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  1. Wait I'm confused, is this bracket right? http://www.majorleaguegaming.com/mlg-events/brackets/orlando-2018/halo-5-champ#Championship-Winners It says Rec vs RNG up next on stream and on the bracket it says they already played that game. Or am I just stupid? @@Clap
  2. RNG is looking pretty good minus that Coli game. The production is amazing. Loving the stream.
  3. Haven't been on here much or keeping up with Halo much at all the past few months, but that video brought back a ton of memories. What I like about Roy and Lunch is that they just seem like regular dudes. They were never really in any drama and they weren't obnoxious pricks walking around the venues talking unnecessary shit and acting like they were hot shit - they were just normal guys who loved the game, and never did they lose their modesty. I grinded Halo 3 so much because I wanted to be like Roy, Lunch, and all those guys, I just never had the skill, discipline, or clutch factor to do much of anything besides crush locals. It didn't work out for me, just like it didn't for a ton of people. As someone who has a mundane corporate 8-5 job, I hope that one day I can have even half the drive, attitude, and passion that the twins have had for Halo in the last decade. I hope you're all well (from what I've read after a couple weeks of lurking, literally nothing has changed except NavG has ascended to god-tier shitposter), and thanks for everything Roy and Lunch!
  4. Gotchu, fam. I hate you and I hope he wins and you go to jail for 100 years
  5. Literally every team I cheer for in anything does this to me, so I'm not surprised. I'm also a diehard Arkansas Razorback fan. Shit, even last year's NBA finals I decided to pull for the Warriors when they were up 3-1 and we all saw how that went down. I was convinced I'd cursed Ogre 2 because I instantly became a Final Boss fan when I started watching Halo at the beginning of H3.
  6. @@Clap I'm not telling you what to do I'm just saying if there's a CoD WW2 beta tournament with some of the pro teams I'd watch the shit out of that. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE
  7. Everyone who doubts EG is forgetting something...#LifeIsTow is such a powerful curse that EG could potentially win the next 96 events. Without dropping a map
  8. The twins have always played best when they have that "glue" player. Just someone with a very level head, great comms, and somebody to keep them moving forward and keep them from beating themselves. Someone they can rely on to not panic and just provide consistent, solid results. Elamite, Walshy, 2gre, Victory (I'm still really pissed that they dropped Victory UGH), and Lethul come to mind. I'm not ready to say that they'll be top 4 again because we've been through this about a dozen times since Victory left, but 2gre has played a shit load of Halo 5 and even though he wasn't great when he played recently, he knows the game well and he has been very successful with RoyBox in the past. The only thing I noticed last night in the scrims is that Tapping is pretty quiet, but the dude can compete. I think it's a great pickup for EG and if they can get him talking, then there's a lot of potential for EG to start doing well again.
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