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  1. Do you and the "landowner" share a connection or do you have a dedicated line?
  2. Is it safe to assume there will be a might night lease? (sorry for not researching on my own, thought I would ask you lovely people<3) PS today is GOLDEN
  3. oh im fully aware of that, it was just an observation and a pun @ his name RATIONALIST
  4. it is possible that what we saw and what we will get on launch day are different beasts I feel your pain and skepticism tho but its better than what we had before or didnt in this case just wait to play @ friends or something and make a decision to purchase after
  5. good gawd loading this damn video is taking a loooooooooooooong time
  6. kinda wish they released more info than just audio, seems like a Monday filler
  7. Its crazy how people who don't even "belong" to the Halo CE community are so certain of the number of current players, and more so they are certain that no "new" people would join the 2v2 playlist.... GTFO if you want to play H4 or H3 go for it, but dont speak on something you know nothing about and more importantly not even a part of. For those who like Halo CE the absence of 2v2 is disappointing for those who do not like CE or care less STFU you got what you wanted & please quit with the "size of the community" argument we exist weather you like it or not, and as long as we do we will play Halo CE how we please... preferably online in a playlist kthxbye

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