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  1. so then their team was made without an established to2 so the seed didn't transfer?
  2. 6th) Team EnvyUs - iGotUrPistola, Mikwen, OGRE2, Arkanum = 29,685 doesn't that mean top 6?
  3. Your head would explode if you watched Final Boss's run in 2007.
  4. 3 A's and a C shouldn't even make it to the finals. Frosty replaced Cloud, so that would make Cloud a lesser player, putting him at an 85 at the very most. That would make CLG a B/B+ team. If a B+ team is making the finals, something is wrong.
  5. I clicked on the link and I'm confused. Isn't prototype black?
  6. Remember how CLG was always preforming in the bottom half of the top 8 during all the online tournaments leading up to the S2 finals, but then took 2nd place after a backet reset during the finals? Yeah. online scrims don't mean anything.
  7. The level of play must be going down really fast, considering a C level player almost took the last major Halo tournament.
  8. It made it so intense event after event. Walshy off FB? Instinct vs FB rematch, FB loses. CANDY FROM A BABY grudge matches forming and being played out on the main stage, storylines forming.
  9. What Universe are you in where Ogre 2, who has won more tournaments than most people have entered, is a C level player and Roy/Lunch, one of the best duos in Halo are B level players?
  10. I've not been checking on things for a little while due to a mix of holidays, work, and school. What happened with CLG?
  11. right, but i was talking about the dev console.
  12. lol, no. the dev console is a... menu I guess of sorts that allows you to do tweaking in pc games, accessed by pressing tilade. stuff like changing the fps, changing the resolution, or setting your mouse sensitively to 2.1289 if you so please.
  13. better get a dev console with 4 decimal places of accuracy.
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