junk. Give me radar and AR’s before this crap.
  10. I will not play this game again until they bring back the magnum and the HCS playlist. Last night was an abomination to video games in general.
  11. Well at this point anyone over Ogre 1 and Walsh have had longer careers than both of them. Snipedown has had a better career than ogre 1 and is just as skilled as ogre 1 and more skilled than Walsh. Lethul has also the most polished career of anyone the last 4 years. Snipedown a close 2nd. It’s not crazy they are ranked above them
  12. What a bittersweet video and day. I literally watched Roy (& Lunch) since their first event in 2007 and was a huge fan of them from the get go. When they finally got that event win in 2010 and see the happiness and that general look of “finally we did it” was so sick. In my honest opinion, I think Roy was the 2nd greatest player of all time. He was the absolute best overall in halo 3 and in Reach and probably the 2nd best in H2A behind Lunch. I remember him never playing halo 4 and just showing up one event and getting top 3 and was dismantling everybody which I feel is unheard of. He won an x-games gold medal and at the end of worlds 1 I could say was probably the best non CLG player. Here is to Lunch hopefully going to nV and below is my top 10 all-time 1 Ogre 2 2 Roy 3 Ola 4 Lunch 5 Snipedown 6 Lethul 7 Walshy 8 Ogre 1 9 Elamite Warrior 10 Snakebite
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