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  1. In an attempt to remove all suspicion of our H2PC Patch being a phiser I will allow you to see my user information from the database.
  2. PC it soon will have ranks and spectator.
  3. 5 Uses for the game itself 10 uses for Dedicated servers
  4. I need to bring something to your attention, I DO NOT RECOMMEND OVERWRITING YOUR PCID REGISTRY WITH SOME ONE ELSES!. This will cause you to possibly be banned from most of the servers on H2V if some one gets banned using the same PCID, and the chances of being unbanned are very slim! Banning players via PCID is a very common method inside of all of the servertools that people use, even the new servertool that us at H2PC are developing use it.
  5. So I have contacted Supersniper who is the other programmer of the stats project and co founder of h2pc.org, and he is also happy to start back up on the project. We are not sure when we will start progress on it again but it will be soon.
  6. Hey guys I am Kantanomo otherwise known as H2Bot owner and founder of http://h2pc.org / http://halo2vista.com and I am super happy that this game is gaining traction again. Just like 3-4 months ago we were fighting to stop 343i from shutting this game down that we all enjoy so much. Now here we are with the servers staying up and people coming to play again. I LOVE IT. Now a user who signed up for my forums named "MistPhoenix" recently PM'd me asking about our Halo2Stats program which we were developing because of the lack of stats in Halo 2 Vista. Now we did acctually have a working game stat logger which you can see here http://www.halo2vista.com/old-h2v-page/stat/?. I would be more than happy to finish this project myself and probably the other team members that worked on it. I will talk to them about this and see what we decide to do. I will keep you updated.
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