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  1. Can we have auto pick up for health packs? If so I'm very much in agreement
  2. Onto a better topic, whats the optimal (even if optimal is subjective) shield recharge rate and the delay for it to begin charging?
  3. Cross Save is now available and its not as cool as I was hoping. I'll basically never get my trials of the nine gear back. Its stuck on my hunter on xbox forever. You just move your whole set of characters around. You don't pick and choose your hunter from xbox, warlock on PC, and titan on PS4. Its your whole set of characters available on the systems you own Destiny on.
  4. This was literally all I could find about Mary Olsen. She's been with 343i since 2012 as a sound/audio designer, prior to that she mostly worked the same job for Sony/Zipper and Microsoft back in the 90's. https://www.linkedin.com/in/maryshokesolson
  5. Finally get my trials of the nine gear from my hunter over to PC. Mostly just want the emblem more than anything.
  6. I don't have any concrete numbers, but Destiny is probably the second highest FPS time played franchise that I have. Its not exactly a fair comparison to compare a 5 year old franchise to an 18 year old franchise. I would have played this game of Halo 2 sometime during its release so that meant I was only 4-6 years into Halo as a franchise, roughly the same amount of time I'm in Destiny right now. That is just one of many memories set during that time and I vaguely have any of Destiny
  7. Why would I play something I don't enjoy? There is a plethora of games available to me right now and I continue to play Destiny because I don't like it? I have over 600 hours pumped into Destiny as a franchise and while that pales in comparison to Halo, I do genuinely enjoy the franchise. Running Vault of Glass blind for the first time was extremely rewarding and fun, but I can barley even remember what takes place in that raid. I'm not trying to advocate that Halo has some magic power that makes memories, merely that I don't have those memories outside of Halo, even with franchises that I enjoy playing.
  8. Honestly can't remember anything in the past decade in any other franchise. Straight up can remember killing myself till -15 on Team Snipers on Lockout. Whole team is yelling at me, decide to start playing. Killing spree, Running Riot, Rampage. Turn around and won the game being down like 20 kills. Added one of the dudes in the game and continued to play games with him until he sold his xbox one. This all happened over a decade ago. Can't even remember what I did in Destiny or Apex yesterday.
  9. Shadowkeep has been pushed back to Oct 1 along with the F2P version of Destiny. Cross-saving or whatever is still slated for later this summer.
  10. Interesting that its limited. The game lacks modes as it is.
  11. I don't think most of the people here see it as a problem though. There isn't anything to bandaid fix if you don't see it as a problem. Griefing will exist with or without FF. The boot system, fine tuning the betrayal system, or punishing the player be removing them from a season of ranking or ranked play is merely to punish said players. Removing FF doesn't punish them at all, it just forces them to use another form of griefing. It does remove mechanics of the game that can be skillful (placing a nice nade, shot, etc) and again add variety, but leaving betrayals does take away control of a situation from a player. What lemon said wasn't wrong, this is power weapon argument 2.0 and it really comes down preference again.
  12. The only thing I've seen you post since I joined this discussion is about adamantly disabling FF, unless I missed something. I'm assuming Kelly is Ice otherwise I have no idea who Kelly is. I'm not trying to portray this situation in any way. I'm aware that you are responding to others based on how they are treating you. My initial response is about how you don't care about our experiences and that Halo isn't acknowledged for betrayals and we've gone from there. I guess I just don't understand how you plan to win anyone over or why defending yourself against snarky comments is even worth your time.
  13. It kind of is because you are calling out everyone when you are responding to these arguments. Its the whole reason I even responded in the first place because I was just going ignore the ongoing discussion. The difference between your solution and everyone else is that we are all putting forth compromises like ricochet damage, fine tuning how the game registers people betraying, having a boot voting system in the match, because none of us want to disable FF. You remain steadfast in that disabling FF is the option, its not a fun conversation, nor interesting.
  14. I understand that those experiences happen and jokes get made about it, but Halo is not literally known for it. Nor does it give any supporting arguments to it being a widespread and rampant issue. Its hard to win people over to another side of an argument when you tell people you don't care about them, especially when they aren't experiencing the same thing as you. Its really abrasive and just makes it look like you are standing on a hill just to die by yourself. Funny enough I matched with Phurion in TS (with CPT Anarchy I think) back in H3. Biggest dick I've ever played with. Constantly yelling at us for taking power weapons, telling us we were bad, and then as soon as he got a power weapon he was just trying to hit some crazy montage clip. If he didn't get power weapons he would just shoot us slowly with the AR to weaken us. Good times.
  15. Been playing since 2001, news to me that Halo is known for betrayals. Does it happen, yes, is it rampant and wide spread, no. Its probably been the worst its ever been in MCC and even then I rarely experienced it to the point where I would think that disabling FF would be a viable solution. Your experiences aren't justifying anyone else's experiences, but you told Lemon that you don't care about what happens to anyone else so why should we care about what happens to you?

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