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  1. This gets me excited for the game. I only got to play the beta once for like 20 min ;.(
  2. 1080P 60FPS Good selection of remade maps No AA's No Sprint Love that BR Please remove nade hitmarkers 343!
  3. Awesome. Thanks for the help guys. So as long as my monitor is at least 60hz (refresh rate) than I'll have no problem gaming in 60fps, correct? I can't wait for MCC and H5 running 60fps on dedicated servers and want to make sure I'm prepared!
  4. It is! A little pricey for my blood. I guess they all are though. Do you think the XL2420Z would be a good one for MCC and Halo 5 when they release?
  5. Hopefully a simple question. Does anyone know which model BenQ gaming monitor was used for the Halo MCC gamescon showdown?
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