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  1. That's fair. I do agree that if sprint and slide were removed, and some of the other things like TTK were adjusted, this would feel very much like a traditional Halo game ( a la 3). I mean I'm not a HUGE fan of the maps shown, but they were already infinitely better than reach and 4.
  2. People keep saying sprint should be removed, and so on. Sprint in this game, to me at least, feels like the absolute least invasive sprint has ever felt. Maybe we're playing two different games, but it feels virtually irrelevant for the most part - unless i'm just preconditioned to it. Slide is 1000% useless, but kinda cool.
  3. I find myself getting shot in the back a lot, almost dying, but is the audio indication for taking damage like next to non-existent? Half the time I won't notice i'm dead until I look at my HP bar, but the audio queues for taking damage seem scuffed? I can't fully explain it lol.
  4. I dunno, I loved almost every Halo 2 map. I'd argue that this BTB map is the best, most "Halo" looking map out of all of the ones shown/playable so far. Feels very Halo-y, if anything.
  5. They added things to make gameplay feel more fluid and faster - like grapple hook, sliding, sprint - but the game feels soo slow at the same time. Could be a result of poor performance/optimization. I'm not sure what it is, but something feels off. The maps blow ass. I don't know how anyone can stand Bazaar. It's basically a low-tier Call of Duty map. I can't say I was wildly excited for Halo though. It's been 6+ years since 5, and given 343's track record, there wasn't really much enthusiasm on my end (that and old age). Them making the MP of this game completely free means it's going to rake in money with microtransactions. Hoping Battlefield is at least decent.
  6. I'm normally not that vocal about weirdness in games, let alone technical tests, alpha's, beta's, etc. But aiming in this game is just so goofy. I can only speak to trying to play with a controller on the PC build, but people saying that aim assist is WAY over-the-top on PC, are either lying, the minority, or just M/KB enthusiasts who bad-mouth AA any chance they get. Aim assist feels virtually non-existent in the PC version of this game. I'm by no means great, but half the time the aim feels slightly OK, and then the next second, my reticule is ice-skating all over the screen and I can't hit shit. It's VERY noticeable on a map like Bazaar, if you're trying to shoot your pistol at someone on the other side of top mid. It's kind of impossible. Also, how can you release a technical test on PC, and NOT have a true fullscreen option? Who the hell plays fullscreen borderless?
  7. Is the technical preview just against bots? I'm seeing all these Twitter journalists talk about how "it's the best halo in a long time", but I'm like how the F can you gauge that when it's against all bots ffs lol.
  8. It's been so long since Halo was "good" (as in a game that the community universally agreed was good) that I pretty much had figured Infinite was going to be a game that would be heavily divisive. Tack on the fact that multiplayer is going to be free for the masses (in large part), this game could be the shittiest Halo to date, and a majority of the community would still eat it up.
  9. There is virtually no way that is getting removed lol. Maybe a settings in customs (?) but they are pushing that feature very hard. Would be very weird for them to segment what you can/can't grapple since every video has shown them grappling just about everything, even vehicles.
  10. Unless i'm crazy, it looks like the BR has a different crosshair at 0:22 as compared to 0:45 (unless those are different guns)?
  11. For what it's worth, I graduated with one of the lead MP designers and his track record prior to joining 343 is pretty solid. Worked on some of the most prominent Rainbow Six Siege characters and then most recently all of Lawbreakers gameplay - which I enjoyed the game but it was very short lived. (He's new to the Halo franchise)
  12. I'm not disagreeing with your take, but Halo 4 and 5 still sold very well, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters (to them). No offense to any of us (lol), but I don't think 343 cares about the likes/dislikes of a bunch of hardcore, mostly-competitive players, on these forums. I don't think 343 views Halo 4 or 5 as having many (if any) mistakes, and the general population of casual players probably aligns with that sentiment as well.
  13. Oh, it's a perfectly valid reason to not play the game, I agree. But bitching about the inclusion of the same mechanics for 5+ years, that have become staples of the franchise, is what i'm referring to. If you don't like features a game has to offer, don't play it - I think we agree there. However, we don't need to hear the same reasons as to why you don't like the game year-after-year (not you specifically, just in general).
  14. Yea that's my point. Most people have moved on. Sure there are things we like/dislike, but you kind of just have to evolve with these titles. I get people still hate things like Sprint, but seeing people using the inclusion of sprint as a reason they won't pick this game up (given sprints been in every title since reach and we know they AREN'T going to remove it) is mind blowing to me lol.
  15. I agree with the disappointment part - Halo 4 was truly awful (from a MP POV), but I didn't mind reach when they added the playlist that removed Bloom. Halo 5 to me felt like the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare option in the series. Like it was so different that it's hard to gauge it in comparison to the other entries. It was better than H4 though. At the end of the day though, 343/Microsoft are making Halo titles that appeal to the masses, and then they custom tailor playlist/settings for the "competitive" crowd after-the-fact. They're never going to completely remove features like Sprint or equipment options from this game. It still blows my mind that people even complain about Sprint to be honest. Crossplay and free-to-play is HUGE for the game. I'm not even sure how anyone can take anything negative away from that. It opens up the player-base, and allows people who couldn't care less about campaign (i.e: most of you) to get in on the action. There is literally no downside to either of those lol. I think some of you have been holding out hope for so long that 343 and Microsoft would return Halo to the 2/3 glory days. Most of us have since moved on from that feeling, because we knew it would never happen (games HAVE to evolve). Halo nowadays is made to account for new generations of players in mind now.
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