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  1. Looking for Octagon Partners! Gt: Flukey Jr Just add me for practicing Octagon anytime.
  2. Hey, I've installed the game on Windows 8.1. Whenever I try to play I get the message "LIVE gaming for windows failed to initialize. This may be because another LIVE gaming for Windows application is running (such as halo 2 pc dedicated server)" etc. I've googled this and it seems to have been a problem for people before. Any suggestions?
  3. Yea I agree, Halo 3 still looks amazing 7 years later. Can't wait to see some of the games at 1080p 60fps.
  4. Oh okay thanks. I'd much rather the game was 900p 60fps than 1080p 30fps, so I hope they don't sacrifice frames for a higher pixel count.
  5. Yea I actually knew all of the above, I am really trying to keep on track with all the details about the MCC, so I was surprised to see the article say that 60fps wasn't guaranteed even though they had said that H2A would be 1080p 60fps.
  6. Yea me too, I have heard that 1080p might not be guaranteed for the campaign but that it was for the multiplayer. It just says in this article http://teambeyond.net/halo-2-vs-halo-2-anniversary/ that 60fps isn't guaranteed for H2A.
  7. Hey, it says in the article on Beyond that 60fps for H2A is not guaranteed at the minute, when did they say this?
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