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  1. Really interested in picking it up. I loved Far Cry 3. Just gotta wait for the next paycheck.
  2. Voted for Halo in every category. Haven't played Advanced Warfare so I guess it's a bit biased!
  3. Yea so Iron Banner is completely bullshit. Levels/gear makes little difference.
  4. That was really funny. Bungie get your shit together!
  5. Hi everyone. I'm Avante I decided to come back for the Master Chief Collection. I've attended 6 MLG events, competing in 3 and working the front desk at the others. Good to see the Halo community still going strong!
  6. Avante

    Film Discussion

    Just watched the new Transformers for a second time after seeing it in theatres. And it was even worse this time around.
  7. After doing the weeklies for the week and the raid I feel as if I don't need to play until it gets reset next Tuesday. Really hoping new content comes out sooner than December.

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