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  1. really enjoying opm and haikyuu only two animes ive been watching the past few weeks
  2. im still leaning toward cruz. cruz came back and absolutely distroyed mizugaki and got injured not too long after
  3. thank you mma gods, the fights back on also thank you dantas
  4. halsey is just massive idk what was up with richman, havent read up on it further
  5. Bellator took several hits today. crashed hard. it went from a great card to hell especially with the fall of dantas/richman
  6. hunt was destroyed! but heart for days. good on stipe using the obvious gameplan against mark, the crowd wasnt enjoying that at all. i only watched the barnett and lauzon matches, <3 josh hioki getting faceplanted was crazy
  7. i only caught the last few main event fights, but wasnt there two von flue chokes that night? i thought brooks looked great btw, and marcin too. best polish performance of the weekend
  8. any other tapology users signed up for their new finishersgame, think its fun having some credits to play with http://www.tapology.com/forum/open/655531-From_the_makers_of_Tapology
  9. he had davis' back a few times, just gets too zealous. but i loved every second also, last nights gaethje/palomino, everyone try and catch it too
  10. yall have to watch the tokoro/davis fight from last nights bellator
  11. i was takling about how fun size wasnt getting any love and now they pair him up agasint dodson for 187 no love still
  12. my picks will be booty tonight, never do well when they go to brazil. really like a barboza finish tho
  13. i felt the abominition of kelly and walsh, i skipped that fight in its entirety why put that on the main card
  14. didnt mind honeycutt not going for subs. seems he prefers to ride out postions. ill point out that i like the pace he sets himself and the fight. i have to agree with you about curran. you can copy and paste him in the last year or so and he looks the same. seems hes solidified as a fighter and theres no changing him bendo did look great the latter two rds. he looked less nervous making this debut than his second fight with pettis. the way bendo wore out the bigger fighter with body shots and pushed the takedowns and grappling in the last two rds i think zach can be up there, i think the one thing that will contiously give him fits are strong bjj players. he also has drawn-out fights also borg too. someone to keep an eye on. lots of young guys it felt like last night. first time seeing moontasri, hopefully he doesnt have weight issues
  15. congrats and kudos to ben henderson. max holloway had an animated fight too. cole on the other hand just seemed average zach makovsky had nice grappline to watch. they need to put him higher on these cards.

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