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  1. I feel like I missed the juicy stuff while I was asleep
  2. Because of the cut-scene after killing the heretic the Arbiter walks and talks with 343GS like nothing happened. The fact that heretic attacked the Arbiter doesn't change anything about how the Arbiter feels about 343GS. So his actions/words aren't invalidated by the heretics actions. I don't see it as a gotcha moment, even if I held the opinion of the Arbiter changing suddenly makes no sense. Betrayal/Lie are pretty synonymous, maybe not a perfect match but its pretty close. There is nothing shocking about the revelation and the Arbiter isn't trying to trap Tartarus. He's trying to tell him to listen. My point was about how this isn't a real conversation and that even with compiling all of it together the Arbiter still spends more actual time dwelling on the thoughts and actions of whats transpired over the following days/weeks/months. The point was to show that this wasn't a hasty decision, he had time to make a decision. In that time he chooses not to kill Miranda and Johnson, pairing up with them instead to stop Tartarus. In that time he also learns that the demon is nearby and chooses to not engage. He also chooses to join the Elites in the rebellion instead of going back to the Covenant or aiding them in completing the great journey. The Arbiter also remembers the warning of the Gravemind moments before storming the firing room. He doesn't even trust Tartarus with the Icon, the person who has been escorting and aiding him on all of these missions.
  3. Nothing the heretic does invalidates 343GS words/actions. "The sacred Rings, what are they?" "And those who made the rings what happened to them?" "Tartarus the Prophets have betrayed us." You can even hear the pain in the Arbiters voice when he says it. Not sure how any of that is a "gotcha" moment. The flood are also the enemy of humanity. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Except this isn't a real conversation. If you compacted our time spent on this I'd doubt we'd reach over an hour or two. These are days/months that the arbiter had to dwell on these thoughts. I already listed a subreddit full of people who have given up lifelong religions, heres another r/exmormon. Unless you want to go into a long rant about how the Arbiters characteristic mirror our own I don't see how this is relevant at all. We are more like Tartarus or the Prophets if anything, given the fact that we have the knowledge and still persist that our viewpoints are correct. I... didn't even know ignoring users was a thing....
  4. Except there is a whole lot more to that sentence other than the use of the word inaccurate. 343GS specifically calls out 2 major parts of their religion prior to saying its inaccurate. 343GS is not an oracle and Halo is not apart of the great journey. 343GS also calls the Covenant meddlers, which means they are interfering. Kind of hard to interfere with firing the Halo rings when their intended purpose to send you on the great journey, no? What purpose would 343GS have to hang around with the heretic? Him being at the facility with them, sure not that meaningful. Him following the heretic side by side and answering his questions about the purpose of Halo. 343GS doesn't even contradict a single thing the heretic said when he told the Arbiter what the true purpose of Halo. Instead he asks him if he has more questions. Might set off at least one little tiny flag in the back of his head? The Arbiter doesn't even do anything crazy after all of this, the rebellion started without him because he was kicked down a hole. All he does is join it and decides to take the heed that he has been told by 2 oracles, a demon, and a gravemind and find out himself. The very first thing he does when he confronts Tartarus is ask 343GS the intended purpose of the Halo rings. He gets told bluntly then and there that the Great Journey is a lie, 343GS even offers to show him relevant data that would no doubt back up his words. The Arbiter is contrasting Tartarus. Tartarus is who Thel 'Vadam was in Halo CE. He is the chosen one, given the command of all of the Covenants fleet. Its a lot easier to blinded by faith when your faith isn't constantly putting you down. They spend the entire game putting the Arbiter down. Giving him the mark of shame, constantly reminding him of his failure, sending him on suicide missions, kicking the elites out of the guard, eventually kicking them out entirely, and trying to kill them/you. The Arbiter just doesn't flip 180° out of nowhere. There is nothing shocking or unbelievable about the Arbiter changing his mind.
  5. Kind of side note, but Destiny 2 added in Solo queue for competitive recently. It does a pretty decent job of matching you with like players and is generally good matches. I wouldn't hate something like that in Halo.
