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  1. Or you like how Destiny handles AR weapons.
  2. I mean I don't disagree. I would ultimately prefer building something off the original trilogy, but realistically the closest thing 343i has created to that is either mythic H5, which is just a timed playlist made by a couple guys, or H2A, which a larger portion of 343i has built and put time into.
  3. I feel like H2A gets overlooked a lot. Sure it has issues, but its realistically the only thing 343i has made that I relatively enjoyed. Add some maps, weapons, reduce magnetism and auto aim across the board, could be pretty decent.
  4. Are we talking base h2v or Project Cartographer because H2 MCC is worse than Cartographer imo
  5. I think Half-life 2 suffers from pacing issues that get overlooked a lot. It has a much better structured story though. I have no qualms with Half-life 1. I played it almost 20 years after it released and it’s still a very enjoyable game.
  6. He did say 99% and there is a lot of shooters out there. Definitely room for Half Life and Bioshock to rank above it. Never played Crysis, no idea how it plays.
  7. Honestly should just have button mapping at this point. Xbox lets you set up profiles, but games need them specifically as well.
  8. I tend to agree, but specifically for 4v4. I haven't played 8v8 on either map.
  9. Silent Cartographer is probably my favorite Halo mission overall.
  10. APM =/= meaningful changes. Sprint isn't taking you anywhere new that isn't accessible with the piss poor base movement speed of Halo 5, 4, or Reach for that matter. Sprint in this case is hurting strafing speeds which is objectively bad. If you want more escape mechanics or ability to outplay someone you shouldn't be actively hurting another mechanic to include something else. Not that high AA/magnetism of Halo is helping this any, but I think everyone is pretty much in agreement that we want lowered. Clamber is just replacing higher jump heights, its not changing anything in any meaningful way either. Thrust is probably the only thing that is changing anything in a meaningful way, which is objectively good or bad depending on who you talk to. The Pit is designed to be like that. Sprint is alleviating a design choice that you don't like. You can recreate the map and not have long hall and green be as much of a death trap without sprint, but thats how the map is designed. There is a reason nobody blindly rushes rockets when they spawn unless they know its clear. Its a risk/reward situation otherwise. The first MLG video I looked up on Youtube Roy pre-nades green room, approaches the first 1/4 of the hallway and backs off because he sees the nades flying. Then after killing 2 people (the other probably pushed snipe and the other custom) he pushes forwards to rockets. That's it, that's how you play the map. I know you don't care about the majority, at least when it comes to this forum, but TB doesn't like get out jail free cards. If you want escape mechanics that's fine, but it can slow down gameplay and people feel cheated that you got away for seemingly no reason. People pre-nade popular area's because they are active. Its a pre-nade, just like someone can pre-fire if they think you are coming around a corner or are going to challenge. People typically try to stay together or at least position themselves in a way that they can help each other. Its just the name of the game, I don't know what to tell you. If something like thrust had to be included I'd either want it on a very long cooldown, available once per spawn, or a map pickup like in Reach. I guess I just don't see the justification of why you should be able to dodge a grenade. Your opponent chose to place that grenade at that place at that time, you can feel as unjustified as you want, but they chose to make that choice and you're just invalidating it. This really means nothing other than you like how it feels. Which is fine, but its not adding anything meaningful while potential being detrimental to other aspects. I've said it before, but you prefer being able to control every situation or at the very least as much as possible. Its your opinion and your entitled to it. I’m simplifying power weapons, camo, custom, OS into just pickups. Pickups are in use 100% of the time they are available, unless you mean for the entirety of the match is which case you’re removing the diversity and variety they bring to gameplay and the map movement they enforce. I don't like the idea that objective forces map movement so that you don't need pickups. I think I mostly talked about this with Beast, so I don't know if this is really your argument or not. Pickups are typically (at least in MLG) either fought over from a power position or place somewhere that would normally fall out of the most active areas of the map. A lot of the time its forcing map movement away from where you want to be and forcing you somewhere else. Custom on The Pit, OS on Beaver Creek, Camo on Penance (garbage map, but its a good spot for a pickup), Sniper on Construct KOTH. You have to make an active choice to leave power positions or the objective to get these items. Its forcing you to juggle the objective, slaying, timing, teammate positions, to an even greater extent in hopes that you can retake map control. Lets look at Construct KOTH. Hill is on closed ramp, your team has map control. Sniper is spawning at bottom hill. Do you push it? Perfect time for the other team to make a push while you are down a person and rack up some sweet hill time. Sniper isn't very effective on the bottom of the map and your team will be on respawn. Is the other team baiting it? Now you lost power weapon and are down a person on map control. Its all risk vs reward and the judgements you make. Lastly, I'm not actively scouring this thread and I don't feel like back tracking more than a page so if I misconstrued a point or misunderstood, sorry.
  11. This reminds me that it would be nice if Reach had theater on PC.
  12. I've read a few times that Hardy was the creator or Rat Race as well. Couldn't find any solid information on it though.
  13. KOTH creek is fine. Slayer can get annoying when teams just portal camp, but even then its not as bad as penance.
  14. We need to start enforcing tl:dr for anything over 2 paragraphs.
  15. I imagine the version that has the blocked off hallways would be just as bad with jet pack.
  16. Kind of like a wall jump in Super Metroid? Weird reference but it was the only thing that came to my mind.
  17. Boyo’s post got me thinking. What’s the general consensus on double jump and wall running here? Does anyone think it could fit in Halo?
  18. At 100GB it’s just not worth the trouble. Most Xbox’s only have 500GB storage, it’s not worth the space.
  19. I wasn’t specifically referencing AA, but I suppose that could attribute to it.
  20. Those both sound like they could be contributing to the problem I typically don’t like playing with a 27 inch monitor but I think I’m going to plug it in and play with freesync and see if it does anything.
  21. Has anyone noticed a clear difference in using a controller on PC vs Xbox? I played exclusively PC until I went home for Christmas and took my Xbox and my aim feels so much more janky. I’m using the exact same settings as what I was using on PC, but my aim feels sporadic at times. PC just felt so much more fluid and precise.
  22. Not largely interested in GP, but am grateful for the maps available in the original thread.
  23. Nobody responded to me asking for competitive forge maps, so I'm finding whatever I can. Funny enough I ran into a post about Aiden that has you and Multi in it. Can't find that map anywhere though :/
  24. GT: Tanaka 5150 has Onslaught and Amplified if anyone is looking for those.

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