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  1. I noticed that the other day. Thought it was weird because you can definitely crouch jump while moving in a direction. Just can't crouch while moving.
  2. I mean I get that we can tweak it a lot, but not generally a fan of the plasma rifles overheating mechanic. It’s easier and faster just to YY on a reload than to wait for it to lower down or finish the overheating cycle.
  3. It’s hard to portray what I’m saying without having some understanding of Destiny. I don’t want the ADS part of the auto brought over. Just an accurate auto rifle. Quite the opposite. This was brought into play because people kept getting set up against stacked teams. Don't even get me started on the balancing issues with exotics and supers.
  4. You'd really have to play destiny to see what I'm saying, but when ADSing all of the primary weapons (hand cannons, pulse rifle, scout rifle) all have pretty small reticle sizes. They require a lot more aiming than something like the AR or SAW in Halo. There is slight recoil, but its not severe. There is also bloom/spread, its pretty slight too. It removes a lot of the randomness of auto's in Halo. I'm not really sure it would work within Halo as Destiny is a ADS heavy game. It would take a lot of tweaking as you probably wouldn't want to bring the how the gun works unscoped over. But again, I'd be interested in seeing a slow firing, tight reticle, headshot modifier AR in Halo. Video showing some kills with Auto in Destiny
  5. I really would like to see how a Destiny type Auto would fit inside Halo's sandbox. Rewards headshot damage Slight recoil Lower ROF than the auto's currently in Halo 5-9 headshots for perfect kill (depending on the archetype. Fast ROF vs Slow) Typically lags a little behind it terms of the rest of the sandbox, (best ttk is .80 vs hand cannons .53 and pulse rifles .67), obviously we would have to tweak this up a little bit as Halo's ttks aren't quite that quick.
  6. I feel like I missed the juicy stuff while I was asleep
  7. Because of the cut-scene after killing the heretic the Arbiter walks and talks with 343GS like nothing happened. The fact that heretic attacked the Arbiter doesn't change anything about how the Arbiter feels about 343GS. So his actions/words aren't invalidated by the heretics actions. I don't see it as a gotcha moment, even if I held the opinion of the Arbiter changing suddenly makes no sense. Betrayal/Lie are pretty synonymous, maybe not a perfect match but its pretty close. There is nothing shocking about the revelation and the Arbiter isn't trying to trap Tartarus. He's trying to tell him to listen. My point was about how this isn't a real conversation and that even with compiling all of it together the Arbiter still spends more actual time dwelling on the thoughts and actions of whats transpired over the following days/weeks/months. The point was to show that this wasn't a hasty decision, he had time to make a decision. In that time he chooses not to kill Miranda and Johnson, pairing up with them instead to stop Tartarus. In that time he also learns that the demon is nearby and chooses to not engage. He also chooses to join the Elites in the rebellion instead of going back to the Covenant or aiding them in completing the great journey. The Arbiter also remembers the warning of the Gravemind moments before storming the firing room. He doesn't even trust Tartarus with the Icon, the person who has been escorting and aiding him on all of these missions.
  8. Nothing the heretic does invalidates 343GS words/actions. "The sacred Rings, what are they?" "And those who made the rings what happened to them?" "Tartarus the Prophets have betrayed us." You can even hear the pain in the Arbiters voice when he says it. Not sure how any of that is a "gotcha" moment. The flood are also the enemy of humanity. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Except this isn't a real conversation. If you compacted our time spent on this I'd doubt we'd reach over an hour or two. These are days/months that the arbiter had to dwell on these thoughts. I already listed a subreddit full of people who have given up lifelong religions, heres another r/exmormon. Unless you want to go into a long rant about how the Arbiters characteristic mirror our own I don't see how this is relevant at all. We are more like Tartarus or the Prophets if anything, given the fact that we have the knowledge and still persist that our viewpoints are correct. I... didn't even know ignoring users was a thing....
  9. Except there is a whole lot more to that sentence other than the use of the word inaccurate. 343GS specifically calls out 2 major parts of their religion prior to saying its inaccurate. 343GS is not an oracle and Halo is not apart of the great journey. 343GS also calls the Covenant meddlers, which means they are interfering. Kind of hard to interfere with firing the Halo rings when their intended purpose to send you on the great journey, no? What purpose would 343GS have to hang around with the heretic? Him being at the facility with them, sure not that meaningful. Him following the heretic side by side and answering his questions about the purpose of Halo. 343GS doesn't even contradict a single thing the heretic said when he told the Arbiter what the true purpose of Halo. Instead he asks him if he has more questions. Might set off at least one little tiny flag in the back of his head? The Arbiter doesn't even do anything crazy after all of this, the rebellion started without him because he was kicked down a hole. All he does is join it and decides to take the heed that he has been told by 2 oracles, a demon, and a gravemind and find out himself. The very first thing he does when he confronts Tartarus is ask 343GS the intended purpose of the Halo rings. He gets told bluntly then and there that the Great Journey is a lie, 343GS even offers to show him relevant data that would no doubt back up his words. The Arbiter is contrasting Tartarus. Tartarus is who Thel 'Vadam was in Halo CE. He is the chosen one, given the command of all of the Covenants fleet. Its a lot easier to blinded by faith when your faith isn't constantly putting you down. They spend the entire game putting the Arbiter down. Giving him the mark of shame, constantly reminding him of his failure, sending him on suicide missions, kicking the elites out of the guard, eventually kicking them out entirely, and trying to kill them/you. The Arbiter just doesn't flip 180° out of nowhere. There is nothing shocking or unbelievable about the Arbiter changing his mind.
  10. Kind of side note, but Destiny 2 added in Solo queue for competitive recently. It does a pretty decent job of matching you with like players and is generally good matches. I wouldn't hate something like that in Halo.
  11. "Oracle? Great Journey? Why do you meddlers keep insisting on using such inaccurate verbiage?" I think he got enough out even after being interrupted. I would think that an oracle hanging around with a heretic would be supporting his claims to some degree. I don't think there is anything I can say, even with providing supporting evidence, that would make you change your mind.
  12. Alt+Tab would error me out of matchmaking. So I literally couldn't do anything unless I sat at watched it match me into a match....
  13. I should probably just let this die at this point. The heretic and 343 Guilty spark both tried to warn him. This isn't his first jump into being told his religion is a lie. I originally had a point that I was making, but erased it and went off on some other tangent. I usually reply to these when I get a break from work or when I get off work so I'm usually a little scatterbrained.
  14. You said "We currently have nothing like that in our world". To me personally the implications are the same. Penitent Tangent says to Chief "this facility must be activated to control this outbreak". The sacred icon is openly referring to a human as a Reclaimer and that the ring is used as a countermeasure to flood. This are pretty obvious things being thrown at the Arbiter here. The Gravemind at the very least saved the arbiters life. I would imagine that anyone in that situation would at least listen to what they have to say. Not like he has much of a choice anyways. The next level featuring the arbiter, Brutes attack him onsite, when he meets up with allies the Covenant are openly attacking them. The rebellion has started. Would the Elites not be branded as heretics at this point by the Covenant? Why would you think that you get to participate in the Great Journey when you are essentially being kicked out of your way into the Great Journey. If nothing else revenge on Tartarus for attempting to take your life or finding one of the remaining prophets to question them? What are his other options, take the rebellion and go hide?

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