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  1. Hillary lost, get over it. Keep your liberal politics out of this thread.
  2. Ground pound is what made me quit Halo 5 after I first started playing. I was playing a stronghold game and all of the sudden some dude above me ground pounded me, I said to myself, "What a joke. I will never play a game with something this cheap in it."
  3. Yep, I have been grinding call of duty remastered. No wall running, flying, levitating, or any of that other nonsense in Halo 5, Black Ops 3, and Infinate warfare. Speaking of remastered, they did a great job with it. Left things as they were. Could you imagine 343 doing something like that? They would ruin it.
  4. 343 loves to copy call of duty yet they don't even copy the good things about it. No penalties for quitting, and no friendly fire in regular game modes. The only thing that kept Halo 2 from being a perfect game was the constant betrayals for power weapons. Halo 3 had the same problem, if you grabbed a sniper at the start you usually had some random teammate who would betray you for it. I never understood why Halo had friendly fire. I recall back on the Bungie forums one of the Moderators said the reason for having friendly fire was to prevent a player from purposefully sticking his teammate and then him running into a room and killing the enemy when the nade exploded. That was such a dumb reason for having friendly fire in Halo.
  5. For some reason I have never forgotten what some guy said to me in matchmaking while playing Halo 2. It was team slayer on ivory tower, I was on the over shield ramp going up, he was at the top by the plasma pistol. I grabbed the overhield and thought, "This guy is toast." Right after the overshield invulnerability wore off he shot me with the plasma pistol and says, "Take that off!" He promptly finished me off and after ten years I still remember it.
  6. I thought politics and religion were verboten in this thread? Mods, are we allowed to talk about what gods we worship in this thread?
  7. Yep, at the bottom of the base where the ramp was there was an invisible wall. It was fixed asap.
  8. Business is business, is Stellur going to pay Suspector's bills? It's easy to talk about other people's money when your rent, car payment, insurance isn't on the line.
  9. I have been playing halo since it first came out, I was probably in the top 10 in games played in matchmaking from Halo 2 - Reach. I only played halo 4 about a month, Halo 5 even less. I can't wait for battlefield 1 and COD4 remake to come out so I can play a game without flying, running on walls, and all of the other nonsense in BLOPs 3 and Halo 5. I want a shooter with boots on the ground, none of these silly gimmicks. Developers are a bunch of lemmings copying what everybody else is doing, we are sick of these gimmicks. Go back to what made Halo great! Until then, you have lost one of your nose dedicated players.
  10. Halo 2 is the best halo game, Halo 3 is the second best.
  11. Presidents of unions do get paid though. A small portion of union dues goes to the leadership of said union.
  12. I bought Halo 1 the month it came out and been a Halo fan until Halo 4. Why should I play a COD knock-off when I can have the real thing when Black Ops 3 comes out? Why can't I veto maps? The Halo 5 pistol is okay but I want BR/DMR starts. At least in Halo 4 I could choose to start with a Br or DMR (Not an endorsement of Halo 4, worst Halo of all time). Why is there friendly fire? The one bad thing about Halo over the years is friendly fire and betrayals for power weapons. 343 copies COD so much yet they don't copy the best thing about it, no friendly fire except in specific playlists. Dumb teammates who walk into that fire grenade long after I threw it at an enemy and I get a betrayal? When Black OPS 3 comes out I won't play this COD knockoff anymore, I can't wait. I will get to choose what weapons I Start with and no friendly fire. If Microsoft released a classic halo game with remastered maps that's all I would play. If they remade Halo 3 for the xbone that would be awesome, not some broken one like the MCC. I feel like a hypocrite because after my money was stolen by 343 with the broken release of MCC I said I would never gives those crooks my money. Well, I was watching Royborg stream pre-release and he said he liked it and I gave in and bought a copy. I still watch pros stream this game and Snipedown looks like the best out there by far. Naded doesn't seem to be streaming much and it looks like he isn't as good in this game as the previous Halos. Nina is really good, he is the Ground Pound master. Royborg is solid as ever, same as lethul. Where has Lunhcbox been? Haven't seen him play with his team yet. Looks like Evil Genuises will destroy in this game as well. Afetr watching Snipedown on stream I thought, if he dominates this game like H2A he might move into the top spot of best Halo player ever. Ogre 2 looks better in this game than h2a. If Ogre 2 can place well in this game he can hold off Snipedown from taking the GOAT title from him.
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