  6. "Oracle? Great Journey? Why do you meddlers keep insisting on using such inaccurate verbiage?" I think he got enough out even after being interrupted. I would think that an oracle hanging around with a heretic would be supporting his claims to some degree. I don't think there is anything I can say, even with providing supporting evidence, that would make you change your mind.
  7. Alt+Tab would error me out of matchmaking. So I literally couldn't do anything unless I sat at watched it match me into a match....
  8. I should probably just let this die at this point. The heretic and 343 Guilty spark both tried to warn him. This isn't his first jump into being told his religion is a lie. I originally had a point that I was making, but erased it and went off on some other tangent. I usually reply to these when I get a break from work or when I get off work so I'm usually a little scatterbrained.
  9. You said "We currently have nothing like that in our world". To me personally the implications are the same. Penitent Tangent says to Chief "this facility must be activated to control this outbreak". The sacred icon is openly referring to a human as a Reclaimer and that the ring is used as a countermeasure to flood. This are pretty obvious things being thrown at the Arbiter here. The Gravemind at the very least saved the arbiters life. I would imagine that anyone in that situation would at least listen to what they have to say. Not like he has much of a choice anyways. The next level featuring the arbiter, Brutes attack him onsite, when he meets up with allies the Covenant are openly attacking them. The rebellion has started. Would the Elites not be branded as heretics at this point by the Covenant? Why would you think that you get to participate in the Great Journey when you are essentially being kicked out of your way into the Great Journey. If nothing else revenge on Tartarus for attempting to take your life or finding one of the remaining prophets to question them? What are his other options, take the rebellion and go hide?
  10. By the logic that we have nothing to compare it to in our world would make this a standstill argument because you can't argue my logic with we don't have anything to compare this to, then say what he would do instead. Ignorance is bliss and people will continue to believe what they want to believe, but that doesn't mean everyone is going to follow that. I don't understand why its so hard to see that someone would lose their faith, especially with the events that the Arbiter has seen. You may as well have Jesus Christ and the devil telling the Arbiter that God isn't real because that is basically who is telling him. These aren't just random people, its a sacred icon, the only thing left thats "sentient" from the forerunner era. Then you have the Gravemind who is trying to absorb everything into a single entity and the Chief who he has been at odds with since the beginning. No his race is going to go extinct because the Covenant are going to annihilate them. He is shown this as the Elites are attacked on site by the Covenant. He actually interacts with a couple Elites on several occasions in Halo 2, he obviously made connections while he was Supreme Commander. He distances himself when he becomes the Arbiter, but later backtracks as you him talking with other members.
  11. You should hang out on r/atheism more often then. People who have been indoctrinated into cults/religions breaking out at all stages of their life. I know first hand of an acquaintance who left his lifelong religion merely because they asked him what he though about homosexuality. If nothing else the Sangheili value each other. He wouldn't watch his race go extinct merely because "its all hes known". The signposts are there for the Arbiter to leave the covenant and believe that the Great Journey has been a lie this whole time, whether you find them worthy I guess is up to you.
  12. I mean Tartarus betrays him, tells him that they plan on killing the elites. Then had a conversation with a prophet, an oracle, Chief, and the Gravemind all at once. Its not like these are random people. The oracle is a religious icon of his own religion telling him they need to fire the ring to contain the flood, not go on the great journey. The heretic put the seed in his mind and as the events play out his religion falls apart is there really any other option? Why would you continue to serve the Covenant when they tried to exterminate you?
  13. No, it doesn't mean that at all. Just because a trope becomes something common doesn't mean its poor writing. Tropes become a trope because they are a popular form of writing. Not that all popular things are good, but the argument that it is bad is going against the grain. There literally is no concern that the Covenant are going to control the ring. Its blown up solely for the flood. Had they not released the flood you would not have found the purpose for the ring until much later. There is no point in talking what ifs though. Actually they happen at the very same time. Tartarus tells the Arbiter how the Prophets put in plan to kill the Elites and knocks him down a shaft which takes him to the gravemind. Either way you still prove the point, the elites aren't apart of the covenant and you aren't allying yourself with the covenant to fight the covenant because they are no longer apart of said group.
