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  1. In the Cedar Falls area, attending UNI. XBL: Geo IA
  2. Hey guys I'm looking for those cool Ninja training jump maps, does anybody know of any good ones and who they are made by? I can't remember one person in specific who is epic at making them, I wanna say his name is Darkhorse or darksolider... Something along those "Dark" lines. Thanks in advance for your help:D Stay gucci
  3. Oh trust me I wont! If only it had the audio attached to it.
  4. I'm actually super pleased with this decision! Snakebite is so chill and he's always enthusiastic about playing and learning. I feel like he will mesh REALLY well with Requiem. As for the mental block on Legit.. I don't think that will be to big of a deal since Dersky does such a good job motivating his teammates and keeping their heads in the game. With enough practice and communication, I think these guys could upset any team they play.
  5. No definitely the cat coming out of the locker in season 4, episode 6 - Yellow Fever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX0c5hrmFgw
  6. Nothing against you Doju, I respect your opinions, but man... I wholeheartedly disagree with everything you say, about everything! Every forum I read and you give your input on something just is completely the opposite of how I feel. But like I said, I respect your opinion <3
  7. I saw this happening.. Last night in Maven's stream or Formal's (can't remember which) APG said he was dropped and Lethul just said something along the lines as "haha, I'll remember that". I don't remember word for word verbatim, but regardless I saw that happening. Now the player that replaced Ryanoob twice for "more firepower" is adding an extra aggressive edge to the Infamous squad. Good Luck
  8. Thats APG though, he's just overly aggressive and a teamkiller But i still think Ninja and them would do good, He plays the objective a lot.. On Requiem he plays it a little less just because is more of a slayer, with Dersky being the BAMF that he is when it comes down to doing the dirty work. Regardless, I would like to see how this team would do together.
  9. If Ninja continues to do work at tournaments and gets smarter with his decision making in the heat of battle, I would love to see how he would fit in with Ambush. Swapping Heinz for Tyler. Yes Heinz does everything he's teammates don't do, but I could see Tyler easily filling that spot and plus the amount of slaying power and aggressiveness on that team is UNREAL!
  10. God i'm so excited for AGL8.. This is going to be the best AGL yet I feel! <3
  11. Does anyone know if it's double elimination or how the brackets work? because I just saw OpTic get their a** handed to them..
  12. I'll keep it short and simple. The Sniper is WAAY to big, It takes up half my screen and I have to constantly turn left and right to see if someone is spawning or coming up near me and as far as the BR goes, the only thing I hate is the reticle. I want our OG reticle back please. EDIT: Also the game is Super bright and I would like that to be toned down a little, I feel like I'm looking at snow on the ground on a sunny day every time I play a game (except on Abandon). <3
  13. Honestly I would like the sound of the footsteps reduced just a little, that way the people with a keen sense of awareness can tell when they are being flanked or about to be back smacked. It just gives us a tid bit more of a skill gap, which this game clearly lacks.
  14. Honestly I wouldn't mind it being taken out all together, but it is nice sometimes to have those clutch plays with the Hardlight shield. I do like the idea of having the Hardlight and some other AA's scattered properly or tactically in certain areas of some maps. Otherwise, i'm tired of seeing that big beam of blue light float at the top of my screen every time I accumulate it or respawn.
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