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  1. Small list of game I would consider must plays, I'll try to be varied a bit. I'm in the Half Life 1 camp and for a casual player I'd recommend Black Mesa over the original. The boat section of Half Life 2 is one of the worst sections of gaming I've ever played for one of the "best" games ever. However I didn't play these games until much later and HL2 is still a very very good game.
  2. Saw this on Youtube and had no idea I was even subbed lol. It gave me a good chuckle.
  3. https://twitter.com/Comin4YaHBeanIE/status/1095503372113903616 EDIT: I have no idea how to link tweets
  4. Pathfinder can to an extent. His short zip line can get you small boost over smaller buildings. If you situate his large zip line just right you can send yourself flying an extremely large distance. None of the rifles really feel similar at all to me. DMR feels nothing like the G7, Flatline feels nothing like the R301. Granted as a weapon they are extremely similar, but small details like ROF, recoil, and damage separate them enough for me. I’d imagine weapons, maps, characters, are all on the way in addition to the roadmap they released.
  5. I mean honestly if you are playing OG CE, you're probably playing NHE, which has a neutral host. Its been far to long since I've played OG H2, but they way you describe it makes it seem like bloodshots were very common. I don't ever remember it being that bad (or even common at all), I do remember host being auto-aim pretty much though. MCC is just a mess and always will be. H2A also had bullet refunding. It's not like we overlook these problems. Discussion have happened a lot on this forums and others about how you would tweak the OG trilogy. Almost all of agree that Halo 2 needs less aim assist, Halo 3 needs a buff to pretty much everything besides sniper/rockets, I personally wouldn't do anything to the pistol in CE, just buff needler and PP. I can't speak for everyone, but I'm fairly familiar with the fallacies with the older games. Despite not being perfect, they are still preferable to modern Halo to a lot of us. Beast, you, Princess, whoever else can't stand sometimes irregular working utility weapons. The rest of us can't stand Sprint, Spartan abilities, Armor abilities, pretty much everything modern Halo comes with. But yeah, at this point we all may as well agree to disagree.
  6. Titanfall actually has a really good campaign mission that is a ton of fun. The multiplayer has the potential for some sick clips. https://gfycat.com/affectionateleafygermanwirehairedpointer
  7. Wasn't present in H3 or H5, still remained one of the top maps in both of those games. Its a great map regardless of which game its in.
  8. I'm not saying that there is or isn't bigger fish to fry, but where we are at right now I'd say sprint is one of the larger fish to fry in Halo. I'd say that when Reach was released Sprint actually wasn't one of the bigger concerns. Bloom was, Armor Lock was, Camo was, etc. Thats why when the TU dropped sprint wasn't affected (or at least not very much). I'm not much of a Halo 3 fan, its probably my least played Halo by far and I don't really look to it as a golden standard. I think you're understating how detrimental Sprint is. Altering map flow for me is pretty big, look at how many great maps we've had since Sprint was introduced. I honestly can't name one that would stand in the same league as anything from the original trilogy. I mean it might just be that the map creators aren't up to snuff, but even forge maps created by the community just aren't doing it. Sprint changes how the game is played in general though, it has a decently big impact on Halo. I'm not praising bloom or the randomness of the Halo 3 BR. Jump delay on CE, no ammo on sword in H2, lack of weapon sandbox in H3. Those are some pretty big oversights of earlier games. I'm not a very big fan of the H5 magnum, 5 shots is just too much and brings the average TTK down. Don't get me wrong had it been a tad more powerful I think it could have been the best starting weapon MLG V7 Halo Reach.
  9. Like I said, continually being let down. Sprint in Infinite might not seem like a big to you, but it can be a big deal to some. If sprint is one of the banes of you playing "modern" Halo, then it continually being in every iteration is going to get on your nerves. Sprint at the very least was downplayed in Reach and 4 competitively (aka removed). Halo 5 is the only iteration that has kept Sprint. I think it definitely could be the straw that broke the camels back for people if its continued in Infinite. I think I actually prefer Reach's sprint to any other sprint. Infinite sprint to me is far worse.
  10. I mean I had a few friends that grew up, eating, sleeping, and breathing Halo. They'd try other shooters that came out as well like CoD, Gears, Battlefield, etc, but for the most part it was Halo all the time. Once MCC came out though, very few stuck around on an xbox. Some sold it and just quit gaming, some went to PS4 and started playing Destiny or CoD. Some shelled out $1500+ and got a gaming PC and started branching out on what they were playing. One of my best friends is doing a playthrough of Resident Evil 2, something he would never even think about playing in 2007. Granted I think you should branch out in gaming in general. So many good experiences out there, but when you dedicate so much time and effort into something and they start continually letting you down, why would you want to stick around?
  11. I don't think he meant that literally, but yes, a lot of pretty good players switched over to cartographer. Some remain on MCC, some just stopped playing all together.
  12. The ping system is awesome. Totally intuitive and makes it so that even people without mics can be extremely useful.
  13. Ditto. I've played a ton of BR's since thats what my friends are playing. Never really got that heavy into them, but I'm actually enjoying this one quite a lot.

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