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  1. On a somewhat related note, and I think Snip3 has eluded to this in the past, I think 343 somewhat shot themselves in the foot with the skill ceiling in H5 (the movement skill ceiling you referred to). Which is why I think Infinite's skill ceiling is way lower - the barrier to entry (to becoming decent) is much lower in this game than 5. I don't think 343 want to make a another game that has a "colossal" skill-celling. It unites the competitive crowd in most cases, but drives away the general audience, which is what they really want to cater to. This is also the reason why they'd never get rid of controller aim assist or tone it down. It alienates too much of the population.
  2. Why can't Sentinels get scrims? That's all they complain about but I don't think i've seen a reason listed as to why they can't get scrims.
  3. Yea, now that I think about it, I've really only ever crashed in the game, within the last few days too lol. I didn't crash at all launch week.
  4. I know aim assist gets kinda scuffed if you use your keyboard to enter the game on launch, but is there something else going on too? For the first week or so I felt totally fine, but these past few days it's like every other match is a slip-n-slide with my crosshair.
  5. Why is that? eSports isn't what keeps Halo "alive". It's a F2P multiplayer game that is widely accessible to lots of people. Viewership of HCS events may in fact die. The game isn't going to die with that.
  6. We get it my guy. You think viewership is going to tank. Do you like being a downer for everyone else that is enjoying watching the game? lol Every other post of yours is "enjoy it now while it lasts", etc. Weird to consistently just shit-post about viewer stats in a thread trying to discuss what's going on in these comp. matches.
  7. I've never encountered losing any rank whatsoever, but some have mentioned they do (or have)? I'd be curious to hear specifically, how this system works. It seems like a huge crap show.
  8. The ranking system is super sus. Half the players I encounter in Onyx/Diamond are awful.
  9. Well given the comments from Hal the other day, I would assume Snip3 may leave TSM and just join Faze?
  10. Wait, what's the mentioned issue? Steam input defaults to developer-enabled options by default. So i'm confused what the issue is.
  11. The ranked system is hella confusing. I think it cares more about personal stats and accolades, vs wins and objective play? I can't ever actually tell, because losing also doesn't seem to really even impact you? It's very confusing. Also, judging by the caliber/quality of players I see in Diamond/Onyx, i'm convinced it's not really a gauge of skill or anything. I can't even imagine how someone gets ranked gold or lower.
  12. Couldn't he do both? I think the knock against Apex is that there aren't a ton of tournaments anyways. Also, I think Snip3 could leave the competitive scene altogether for either game, and be completely fine as a content creator. He wouldn't suddenly lose his viewers. Quitting comp. would not put him in any dire position to "provide for his family". That's a weird statement lol.
  13. I believe these are also the same rules that apply to "Forerunners" or whatever they're called. The players that were "insiders" for the last two years working with 343 on giving criticims/feedback on the game - Gigz and Naded being two of them. (Not just specifically 343 employees)
  14. My biggest gripe is the lack of playlists, but the last rumor/leak that came out, had a shit ton of playlists as listed for coming out on December 8th. Holding my breath though. Would be nice. I'm having a blast playing arena in this game with friends. Sucks the majority of people in here seem to hate the game, but I do think this game is going to be populated for quite some time, especially if they ever add in their supposed additional progression system (and fix dumb systems like armor cores and customization). Personally, I haven't felt this compelled to play Halo since Halo 3 and to some extent no bloom/sprint reach.
  15. True, but I'm referring mostly to people on Halo forums, reddit, etc. I feel like professional players and streamers have to be biased by default. That video is hella funny though. "best shooter I've ever played" lol.
  16. I didn't totally mind reach when they removed bloom and sprint, but base Reach and Halo 4 weren't good (imo). I see some comments in here mentioning all the things wrong with Infinite and how people in here hate it, and how the general public will hate X, Y, and Z about Infinite. Then I also see comments in here about people disliking H3 which I know is almost surely a "this forum" mindset as that game is typically regarded as the best MP entry in the series. I just don't get the Infinite hate vibes at all outside here, is what I'm saying (I think). I've seen the reviews on Steam, as someone posted earlier about. They aren't all good. However aside from conversations about the battle pass, which who even cares, the general consensus I've seen has been fairly positive about Infinite. People in here keep mentioning how the player base will probably dwindle. I think that'll be the case if they don't update the game for 6+ months. If it's a consistent stream of content, I see this being quite populated for a long time. EDIT: I just read a rumor about a handful of new modes coming on December 8 (potentially). So somewhat disregard my last point.
  17. Do people in here hate Halo 3? I actually can never tell. It's weird seeing the sentiment of Infinite in here as compared to elsewhere. I don't disagree with things being said, but I definitely enjoy this game now, more than reach and 5 (4 was atrocious). Arena feels decent enough at least. However i've also come to accept that Halo will never be what it once was. People in here always harp on things like removing sprint, etc. Things like that are just not going to happen, so I've come to accept it.
  18. In a perfect world, Nick just wants an H2/H3 clone - which isn't happening. Apex is WAY faster, but I feel the speed of this Halo is fine. Warzone is absolute trash, but I feel that way about every Call of Duty.
  19. I also believe less than a couple of weeks ago, 343 also said they're main focus is currently working on another progression system too (I would guess similar to MCC's). December 8 will be the key day. I'm expecting them to release some more content then. If the plan is to only add more content in May, when season 2 drops, then yea, this game is dead lol.
  20. Yea I actually see this as the most posted about complaint. Afaik, the battlepass progression is mostly tied to just the challenges which is stupid. You don't really gain anything by just.. playing the game which is weird.
  21. More game nowadays are using the K+A/D metric, which I think would be a happy medium for people worried about pure K/D stats. I do miss having some type of service record.
  22. Halo won't be in the top 10 surely. Then again, I don't view Halo as a powerhouse franchise anymore, certainly not after the last couple of installments (not even counting Infinite). The writing was on the wall with 4 and then 5. MCC got people hyped, and they literally drove it into the ground the first year it was out. Then they spent years trying to fix it to even make it playable. By then, the series had already started to lose it's luster. I don't find Infinite awful - well the ranked playlist that is, but it's not amazing. However I never really had expectations it would be great. Given the track record of 343, and the tech tests of this game early on, I was expecting a "serviceable" game, which so far I'm getting that.
  23. Yea I think what they'll end up doing is releasing new modes/maps as part of battle pass "seasons". Good ole' GaaS.
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