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  1. That's not true, my team was called Switch Up and after we got picked up by 3sUp we just submitted a ticket and they changed our name.
  2. Idk what I can say that would fix anything or make anything right. I didn't join this team for a pro seed, and I really wouldn't care if we had one or not, i'm just happy to finally have a good team to work towards Worlds with. Obviously I don't wan't want to benefit from someone else's expense, especially if I didn't earn it myself, but I'm not sure what to do. If I left this team my Halo career would basically be over because all the other pros think I'm some sort of scumbag degenerate at this point, so I would have no shot of working my way onto another pro team in the future. I guess everyone can hate me if you want, but I feel like I need to ride it out with this team regardless of how the community feels towards us.
  3. Hey everyone, I was recently contacted by Pro Battle League (https://twitter.com/ProBattleLeague), and apparently they've just expanded to Minnesota and are going to start hosting monthly tournaments. If anyone is interested you can contact @dpark30 (https://twitter.com/dpark30) on twitter.
  4. What does a dude have to do to get on the free agent list
  5. There isn't many Minnesota gamers anymore, have to rep it.
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