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  1. LSL Gangly MM/Customs NA Used to play H3/Reach competitively back in the day. Just got H5 on Friday. Currently Plat and looking to learn callouts/improve in general. I'd love to play with anyone!
  2. Hey! I played and followed competitive Halo during H3 and Reach, but dropped off when 4 came out. Just the other day, my roommate bought H5 and gave me a 14 day trial of XBL to see if I wanted to get back into it. It's been a long time since I've played, but I'm really enjoying this game! I was wondering if there was anyone around here that would be willing to help me out and show me some callouts/basic H5 things. I'm currently Plat 2, and would love to improve as much as I can over the next couple weeks before I have to go and buy XBL for myself. Let me know if you want to play! Tag: LSL Gangly
  3. Hey guys! The Hitbox Arena in Kinnelon, NJ, will be holding a H3 FFA/2v2 lan event, hosted by Tristate Halo. Here is the information surrounding the event. Venue Fee: $10 2v2 Entrance Fee: $10 FFA Entrance Fee: $5 Payout: 60%/30%/10% (Top 3 payout) NOTE: FFA WILL DETERMINE THE SEEDS FOR 2V2. The placings of both players for a 2v2 team will be averaged in order to determine seed. FFA: Map: The map for FFA is still being determined (depending on whether or not the owner can get enough copies of ODST in time for the event), but will be updated soon. Gametype: MLG Settings (90% Shield Recharge Rate, 110% Damage, 110% Player Movement Speed) Radar On 10 minutes Score unlimited 2v2: Maps: MLG Guardian v8 MLG Narrows v8 MLG Amplified v8 MLG Pit v8 MLG Construct v8 Gametype: MLG TS v8 (kill limit 25) Location: Hitbox Arena 25 Kinnelon Road, Kinnelon, NJ (Inside the Kin-Mall) Sunday, August 10th Tournament begins at 3pm Tristate Halo Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Tristatehalo/
  4. Thats the plan! I'm assuming you saw the event we just posted about the FFA/2v2 tourney in NJ? It would be great if you could make it out there!
  5. Awesome! There is a 2v2/FFA tournament going on in North Jersey in August that I'll be posting about soon. If you can, try to add any friends you have who may in interested in local events to the page! Thanks for the join.
  6. I really disagree, for two main reasons. 1. The Halo community has proved time and time again that people are not dedicated to online tournaments (look at every MLG qualifier, as well as The Lan Networks online tournament). People are much more reliable in LAN tournaments. With that said, if people want to grow, Online Tournaments are not the way to go. If they were, we would be seeing many more online tournaments succeed by now. 2. Competitive gamers want to feel professional. There is something about driving to an actual venue, winning your rounds, playing friendlies, and leaving with $50, just to see the rebroadcast of yourself playing at home that you can't replicate online. People WANT that feeling. I truly believe that people are willing to get involved locally, they just need the outlets for it to happen, and the support from the rest of their local community.
  7. Before I start and lose everyone who doesn't want to read this, let me put this link up here. This is the Tristate Halo Facebook group. I'll explain more later, but if you don't want to read, but want to join it, then here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Tristatehalo/ Hey guys, so I don't expect most of you to know who I am, for I'm not a large figure in the Halo community. But I feel like there is something that has to be said, and if you guys are willing to go through a bit of a read, I truly believe that I have something good to say to this community. First of all, let me preface this by saying that I am in love with competitive Halo. I played GB for years, and attended a few live events (Raleigh 2010 will always be the greatest). Even though I currently am playing Smash competitively, Halo will ALWAYS have a place in my heart. With that said, I have seen competitive Halo flourish in the limelight, as well as helplessly crumble in the underground community. I think most people will agree with me when I say that the day that MLG dropped Halo from the circuit was the day that the Golden Age of competitive Halo was finished. Sure, we had a bunch of start up companies try to replicate the greatness that MLG had spoiled with, but within 2 years we saw AGL fail and become a hated league due to their inability to come through with their grand promises. Since then, leagues have come and gone, with very little consistency in it all. For the past few months, I have actually been much more involved I the competitive Smash Bros community. After watching The Smash Brothers documentary (which I highly recommend watching for all of you), I saw how the Smash community survived after being dropped from MLG. Let me tell you, it was an amazing feat. You see, unlike Halo our community, which longs for the main stage and gorgeous venue, the smash community grew their own grassroot local tournaments. People got involved with their own states, and were able to develop a stable scene for themselves, despite the fact that they had no support apart from their own scene. Since then, they have been picked up by MLG once again, and have been gaining popularity exponentially, and have become larger than they had ever been. Now, back to Halo. I truly believe that the Halo scene has always been one of the most unique competitive games, relying on an interesting mix of individual and team skill. But, if we want to be able to sustain ourselves as a community, I feel that we need to develop our local communities. LAN Centers, meetups, tournaments at the local community college...they hardly exist, and they need to grow. A couple days ago, a local LAN Center threw a H3 2v2 tournament in NJ. Hearing about it, I tried my best to post it around here and team beyond. But with such a large audience, things are easily lost, and to be fair, a Local tournament in NJ isn't going to matter to 90% of the community. My buddy and I were the only attendants at the tournament. But we have to grow the 10% that matters in our local scenes. So, to start things off, I suppose it would be silly if I wrote this entire article without any sort of solution. But, I do have a suggestion. I've been apart of many communities of different intentions, sizes, and end goals. And based on these, I believe that Facebook pages are a good start for the local scene to grow. There is a LAN Center that I talked to, and they went ahead a made a Tristate Halo Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Tristatehalo/ On this page, we want to see people posting gamer tags, events, competitive news, and the like. It is not a replacement for any of the resources that we use now, but rather a new outlet that I truly believe will strengthen the local community in order to help Halo sustain itself. One thing I want to STRESS is that if you make these pages, it isn't about forcing people to be active on there, because events are not going on the majority of the time. The purpose of these groups is to add VALUE to local events that are happening in the hopes of getting more people involved in the general Halo scene. Here is a link to the page. If you are from the Tristate area (or just from the Northeast in general) I just ask that you give it a shot, and who knows, maybe things will take off on their own. If you have read to this point, I thank you for being patient enough for the long read. There are so many of us with ambitions to see Halo at the top again, and I hope that we can see it there for ourselves. tl;dr The Halo community needs a local scene in order to be able to sustain itself when we don't have major companies sponsoring us, as well as getting more people involved in the general community. LAN centers, basement tournament, and meetups need to start happening again. Get involved in your local community. Also, if you are in the Tristate area, PLEASE join this Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Tristatehalo/ Thank you guys so much for reading this, guys. If we could even get a couple people more involved in their local scenes, I think we will be able to really change our community.
  8. Hello! So here is some information regarding a local 2v2 tournament going on in NJ on July 13th. It is being held at The Hitbox Arena, in Kinnelon, NJ (KinMall). Click the links below to see the banner advertising the tournament, as well as the official website of the LAN center. Here are the rules/format of the tournament: Registration begins at 11:00 AM on the day of the tournament. $10 Venue fee/$10 Registration Fee ($20 total) Double Elimination 2v2 MLG V8 Ruleset Team Slayer Kill Limit: 25 Maps: The Pit Narrows Construct Amplified Guardian Banner: http://www.fanboyarena.com/uploads/3/2/2/4/3224533/4398797_orig.jpg Website: http://hitboxarena.com/ If you cannot come to the event, PLEASE spread the word to people in the area. We would love to be able to have a nice turnout.
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