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  1. Haven't listened to it yet, but Gareth Coker is a good composer. He did the Ori soundtracks.
  2. Sure. I'm not trying to point out that they stick their nose in every game in development. Just that they have been shown to stick their nose in and its more than likely for the worse.
  3. I guess you only really hear about development issues from disgruntled employees after the fact and never anything from the other side. But when you hear about something like EA pushing Visceral to include multiplayer, microtransactions, and to shift from survival horror to action for Dead Space or the infamous "pride and accomplishment". Its not hard to see why gamers would turn that way.
  4. Yeah I am Went in with low expectations and left even worse.
  5. Infinite is the last standalone title for the foreseeable future https://www.ign.com/articles/halo-infinite-2-wont-be-happening-says-343-industries
  6. Half the game doesn’t even look textured.
  7. I'll sometimes get hand cramps on the top of my hand when I play certain games. I just bought some fingerless compression gloves, seems to do the trick.
  8. I've heard it was equivalent to a poorly written fanfic by multiple people. It was enough for me to stay away.
  9. I can't even play H3 campaign co-op. Severe lag then it just boots everyone. Doesn't matter whos hosting.
  10. I agree, but people will only use new weapons provided they actually do decent damage. Look at bows, relatively unused in the meta since their introduction. You have a small group of PvPers who will use them, pretty much never have been meta except when Wish Ender had that glitch and did 4x the damage. How many people glossed over True Prophecy once they found out it was a 180 HC, even Martyr's Retribution was a unique and fun to use GL, didn't do more than mountaintop though so nobody bothered. I agree, but the same could be said for pretty much any RPG or game with RPG mechanics. I'm not trying to defend game design or say that things can't be changed for the better, but you should have some idea of what you're getting into. Destiny has historically sunset gear throughout its lifetime even Destiny 2 has sunset a ton of early gear prior to this announcement. Yeah this is where Destiny takes a different approach. They literally don't have the content to match a traditional MMO or looter shooter so they just make the world around you grow with you or they cap your LL as to not breeze through the content. Sunsetting definitely is not a good compromise for this issue. I think this is a good point about new items not being up to snuff, but I think it also identifies another issue. Bungie is horrible at balancing weapons and gear. Meta gear has 2 paths. Nerfed into the ground or nerfed enough that its still better than anything else in its category. Not to mention that so many items get left in the dust because they never get retooled to be useful in any sense. A lot of the time we just get sweeping weapon balances, specific archetypes if we get lucky, very rarely do we get specific weapon balances. Agreed This kind of goes back to point 2 and 3. Most, if not all, buildcrafting is built around an exotic weapon/gear which will not be sunsetting. Anecdotal, but I personally almost never see people buildcraft out of popular meta items. Even people like cammycakes have expressed frustration with this, they want to jump in pvp and mess around with builds and see whats possible and there is always that group of people running spare rations & beloved/mindbenders or revoker & summoner/hardlight with meta exotics that he just can't put up with. So he switches to the same build to get through the match. Agreed Competitive is essentially useless at this point now that Trials is back and it does get affected by this change. IB is also extremely popular when its going. Quickplay is meant for everyone to play. PvE will see a pretty big shift from Mountaintop and Recluse being sunset. Those are still 2 highly used weapons. Yeah I'm not really in the camp of "sunsetting is great". Its providing bandaid fixes and causing just as many problems with Destiny as a whole. That said I'm not as resistant to it as a lot of the community is.
  11. I guess thats just my difference in expectations. Shooter Looters (and to some degree MMO's) are all about getting that new gun and experimenting with builds. Destiny doesn't fulfill that at all. I agree that it cool that you can keep those favorite guns with you as you level, but when these specifics guns continually top the charts whats the point anymore? My fun in the game is gone, I can only run so many strikes, get a group for raids, play gambit and crucible so many times before I'm over it. Destiny's content isn't up to snuff with a typical MMO experience, if the looter shooter aspect runs dry, whats left? I mean grinding and RNG isn't fun, but I've spent more time grinding mounts in total in WoW than I have getting god rolls. There definitely is much worse out there than what Destiny is presenting to us. Not that its an acceptable answer, just putting things in a different perspective. Mountaintop is currently 8th most used in comp, 6th in quickplay, and 3rd in PvE. Recluse is 5th. Thelegendhimself has a video on recluse about 3 months ago and due to its perk it barley loses out to some kinetic SMGs. The thing about recluse though it that it melts shields while kinetics can't. It even melts shields that aren't its energy type. Thats what I mean. They are forcing new gameplay experiences because everyone just continually uses the same weapons until a nerf/buff patch comes through. I actually think this is probably one of the more healthy metas currently. HC's kind of got shafted, but still some viable options. There are a few viable pulse archetypes, autos might be a tad strong, but still can be outclassed by SR/Thorn if you hit your shots. If you don't mind not being able to snipe supers there are quite a few options or you can just use revoker. Shotguns are well.... the same as shotguns have always been. I agree its not a perfect solution. I think a good step forward would be being able to infuse an older gun when it comes back into rotation. Like how lonesome has 2 variants right now, if you have a previous godroll you should be able to infuse it with a new lonesome and upgrade it to max LL potential. It will help reduce the need to grind for older guns that you already have and let you focus on grinding the newer weapons. Keep guns out of rotation for a little bit so other guns can shine for a bit and then bring it back. I personally don't care that much about content vaulting, especially if it means I won't have to run Exodus Crash or do anything with Mercury for awhile. I get it though, we are losing raids and some of the more unique content like Whisper of the Worm.
  12. I'm not saying that the formula can't be tweaked or improved, but either way you look at it you are playing a looter shooter / mmo. That's the name of the game, but something Destiny doesn't do as well as other games is the amount of gear that is added. With other expansions they give you vast amounts of new gear where Destiny might give you 2 or 3 gear sets and a handful of guns. Which is why they give you 6 months or whatever it is to continually use these weapons until they are phased out. To each their own. I've played more Destiny when there is actually something to grind for rather than just using new weapons/gear as fusion fodder. Yeah I think that's pretty apparent. Not really. Mountaintop still out DPS' every grenade launcher (and pretty much every kinect) by a good margin. Recluse, even with its nerf, is only out done when match game is enabled. I mean Thorn is still good, TLW is good in the right hands, Dire Promise, Crimson, just to name a few others. They still don't outclass Spare Rations though and nothing has since its release. Thats the problem, these guns have been at the top of the food chain for so long that its boring. They have to introduce things like Champions to force people to play out of their comfort zone or the Reckoning that pushes the best gear to its limits. Sure, everything could be balanced better. Bungie doesn't really touch PVP meta unless something is truly broken.
  13. I guess for me the game is getting stale for the opposite reasons. How long has revoker, mountaintop, spare rations, mindbenders, recluse, etc been the meta? Whats the point in playing a new season when there is nothing worth getting? Are we just suppose to keep continually making more and more powerful weapons or nerf them into the ground like Izanagi's Burden, hardlight, TLW, whisper, sleeper, fusions, any sniper that isn't an aggressive frame.
  14. I don't really want to continue this off-topic Destiny talk, but I really think people should watch TheLegendHimself's videos on sunsetting. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  15. Not a gif and only to top carb, but

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