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  1. Team Slayer. I was easily able to just a week ago, did everyone finally jump over to Masterchief collection?
  2. Says cannot establish connection. Everything on my end is good.
  3. Why would Halo fanboys support the changes in Halo?
  4. Ok cool. Since I can't get a match on H3 360 thinking I'm just gonna trade it in for a 1 today.
  5. So I'm confused, does MCC allow you to pick which game you want to play or is it based on a vote every time?
  6. So are most of the people having problems just in H2C?
  7. I'm normally not a conspiracy kook but when I couldn't get a match in H3 today it dawned on me that Microsoft really might be evil geniuses, and 343 their lapdogs. They got everyone to trade up their 360s, the only console with a working classic Halo title, in exchange for a game that doesn't work - classic bait and switch, effectively killing Halo. Their motivation? To squeeze a final few bucks out of the Halo community before replacing them with the enormous hordes of COD zombies they plan to steal from the popular franchise with the release of the "new" Halo that they've been ushering in slowly since Reach and will culminate in the release of H5.
  8. If no ones playing MCC where did everyone go? Did they all trade in their 360s? If so then 343 REALLY killed Halo. Evil geniuses.
  9. It's not Halo 2, and it never will be. But the graphics engine and art design are on point, and the sound is equally polished. Great game, and I can't believe I'm successfully finding matches on my 360, I feel for the MCC community and anxiously await when it is fixed so I can trade my 360 in for a 1.
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