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  1. Harms Way Harms Way has finally made it's return in Halo 5. The mini-game is simple, get as many points as possible within 10 minutes by holding the hills. Hills can't be contested, so everyone can get points. Make sure you keep the enemy players out of the hill. This new addition of Harms Way has got a few new features that the previous versions didn't have. Drivers now have weapons, players now spawn in warthogs, and 4 new man cannons are added and are located in the corners. This version of Harms Way is by far the most addicting. The more players, the more chaotic and fun it will be. I hope you enjoy this return of Harms Way and smash any warthogs in sight! Special Thanks To: Duke of Mearl and his friends for helping me test the map. Important: You must Download "Harms Way KOTH" or search my gamertag AoM UnknownV2 to get the file and play. Enjoy! New Features: *Gravity Hammer (switch to passenger to use) *Sticky grenades x4 (switch to passenger to use) *corner man cannons x4 *Scripted kill balls *Teleporter (Stay in you're warthog otherwise you die) *Spawn in warthogs Harms Way Game Mode Features: *1-16 players *FFA *Crazy king (hills move every 30 seconds) *No contested hills (Everybody gets points) *Match lasts 10 minutes *5 second respawn (no more instant respawn) *Kill balls *man cannons (Warthogs turn into a projectile if you fall/drive off the map) *Death Pit (Located in the middle, don't fall in)
  2. I have recently finished my minigame and currently working on my custom game mode for it. It's finished but i ran into a big problem. When i go to custom and select my custom game mode in "My Files" option and it works just fine. When i join a custom game and someone else selects it, the game options are reset back to default. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? What should i do?
  3. Hello everyone. I have made a tribute to super jumping to show all the goods times we had. This video is dedicated to all you bouncers out there. If there are bouncers here, please share your story.
  4. "There are those who said this day will never come, what are they to say now?" - Prophet of Truth
  5. It's finally here! Good work Jesse, the map looks fantastic!
  6. Break The Floor has finally returned. The mini-game originated on Halo 3, remade on Halo Reach, and now it finally returns on Halo 5. This mini-game i made back in Halo 3 was inspired by a board game called "Break The Ice" and that is where i got the idea from. The map is a "work in progress" right now, and will be finished soon. Hope you enjoy the trailer and let me know what you think. Edit: Mini-game is finished and ready to play! Gamertag: AoM UnknownV2 IMPORTANT: Make sure you download the "BTF" gametype. One person needs to be on blue team, and the rest on red team. BTF Gametype: Gametype name: BTF (must download to play) Teams: Red vs Blue Players: 1-16 (One player is on blue team, the others on red team) Rounds: 5 Time: 5 minutes Have Fun! B)
  7. The map is finally finished and ready to play. The game modes that support this Lockout is FFA and Team Slayer 1-16 players. I wasn't sure how many people would play on this map, so i maxed the player count. Thank you so much for everyone's support and hope you guys will enjoy playing the map. If you want to make different versions or changes to this map, you have my permission. My gamertag is AoM UnknownV2 Final day:
  8. Here is a video of my progress. Hope you enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ultt_K5jvyc&feature=youtu.be
  9. I think this is really good. https://kissanime.to/
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