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  1. "It gets burned 90% of the time, every time." -Walshy, 2015. Maybe an every minute OS though.
  2. A camo bottom rockets on Citadel I think would be the most burned or forgotten about powerup ever. A normal sized rocked launcher would be alright though, since it can't be burned.
  3. That's actually a good change. Is there any bonus for all of them?
  4. How does stronghold differ from territories?
  5. Assuming I was going to get it, I would have gone into Arena and not left.
  6. it's half, maybe 3/4 of the way there. I'd be much more scared of a dude with a rocket launcher than one with a saw.
  7. From my understanding, the basic definition of a power weapon is one that can kill in one hit. can't do that with an automatic. But maybe 1.25x strength and no extra clip.
  8. Pistol takes too long to kill though. The SMG seems like it can kill in at least 3/4 of the time. They need to make it at least a 4sk to make it better.
  9. It wasn't coded that way but the lack of party limits combined with no ranking system meant that if instinct was playing, I could be on a new account and theoretically match them, going in alone.
  10. Barebones will automatically have the smallest population. I don't want to play 1/4 of the smallest population. Especially if it's ranked. Trying to get a barebones ranked game at midnight on Sunday when there are 4 subgroups doesn't sound fun to me. I'd rather deal with the occasional BTB game. We had a 1v1 playlist in H3. It lasted all of 5 minutes.
  11. yeah, that's good. no one takes covenant weapons seriously anyway.
  12. They need to just make it the Plasma Canon or whatever it was called from Halo Reach's Beta. Just with half the ammo. That weapon was so great, pity we haven't seen it since.
  13. oh. yeah. right. i would do 4v4 with a mix of them, monitor which is most popular, and modify it accordingly.
  14. You don't need an individual playlist for every mix of spartan ability, just one without any of them. like a barebones playlist.
  15. Both; sprint, thrust, and so many corners and claustrophobic areas with low sight lines. Though with sprint it is hard to tell if that's the case, or just sprint being sprint. Since sprint can be disabled, do we have word on a no sprint playlist?
  16. A combination of situational weapons being effectively used outside of their situation and certain ranges that once were situational becoming the norm. Close range seems to dominate more than it had, making the weapons good in that range more proliferated.
  17. It was a best selling Xbone game in Holiday 2014.
  18. Buying the new game from the company that sold you a broken game is telling them it's something they can get away with, at least some of the time.
  19. No, no, no, no, no. Don't do that. Don't act like 343 is some minor company that just made a mistake and now they're doing a better job. They made a conscious, calculated, decision to outsource their old games to several companies and then dumped that game, which is obviously a mess in terms of code, onto a small team, released it when it was in no working condition, and then lied to us about it, repeatedly. They consciously decided to make a quick holiday buck off of our community, knowing the profits would be high enough that the backlash would be worth it. Then they went full steam ahead creating hype for Halo 5 and have all but put MCC under the rug. The same people making the overarching decisions then are still making the decisions now, so it's the same company that did it and even if Halo 5 works really well, by buying it you are supporting this kind of shady business. Which, of course, is completely up to you.
  20. Victarian won't be in the show. His primary job is to give Dany ships, and Dany has ships, so he isn't necessary. Except that book Tywin would have outed her as Arya Stark and captured her in all of 5 minutes.
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