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  1. The best part is that whenever the camera pans over to the left, there's literally no one on that side of the bleachers. Almost as if they told everyone to sit behind where the camera was going to be lol.
  2. Is Elumnite really short, or is bravo just absurdly tall?
  3. I hope you're right, but teams that Ninja has been on have tended to implode for some reason. Hope they buckle down and make a showing, but I wouldn't be surprised if they came out a bust (after this event).
  4. Hopefully they'll revamp Gamebattles, because that site is a shell of what it once was. Ultimately this seems pretty good. If Mike Sepso is still at Activision heading eSports, then MLG will be in good hands. He's one of the original two founders, so at least he knows about the potential. The bad thing though is that there is a ton of potential for more monetization options that are probably going to come about. Activision LOVES milking money from things it owns usually in the form of micro-transactions. I expect a lot of gouging where possible.
  5. I see your point. However this forum exists in a mini-vacuum to some extent. Sure, 343 communicates occasionally and makes false promises. At the end of the day though, they aren't looking to make a classic Halo game, and never were. The competitive scene (and this forum to an extent) are just a small piece in a much larger puzzle. If they granted every single wish in here in regards to what people want/expect from Halo, they'd be making a game for you guys, and not everyone. I get some of the discussions, such as aiming and what not apply to everyone, but most is just way to extreme.
  6. Great points. Also, 343 couldn't make Halo a carbon copy of Halo CE even if they wanted to. They are trying to appeal to the masses; most current gen gamer's don't want something as watered down as CE. It was a great game, no doubt, but it wouldn't resonate with current gamers, especially those new to the Halo series. This is the Call of Duty age - people want glitz and glam, and frankly, i'm alright with that (as long as it works).
  7. I mean his intention was probably to not play Halo 5 for a long period anyways. Most streamers, unless you're a professional LoL player, became big because of the variety of games they play - Summit, Lirik, etc (their personalities help too). Summit always streams new, popular games once they launch, because that's what people want to see. Once the grace period is over, he'll go to another game, or default back to games he is really good at (CS:GO).
  8. To be totally honest, most people that have issues with the aiming now, probably won't some weeks down the road after they play the game long enough. Then there are others who will still have a problem, only due to their selfishness. It's really a lose-lose situation if you're 343. I expect changes to happen, but nothing significant like some people are expecting.
  9. Well to be fair to him, most of the comments and questions directed his way are things that: A.) He can't answer (obvious reasons) B.) Too nit-picky Look, i'm not one to cut anyone slack, let alone 343 after the MCC debacle, but the game literally just came out. Asking for new maps, map changes, additional playlist info, etc., is a bit absurd at this point (given it just came out). The questions regarding aim assist, however, are totally valid.
  10. If you're running solo, chances are you're going to run into bad teammates here and there. It's launch day, and everyone is curious. Either go in with a team, carry your randoms, or wait a couple of days until the curiosity runs out.
  11. Ryan is a big shot at IGN (he's pretty high up isn't he?). If he wanted to review Halo 5, I'm assuming he easily could have. I don't think this is about him not being able to.
  12. Oh for sure. However it's a site that holds some of the largest developer-presence in terms of online forums. Some like to be known - like Frankie- but there are plenty that are anonymous. I'm only saying this because I'm on my second studio now, and I've encountered plenty of people browsing through that site while walking the halls of both.
  13. Frankie has always used Neogaf. Actually, don't let that cesspool fool you. That's a place where tons of developers hang out - some anonymously though.
  14. Oh, I forgot that Black Ops comes out first. So Black Ops is accurate lol.
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