  14. Its a basic alien invasion trope. Motivations aren't always known or known from the start. Thats all this is. You can call it lazy or lacking in creativity, but it happens frequent enough to be considered a trope. The closest relative I can think would be Mass Effect and you don't understand the reapers motivations until ME3. Some could argue that it probably wouldn't have been better to know the reason for the Reapers attack. Within the context of CE there is no reason to want to destroy Halo. Even outside the context of CE much of the series is spent studying forerunner artifacts. There would be no reason to seek to destroy it up until you learn its intended use. Joining the Elites is not becoming allies with the Covenant, the elites break off and rebel against the Covenant. Which is orchestrated by the Gravemind. I guess you could say Tartarus started it, but the gravemind was the one who changed the Arbiter's mind. I'll admit it flip flops between the trilogy on who is the main antagonist, but if I had to pick one over the other I'd still say the gravemind/flood
  15. Eh I’d say 3 is the gravemind, but I’ve been speaking in the context of CE alone.
  16. If it doesn't affect the overall plot of CE, which it doesn't, then it is a side note. I understand the want for knowledge into the what is happening and why, but thats all it is a want. Outside of them mentioning Reach the only way you'd find out that covenant had been attacking humanity for years is if you read The Fall of Reach. You aren't even introduced to the Forerunners or the fact that the Covenant are worshiping them until you are half way through the campaign. There is no context for anything and they explain it in the opening cutscene. "Did we outrun them?" "I think you know the answer to that". They get ready for battle because the covenant beat them to Halo. The whole sense of the opening game is the urgency to survive. Not who, what, when, where, why, how. Screen time doesn't = primary antagonist. Everything after the Flood is discovered is how to stop them from spreading. Even if the Covenant caused the flood to be released that doesn't mean they are still the primary antagonist.
  17. What exactly does knowing the reason behind the covenants attack on humanity change to the plot of CE? Nothing. Its just extra insight into developing the universe around you. The context isn't needed to understand the plot of CE. You are being attacked and they are the enemy, there is nothing else that needs to portrayed there in order for you to understand what is happening. I'm being attacked, we're marooned on this ring, covenant view this as sacred, we accidentally released the flood that could end the galaxy, I'm going to blow up the PoA to stop it from spreading. You absolutely can use real world motives to tell a story. There is nothing preventing you from doing so and nothing inherently makes this a bad tactic to tell a story. I understand this is a space opera sci-fi shooter game, but not everything has to have a fully fleshed out lore to tell a good story.
  18. I don't really think anyone is preaching that the original trilogy is a masterpiece of writing that should be worshiped as the greatest story of all time. Its just a story that at a base level is easy to understand, at the time no additional information was out there so you had to take it at a base level. CE begins with you being blindsided by an alien race that you've never encountered before. You crash land on a foreign structure with your main means of transportation gone. I would think the rational thing to do would be to find survivors (mission Halo, truth and reconciliation) and finding strongholds to fight the Covenant back (Silent Cartographer). Then everything else just unfolds, you find out that the Covenant view Halo as a religious artifact, you accidentally release the flood, and put plans in motion to not let the flood leave Halo by blowing up the PoA. War doesn't always have a reason and people don't always understand why they are fighting a war. The PoA is being attacked by the Covenant, you can't just sit by and do nothing because you aren't sure why the human race is an affront to their gods.
  19. Builds that get pushed out aren’t always the current state of the game. A lot of times demos and betas are a few builds behind where the game is currently at.
  20. WoD is the only reason I know of that example of Holinka. The class balance in WoD was horrible and future patches didn’t make it any better. I searched for the person in charge of PvP so that I could complain to someone. In retrospect it was not a great idea.
  21. Holinka (WoW’s PvP dev) left the company in 2017. Rejoined the company in 2018 as lead combat designer. Outside of a few dedicated sites like mmorpg.com it never really made gaming news like IGN or Kotaku (as far as I could find with a 5 second google search at work).
  22. Nothing makes me happier than a Hyena upload day
  23. I honestly don’t even know how to get them. I just know of their existence because I like watching speed runs. There are golden strawberries too that you can get.

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