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  1. Actually Halo 2 was. Halo 3 was a good game but the spread is ridiculous. v7 is better for competitive, you can't argue with that. Halo 3 had a lot of better stuff like maps and ranks but the skill was higher in Reach.
  2. The only thing I use H3 is to make sandwiches. #DatSpread
  3. This thread again.... Reach v7> Halo 3 /Thread
  4. 1.Ola 2.SnipeDown 3.Ninja :Ninja: 4.Legit 5. APG 6. Enable 7. Walshy 8. Heinz 9. Formal 10. Cloud
  5. Why would we want awesome gametypes? We have Dominion..
  6. I laughed too hard at this.
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