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  1. Frank needs to relax and just trust what hes saying. Lot of the twitch chat is just cancer with nothing valuable to contribute. Hes doing pretty good, but sounds just a bit uncomfortable. Just a little more experience and I think hell be a pretty solid commentator.
  2. Every time they solve one problem, they always bring up a new problem. I dont find games any faster, Sometimes the game doesnt load and I always get paired up with a random team and I cant kick them or back out. I have to constantly restart my game. Does 343 read these forums or should I be posting feedback somewhere else?
  3. Just got into a game of warlord Slayer Br where it was 3 of us vs 6 people. I dont understand what the 10 person maximum is supposed to accomplish. I also drop a rank even though I managed to go +1. Whoever dealt with the matchmaking part of this game needs to be fired and ridiculed immediately.
  4. Add: Too FN GD Beast I am looking for competitive customs - 4v4, ffa or 1v1
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