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  1. So you've lanned via this setup on LCDs and it was successful?
  2. Hey guys, Beach Lan and UGC are working together this year to bring a new level of competition and hype in the Halo:CE community. The Beach Lan 2v2 tournament will be a blast and award prizes/gifts as always but there is a new incentive this year in the tournament: the top 4 finalists of the Beach Lan tournament will receive seed priority at UGC Atlantic City and their tournament passes paid for. All other teams entering the UGC 2v2 Atlantic City tournament will be randomly seeded. Both tournaments will be on/off host. UGC Atlantic City tournament will be double elimination. Donations for the Beach Lan and its tournament Prize Pool can be sent to: PayPal: [email protected] Venmo: @jwm03g -Catch the BeachLan matches on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/beachlan Donations for the UGC Atlantic City Prize Pool can be sent to: TBA UGC Atlantic City 2v2 Passes: Passes Can be purchased at https://ugcstore.gg/product/ugc-halo-classic-halo-ce-2v2-side-event/ -Passes also include free play at the H1 stations on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Catch the UGC matches at Twitch: Hope to see everyone on the beach and in Atlantic City for some gg's
  3. https://ugcevents.gg/haloclassic/ I don't check this forum as much as I use to so sorry if repost but here is a big tourney in STL coming up for all you H3 guys. A bunch of my H1 bros will be in town hanging out and lanning also. There is also a possible H1 2v2 side tourney if it gets the votes. You can vote here
  4. Because you will be able to lan them in their original form on new equipment and not fucking 15 year tube tvs and old dusty og boxes.
  5. -Offhost has more shot lead. -Offhost aiming/movement is a bit stiff for a lack of better words. Imagine you have tiny weights on your wrists and ankles while the other team has no weights tied to them. There is a clear disadvantage but a better team or exceptional performance can easily beat the host team.
  6. Is Beyond going to be supporting the LAN officially also?
  7. I'd bet money at least half a station will always be streaming.
  8. I think NHE will and should be the new standard for LAN from the little I've played(40 games). I think a lot of people are making poor choices though in their setup and are not getting optimal results because of it. The last versions of the original xbox or halo edition("green box") xbox NEEDS to be the host box and the two offhost boxes should be identical versions. We used brand new network cables, and a green box as host box...it plays amazing. Less frame drop and minimal shot lead. If you haven't tried NHE in its optimal setup you're missing out.
  9. I just check the site randomly to check for updates on Halo PC: The Xbox Experience, H1 in general, and just to see what the overall community is up to. I didn't go to Beach Lan last year because of school but will be attending this year and our crew's first spring lan is next week in Indy
  10. Solid and articulate rant but with every sequel as evidence...you're just pissing in the wind. And you're obviously intelligent enough to already know this so I don't get why you keep at it. Just go lan H1 or play whatever sequel you like with cool people and don't worry about trying to convince dumb people to stop being dumb.
  11. You should talk to Devilman about the VA LAN this year and I'm guessing he would also have some info on NY players. I'm guessing @@Patch Stay could point you in the right direction also.
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