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  1. Well boys, this is it. I finally played infinite and I'm out. After 20 years I'm hanging up the gloves and moving on. I uninstalled Infinite and MCC. Removed all sources of Halo from twitter and reddit. I mostly lurked here, but I had a good time while I was here.
  2. HaloForum is trying to have a resurgence, at least on youtube. I haven't checked the forums in like 2 years.
  3. I honestly think most of it is a testing ground for Infinite. Hey lets do seasons, cross-play, custom browser, skins, etc.
  4. I'm specifically referencing the opposing team. When they are down 1-2 people.
  5. The new quit ban system has caused me to delete MCC off my computer since release. I don't have the patience or willpower to stick it out in games where your team is AFK, or you have griefers, or you are playing 4v3, 4v2, 4v1 on it. Its not worth my time to stick it out in these games and I get punished for it. Can't tell you how many snipers games I've played on Boarding Action where the other team will AFK/Quit and I'm just left to dick off or you gain the lead on an objective game. Quitters are still rampant and as easy as ALT/TAB is why should I wait for a game to run out of time when I can just go play something else that isn't going to waste my time.
  6. I guess it depends on what difficulty you are playing on. Legendary can be a drag if you play it as intended, but a few of the jackal sniper encounters can be avoided entirely. 2 also has really cool speed-running tech that is fun to implement into your runs, at least for the easier tech. I think Heroic is where it shines the best. I'd have to give it to 4 or 5. 4's legendary is an absolute drag, most of the time you are stuck in situations with bad weapons against bullet sponges. I will admit that its on the rails shooting mission is better than anything Star Fox has put out in the past 2 decades. 5 is just ugh. Super linear a lot of the time, not particularly difficult, dumb AI. Repeating boss fights that are the same boss that aren't fun.
  7. This doesn't exactly counter this statement, but I thought it was interesting bit of information. From the Apple vs Epic case going on right now it was found the PS4 almost doubles any other platform for revenue for Fortnite at 47% from March 2018 to July 2020. Xbox in second with 24%. PC, Switch, and Android get lumped into one category at 19%. Revenue obviously isn't a population counter, plus its only a single game, doesn't mean its the same across the board.
  8. https://www.gameinformer.com/2021/04/29/new-halo-infinite-details-revealed-including-crossplay-and-cross-progression-for-xbox
  9. https://www.gameinformer.com/mod-corner/2021/04/25/this-halo-3-mod-is-perfect-for-call-of-duty-zombies-fans This is decent if anyone wants to try it. All you do is swap the sierra117 map and load the campaign map. Pretty neat that they included a mystery box as well as perks to pickup. Could use some balancing as most of the weapons are still useless, but they do have some balancing (I think) gravity hammer and spartan laser don't deplete as quickly. Sniper has 44 rounds instead of 16. All dual wielding weapons need damage increase and certain weapons like the pistol need more ammo. The "dog" round get crazy dark, I had to increase my brightness just so I could see.
  10. I just play bumper jumper and jump up the ladder backwards. Its crazy how many people you see walk straight up to it, look up, and start climbing. I can't agree with this, CE is fun, but not when you have the nerf edition pistol. I'd rather hop on H2.
  11. Highly recommend blocking servers not near you if you mostly play social. Its not that bad for competitive, but at non-peak hours it can get rough. For some reason if some else in your party searches that doesn't have that server blocked you can still play on it.
  12. Happens on PC every so often for me TBH. I have to force quit the game.
  13. Figured I'd give an update. Haven't had a chance to run competitive, but works pretty good for social for H2/3. 10/10 blocking servers if you run mostly social.
  14. Its incredible the difference servers make. I mean I knew it would make some difference, but every single game plays like butter when its on a West server and a flaming hot turd on East. I've thought about blocking the server like Tommy Kost showed how to do however long ago, but I feel like my queue time would increase greatly. Has anyone blocked servers? How did it work out for you?
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