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  1. Remixing at least switches it up a little bit. Destiny just take the exact same content and slaps a sticker on it and calls it new.
  2. If you bought it through steam just refund it and wait until it gets fixed.
  3. Here’s a whole video dedicated to streamers getting the glitch
  4. Forced steam to get the update, updates, can't access Halo 2 in campaign or in social matchmaking, but I can start a ranked H2A match. GG
  5. Issues that Halo 2/A is shipping with https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/243780d3b80b4bb6ac7917a8942286db/topics/mcc-development-flighting-updates/3e3252e1-297a-4590-a7ab-67c133b3d37d/posts?page=2
  6. Yeah Aaron Greensburg tweeted that first party titles are going to be revealed for the summer event. This is exclusively third party.
  7. They actually just addressed this in the latest update. Said it would be squashed in the latest update. So shouldn’t be a problem much longer
  8. Is the 60hz bug still a thing? If they are playing on PC they might need to enable that as well.
  9. Is there an exact moment where they show something similar? From me flipping through it I saw pieces being blown outward. This just looks like someone cut and pasted some random images on MS paint and added fog to make it not look as terrible.
  10. I cannot figure out what is going on in the background of this. Are those just floating land masses in the back?
  11. Definitely seems on the fake end, but it could be cosmetic based battle passes that battle royales use. Each season brings new fresh armor permutations and weapon skins.
  12. I feel like I've seen Evader play some settings like that semi-frequently. 2v2, AR starts, I wanna say they were OBJ games.
  13. I've mentioned this a couple times before on the forum, but I really wish more devs would draw inspiration from FEAR. Taking cover too much? AI will try to flush you out with a grenade or flank you. The AI is never stationary always moving around the map. They aren't overly aggressive or overly defensive, but a good mixture of both. That said though the devs were working within pretty small map area's. They never got to the size of something like Halo from CE. Usually confined rooms maybe with 1 or 2 floors.

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