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  1. Im probably about to get neg bombed... but I actually am having a ton of fun with this game... With some changes to sprint... i think this game could be awesome and possibly really competitive... I like it so far... I feel like this is to lure me in and steal my money again, just to break my heart in the process.
  2. Was playing a perfectly good 5v5 CTF game on Shrine when it goes black screen and DC'ed. Not cool. I think TiggeR I TriggeR posts in these forums. GG until the disconnect.
  3. 343 right now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3u37AvreWk
  4. I really hope they have a competitive playlist! I cant wait for this damn game!!
  5. Honestly I would love to see any gameplay not on the H2A engine. :/
  6. Add me: o iBlooD o Just say you're an NE gamer.
  7. Voted and commented on it. This is a necessity.
  8. Thanks Saucey! Its much appreciated!
  9. Hello everyone, My name is Jake! Im originally from Nebraska! Ive had a couple of gamertags over the years: ChiefIronBlood, TH BlooD, BlooDDDDD, and finally for the last couple of years I've become known as o iBlooD o. Ive never been to any events due to being too poor to go to any tournaments and being overshadowed by the older halo pros from nebraska (Shook On3, Pirocy, Vegetto, and Lightking) who were even sponsored by the local gaming shop (Gamers). I've always placed quite well at local tournaments but never had the funds to go to an actual MLG tournament. Ive made the MLG top ten once: Im number 4 in that episode. However, when that video came out I was heading out to bootcamp for the US Navy. I havent played Halo at all since then really. Halo 4 was a disaster of a game in my opinion and Halo 3 didnt seem the same with all my friends multiple time zones away now. Ive been in the Navy for almost 4 years now and am getting ready to separate and finally go to college. I will be using my GI Bill so I will be making a paycheck while going to school. With HMCC announcement I am making my way back into the Halo community and plan on attending events with my friends just for fun really since we never had the opportunity before. I am going to be attending UGC St Louis since that is 1 month after I get out and within driving distance. I look forward to seeing you all there and crushing you!... Well, Probably not. We are practicing on XBC but it lags so hard. My skills aren't what they used to be. I will get it back though and hopefully become decent at this game again. Love ya all. BlooD
  10. Well Im still guessing there will be one major map mission. Midship, Sanct, or Warlock. Something people will want. Or they will make new maps entirely. Which also would be pretty cool.
  11. I will be going to this event. My team is as follows.... so far...: BlooD - Myself Octayne Hunter - maybe Ic3Mayn3 - undecided Bunch of random kids from Nebraska! LETS GOOO!!
  12. My guess is, yes. It would only make sense to release more remastered maps and grab some extra cash. I expect either lockout or midship to be left out in the initial launch of the game but come 2 months down the road, it will be released.
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