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  1. Yeah, but i'd say its mass majority of the time 3v4's aren't worth playing. Losing 3v4's heavily outweigh the times you are a winning 3v4. I'm fine with leaving the option to the player. Just have mercy option pop up when you die like booting a teammate.
  2. I wouldn't punish the second player to leave. Nobody wants to play a 3v4. EDIT: I'd almost rather the game has a mercy rule if its a 2v4. Game ends in 10 seconds
  3. Its a great price to content ratio. I've tried to play Witcher 3 probably 4 or 5 times and its definitely an interesting and beautiful world. The combat system just isn't my thing though, I get sick of it within a couple hours of play, I try to power through, but it never works out.
  4. I tried to mess with the idea a little bit. Like a gravity gun that could pick up projectiles that you could fire, like cones, fusion coils, boxes. The bigger the item the more damage, but you couldn't launch it as far. Like a cone could cross map, but it would do minimal damage if it hit anyone. A bigger box could do massive damage, but you could only "throw" it an extremely short distance. The gravity gun would have a short range blast that would be like a 2-3 shot with a very slow ROF without anything attached. I don't like the idea though, I'm not a huge fan of being able block routes and limiting routes.
  5. I didn't really care that much. It would have been nice to have just a couple more strikes to mix up the strike playlist, but they would have just become as repetitive as the rest. I don't think any of the exclusive guns were ever really in the PvP meta, I could be wrong about that, but I never really stressed about it.
  6. Halo: CE Removed auto-aim and red reticule on Rocket Launcher to align with legacy. Fixed an issue where a user could auto-kick themselves after being betrayed by a guest profile. Added a toggle to disable betrayal booting in Custom Games. Added more granular score to win options for Slayer in Custom Games. Added more granular score to win options for King of the Hill in Custom Games. Added more granular time limit options for all game types in Custom Games. Fixed an issue which could result in a crash. Halo 2 Fixed an issue which made kill trading significantly more common than in legacy. Adjusted gamma values to better align with legacy. Halo 3 Added missing Hardcore Construct map variant in Custom Games. Matchmaking Adjusted the vehicle set in Halo: CE Big Team Battle modes. Globally disabled infinite sudden death in Halo 2. Adjusted time and score limits for Mayhem modes in Halo: CE 8v8 Action Sack. Enabled betrayal booting and adjusted gravity settings in H3 Speed Demons. Disabled friendly fire and updated descriptions in Fiesta. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/84ad72a8b51847978545f685f651fc15/topics/mcc-game-playlist-update---6-11-2019/cae54c51-dd71-4538-b447-4c410defa540/posts EDIT: that formatting came out horrible. Let me see if I can fix it on mobile. Fixed
  7. Summary of all the news The core game will be renamed to Destiny 2: New Light Once Shadowkeep launches on September 17th, the base game will go free-to-play and include "all year one content, including "foundational modes, activities and rewards."" So you'll be able to play the base game, as well as the content added as part of the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions, for free "This represents a change for the Destiny franchise as it seeks to lure gamers away from popular free titles like Fortnite. Previously, players paid upfront for the game and bought big expansions to gain access to new raids, missions and in-game items, either separately or as an annual pass subscription. Now, the core game will stay free, while additional content will be made available in the form of paid "à la carte" offerings like Shadowkeep." Going forward, no more content will be made exclusive to one platform over others. All platforms will have the same access to all new content at the same time Cross-save will be added for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia. Soon, the game will move from Battle.net to Steam on PC. Existing Battle.net players will be able to migrate all characters and purchases over to the Steam version once this happens
  8. That's fine. I'll take your word for it either way that's how bloom works. I feel like most people on this forum understand that pacing will win you most battles. That doesn't eliminate randomness from the battles and how common of an occurrence that spammers were winning battles on smaller maps (even if it wasn't majority of the time) was frustrating enough that you lost a battle completely by chance.
  9. I'm sure you more than likely have played a lot more Reach than I have, but speaking from personal experiences I never really was matched with a team that utilized crouch shooting and recognized those players as "good" or even winning the match most of the time. I definitely could see it being more prevalent in something like BTB or on larger maps, but I mostly stuck to Team Slayer, Arena, MLG, etc. 4v4 matches. Again thats not a super compelling argument for keeping it. There isn't a counter for a lot of power weapons. Double pummels are just as bad as a sword with sprint to me. I'm fully willing to admit that I don't know exactly how bloom works. I did indeed slow down the clip to .25x before I made that response. Between the 30fps and the quality of the clip is not extremely easy to flip between frames without downloading it (I'm at work and I can't). The frame I land before the first shot is fired is your reticule is off to the right with the left edges of your reticule barley touching the spartan. In the next frame I can stop at the reticule is over the spartan, the DMR has the muzzle flash, the inner reticule has expanded beyond the dimmer blue circle in the middle and the shot (as far as visually) hits outside of the dim blue circle.
  10. I'm failing to see why someone wouldn't apply the crouch strat in Vanilla vs TU. Its providing you with an advantage either way as it reduced bloom in Vanilla does it not? I don't really have a convincing argument for sword blocking. I never liked it, but I've never heard a compelling reason to keep it either. For me the your 5 shot just validates my distaste for 100% bloom. The first shot hits outside of the original range of the reticule because of the bloom expanding beyond those original bounds. Had it gone any other direction you would have missed and there is absolutely no way to control that. You would have lost the battle on chance alone. 75% bloom doesn't fix this issue, but it makes it a lot less likely to happen.
  11. Best charts I could find with the limited time I have at work. Second chart comparing Halo to COD was from Major Nelsons Live charts he use to post. I'm not sure where the OP got the first set of information. Link to Waypoint Post by Tsassi Halo Reach UU for 24 hours for 540 days Halo population vs COD population
  12. I'm not sure how less random bloom isn't better than large random bloom? Are they both random? Yes. Are they both the same? No.

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