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  1. I just played a ce 3v3 and the shot reg was incredible. Eithe that I had host. :|
  2. So far no crashes, no uneven starts in H2A, HCS and H3. Can't seem to connect to players in BTB however.
  3. Ts playlist. Game was creating teams at 7/10 players. Map is about to load and then 3 players get added into lobby. 5v5. Then during load game crashes to menu. /sigh
  4. I can find games in every playlist except for btb. Usually pretty fast and even teams. Btb seems empty. Searching solo, 6 matches so far.
  5. Yeah, tonight has been stable enough with 4v4 starts for me that if it launched in this state I would've been "fine" with it. I feel sorry for everyone it's still borked for.
  6. The entirety of MCC was outsourced, including the mm.
  7. It's definitely better for me. Not 100% but night and day compared to launch.
  8. Is anyone else having 0 luck queuing for btb solo? Last night with a guest I was getting games, none today after 6 or so tries.
  9. I feel like the max player 10 thing is one of the biggest things hurting the game now. The last 2 nights I've been lucky in getting games with little wait time, but about 50% it's been mismatched teams. I really fear for the longevity of this game.
  10. For me it's the only hopper with min/max of 8, and that was lowered from min 6/ mac 10 approximately 90 minutes ago. I think they're testing it, but I've consistently gotten 4v4 for the past 80 minutes.
  11. I'm in U.S. Maybe I'm seeing a different hopper than you? Mine won't start without 8 exactly in the lobby.
  12. H2c right now REQUIRES 8 players to start, with 8 players max. Tonight it's been non stop 4v4
  13. Guys, please try rebooting your game and join h2c, 4v4s non stop here for me.
  14. On your h2c hopper is it showing min/max 8 players? I've been getting 4v4s for the past hour.
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