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  1. a little late, but the montage got canceled.
  2. Halo ODST FIREFIGHT, that lag is incredible.
  3. waiting on T2 to give me the go to release it. Its done.
  4. LOLOL, i was trying TBH. Sorry i disappointed you.
  5. ohh damn, 23mins, LONGER THEN the Avengers montage D: this is fukin awesome!
  6. I agree, didnt mean to neg rep u ;[ I meant to give u a positive :]
  7. the ones that have inspired me would have to be Phurion, Vidol and S0r3, so by far my favorite :] -S0r3 -Vidol -Phurion
  8. Lethul is a perfect fit for Optic gaming.
  9. I missed the stream cause I am at work til fucking 1am but this looks like fun, hopefully this happens.
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