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  1. Seriously though guys, i understand a lot of people are mad at lxthul for leaving eg but from what I saw today.. He went to a team CLG that was dominant.... made them EVEN BETTER, and just completely took a leading role in game. Something he never had the opportunity to do with EG (maybe because he was that '4th' guy). Either way, congrats to CLG and congrats to lxthul. Thank you for giving me one of the best weekends of halo of ALL TIME.




    Your head would explode if you watched Final Boss's run in 2007.

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  2. 3 A's didn't win the last major Halo tournament because they were hindered by a C.


    3 A's and a C shouldn't even make it to the finals.


    Frosty replaced Cloud, so that would make Cloud a lesser player, putting him at an 85 at the very most.


    That would make CLG a B/B+ team.


    If a B+ team is making the finals, something is wrong.

  3. Exactly.  


    Its such a bummer seeing all these fair weather fans get so up and down over the most trivial shit.  EG didn't play bad in this scrim aside from just a few common mistakes most teams make and then you see people acting like its the end of the world. 


    And RNG played great, but they have a lot to prove.  But i'm sure if they keep their heads in it like tonight, and Ninja slows down a bit(tbh he has slowed down his pace, but he needs to stop saying shit like "stay alive/don't die."  Just my opinion though.)


    Shit is finally getting spicy.  And its fucking awesome.


    Remember how CLG was always preforming in the bottom half of the top 8 during all the online tournaments leading up to the S2 finals, but then took 2nd place after a backet reset during the finals?


    Yeah.  online scrims don't mean anything.

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  4. I dont think you payed any attention to H3.  Roster changes were a regular thing among most of the top 8 teams, and it was a lot of the top teams themselves switching people here or there.  Didn't make it impossible to follow and if anything made h3 absolutely ENORMOUS fan wise.  


    It made it so intense event after event.  Walshy off FB? Instinct vs FB rematch, FB loses.




    grudge matches forming and being played out on the main stage, storylines forming.

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  5. I totally get why Snipedown is pissed and I think he has some valid points here.


    On the other hand, the pure mathematics of TJ's decision make a lot of sense. Let's say that you have three or four teams that are all approximately equal in terms of performance/ability, with some amount of that ability coming from each individual on the team. So for a CLG vs EG comparison maybe we have this:


    CLG (355):

    Royal 2  - 95

    Snakebite - 95

    Frosty - 90

    Ogre 2 - 75



    EG (355):

    Snipedown - 90

    Roy - 85

    Lunchbox - 85

    Lethul - 95


    What Universe are you in where Ogre 2, who has won more tournaments than most people have entered, is a C level player and Roy/Lunch, one of the best duos in Halo are B level players?

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  6. aren't all Xbox ones dev kits essentially? I remember that being said a while ago or something.


    lol, no.  the dev console is a... menu I guess of sorts that allows you to do tweaking in pc games, accessed by pressing tilade.  


    stuff like changing the fps, changing the resolution, or setting your mouse sensitively to 2.1289 if you so please. 

  7. Sure, if they can dominate two Halo games indisputably, win about 15 straight tournaments, and then about a dozen after that, and cap it all off with a grand-grand finals performance of zero losses while maintaining 3/4 the same roster the whole time.


    Not to mention go on to have one of their players keep kicking ass through every game, which retrospectively makes it look even better.

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