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  1. That's not true, my team was called Switch Up and after we got picked up by 3sUp we just submitted a ticket and they changed our name.
  2. Idk what I can say that would fix anything or make anything right. I didn't join this team for a pro seed, and I really wouldn't care if we had one or not, i'm just happy to finally have a good team to work towards Worlds with. Obviously I don't wan't want to benefit from someone else's expense, especially if I didn't earn it myself, but I'm not sure what to do. If I left this team my Halo career would basically be over because all the other pros think I'm some sort of scumbag degenerate at this point, so I would have no shot of working my way onto another pro team in the future. I guess everyone can hate me if you want, but I feel like I need to ride it out with this team regardless of how the community feels towards us.
  3. Hey everyone, I was recently contacted by Pro Battle League (https://twitter.com/ProBattleLeague), and apparently they've just expanded to Minnesota and are going to start hosting monthly tournaments. If anyone is interested you can contact @dpark30 (https://twitter.com/dpark30) on twitter.
  4. What does a dude have to do to get on the free agent list
  5. There isn't many Minnesota gamers anymore, have to rep it.
  6. Why does everyone spell my name with 2 M's lol. But ya, i'm hoping they announce the pro league is 12 teams with the top 8 NA teams automatically qualifying, then announce a qualifying tournament for the last 4 spots for teams that don't make Worlds to start practicing for. The game will be pretty dead if there's a month long break while teams wait for Worlds to finish.
  7. The Qualification Ladder is just one ladder of many on Gamebattles, but you only get points for wins on that specific ladder.
  8. Is that the Alert where it says "This does not apply to the Halo 5 North American Qualification Ladder"?

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