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  1. I mean if you create a robust spawn system it shouldn't matter what the game type/mode. You can create the system with 4's in mind, but not specific to it.
  2. I hate to be that guy and blame everything on sprint, but I feel like sprint ruins a lot of maps that could be good maps in either playlist. Most 4's maps felt too large for doubles in H5.
  3. Like I said, its not a problem that controller engineers are likely to solve. To make vibration a worthy form a feedback you have to sacrifice weight to add more motors or some system to transport them around the controller and dampeners around the analogs so that it doesn't interfere with them in any way. Once you have the system to implement those changes, then you can look for ways to reduce weight so that it isn't very weighty, but its way too much time and money for them to solve that issue. Personally I like the metallic parts of the elite controller, it feels more sturdy and gives better feedback upon presses. Pieces like the bumpers on the regular xbone controller feel extremely cheap, I don't enjoy them at all. I'm all for sacrificing a little bit of weight, but thats just me.
  4. Double derps in Vanilla Reach were worse than any thrust melee I dealt with in H4/5
  5. Vibration just isn't as great of a feedback system as it stands in a controller. Granted it can be useful and could be more useful, but probably won't. With just two motors your stuck with a stationary form a feedback and for me you can never get it to a level that is good. Its either too strong or too weak. My ideal system would be small motors or a way to transfer the vibrations to the outer edges of the controller that would coincide with things like being shot from that direction, while additionally having dampening pads around the thumb sticks to avoid the vibrations interacting with them at all. Thats also going to add a lot of weight to the controller and unfortunately its a large task that controller engineers probably won't solve, its very unlikely to happen.
  6. I was more thinking of it as a spartan ability. Honestly even as a pick up I'm fine with it not being fought over. Jetpacks on Sanc in Reach weren't fought over, but still used. I'd rather it be more like that. I like that, half shields = no thrust. 1v1 battles were predictable in Halo 5 in that it was 3-4 shots > thrust > final shot. Making it half shields would be kind of a risk/reward scenario. Can it help you reverse the battle?
  7. Those are better criticisms than him having AFK clips. I'm not disagreeing with you, I don't like it either.
  8. I mean I don't like Mint Blitz montages as much as the next guy, but even Hyena has clips with AFK's. If he thinks the clip is sick that's all that matter. Plus he has helped out with keeping Single Halo Clips alive for this long.
  9. I thought about thrusters a little bit last night, I was thinking about Octane in Apex. What if as a balancing to thrusters you lose shields when you thrust. Nothing substantial probably 10-15% shields. If you don't have any shields, you can't thrust. You cannot spam it either, it still has a couple second cooldown. Personally I'd rather it not be in Halo Infinite, but thats wishful thinking.
  10. I thought it only has bloom when the trigger is held down rather than firing each shot or am I wrong in that assumption?
  11. Is it a straight conversion like if I 3-4 shot someone do I just get full shields or is it kind of like 1/4 or 1/2 rate. Could be interesting
  12. I remember someone a long time ago said "If I can fire my gun as fast as possible and land every shot why should I be punished for it". That's the whole thing about aiming skill isn't it, fire at optimal speeds and accurately. A slower ROF, bloom, or recoil with a faster movement speed does put more pressure on landing shots and missing shots would be detrimental to gun battles. Reach, however, doesn't have fast movement speed. There definitely is skill in being able to cadence shots under pressure, I just don't find it a very fun skill under any circumstance. Bloom personally is the worst of all of the option because it adds the most random chance to the battle.
  13. I knew something similar was in one of the games. I just couldn't remember which. It definitely would be a on-map equipment, which I am much more in favor of compared to added guns. You could do something like Moira from Overwatch and have something like the sentinel beam recharge shields while damaging enemies. Also not in favor of that, but just bouncing out ideas.
  14. I'm not sure how I feel about the Heal gun, it feels like you are trying to add hero shooter elements into Halo. Not that Halo isn't already a hybrid shooter, I'm just not sure I'm in favor of it. In order for it to be worth using, IMO, it would have to be able to sway a 2v1 situation and treated as a power weapon. Otherwise I just can't see people picking it up, it'll leave you in a 3v4 situation where one person isn't putting out as much damage as everyone else as they are trying to heal the team. I would rather some type of recharging equipment be included. A small bubble that would give you and anyone standing in the bubble faster recharge rates for shields, but you could be shot inside and take more damage inside of the bubble so you can't just pop it like the regen in H3 and out BR everyone.
  15. Out of all of the CQC OSK's I found that the shotgun was probably the best, it has crazy range drop off and 0 lunge since its a shot. I understand not liking the sword/hammer. It seems like a gun I'd pick up to have in back pocket, but never use. Its not powerful enough, even in CQC to use it over the utility weapon. Without an increase in ROF its likely you'll lose to anyone with a good shot in CQC with the utility weapon.You're going to auto lose shields by committing to the melee, which maybe is your point, you don't think you should walk away with a clean kill.

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