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  1. I'll play just so that I can experience the gametypes I guess. If I get off work early enough. Don't think I have you added. rK noKt
  2. Yep, definitely sounds like my old job. Had 3 people (in an office of 25) get promoted over me simply because they had a similar interest with the store manager and could go chat him up all day without doing any actual work. One took a cycling class with the boss, one when on a hunting trip with him, and the other pretty much was just a brown noser. One ended up getting demoted, then quit, one got put in a position where he couldn't muck things up too much, and the last one actually turned out okay. Sadly I don't think the likes of Bonnie or Frank are going anywhere anytime soon.
  3. Thats better than me. I usually just nade my teammates and blame them for not paying attention.
  4. 3v3 would be a slightly different dynamic than 4v4 would. Might see games go quicker or hitting time more often or it could be the exact same. I don't think people really expected the games to be boring in the sense that gunfights wouldn't be happening, just that it would feel repetitive as time goes on. If you guys decide to download insider and try no power weapons in H3 I'd play a few matches just to see how it runs. Even though Halo 3 is my worst Halo by far.
  5. Man I forgot about that. Opening the menu after every kill or just in a slow moment. Can you imagine watching a montage with someone throwing up that menu in the middle of a killtac lmao.
  6. Based on who I've met in RL. Probably Walshy. Super outgoing/nice guy. Met him at Pax Prime when they had a build available for Halo 4. He was running some booth where he was doing 1v1's in H3 I think? Told him he was one of our favorites to watch growing up and he launched question after question about how long we had played, what our favorite game was, how we liked the H4 build. Just genuinely seemed interested in getting to know us (even though he more than likely didn't). He invited us up to some after party after Pax and we chatted some more. Cool dude, would hang out with again. Based on like streams, interviews, and things Ola and Snakebite seem like pretty upstanding dudes.
  7. So in addition to the "Composer" they added, I really wish they would add a map or two you could veto. Pretty much how WoW battleground Veto works, when you queue for BG's you never play the BG's you veto'd. You could also do the exact opposite where you select a map or two Last time I played it was always Ivory Tower or Elongation, today it was Gemini, Warlock, Sanc, Gemini. I almost never play Ascension anymore, midship and lockout hardly ever get tossed out to me.
  8. I remember watching this youtube video where the guy basically was trying to prove MCC had weird aiming compared to the OG, but instead just showed this weird diagonal aiming that was in the original trilogy. Its pretty cool that they are updating this, though there are still a lot of other things I wished were getting fixed.
  9. More excited for HCE, but downloading preview right now just to play with it.
  10. Had no idea this was a thing. Has anyone played with this on the Insider?
  11. The fact that your thumbs aren't good aiming devices literally means nothing. The point still stands, even if kill times are astronomically high, those who have the better shot will win. Less aim assist the more its on you to aim. Skill. You have that influence with or without power weapons so I don't really see your point. That's fine that fun, boring, stale, exciting, etc isn't a metric to you, but thats what keep people playing games. Its highly subjective, but that doesn't just erase it. Its the reason that games get big and games fail. I assume you're talking rockets here, but I did notice you say that the sniper isn't skillful either (possibly baring Halo 3). Not everyone is out here pulling Hyena tier clips with a sniper rifle. So whats the difference between him and everyone else?
  12. I'm not disagreeing that trying it is probably the best route to get a full experience of it. I'm just giving you different avenues of hopefully achieving the same thing. I'm willing to bet the discussion for a power weapon on Onslaught wasn't off the table at some point, may have even been tested. A lot of us on this forum are constantly thinking of changes to maps to make them play better, a total removal just doesn't make sense to most of us. There might be some competitive merit, there might be some "fun" merit too it to. The discussion just doesn't entertain most enough to want to try it.
  13. I mean plenty of people watch twitch streamers and play the games they play based purely upon them playing said game. I don't think people are really saying it can't work, more so that its just not as fun and that they enjoy the game they already have, they don't see such a massive reason for removing power weapons. Most people who have played Halo at least have some hint of how it would run based upon the maps that I listed (because lets be honest you've probably played one of those at some point). No worries, I got you.
  14. Your words aren't swaying people to want to try. I'm just giving you another medium to show people its better than they think it is. I don't really care one way or the other. We've been playing gametypes/maps with no power weapons since CE. Wizard, Midship (MLG/Human), Onslaught, Amplified, Elongation/Longest, Backwash, Rat Race.
  15. You could just post gameplay and lets us watch.

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