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  1. They could and I wouldn’t care. They also would be just fine without them too. Well considering how Halo 5 launched. Basic game modes that have launched with every halo and forge on release. Perhaps a functioning theater/spectator mode. An aiming system that doesn’t require pros constantly hitting the start menu mid game to “fix” aiming during a livestream. A customs browser on launch would be nice.
  2. Yeah, let’s not spend dev time coding in abilities exclusively for action sack. So many better things that time could be spent on.
  3. I’m not sure what the purpose of 5 is. Halo has always had multiple control schemes and even if it didn’t we have the ability to change buttons around via remapping. Also how do you get around 1? Does every power weapon just become h2 sword and have infinite ammo? 2 is the worst offender on the list. I’d actually like if plasma pistol had less homing on a Spartan and more on vehicles, but still reduced overall.
  4. I don't mind Reach's aiming system all that much. Its not near H5's system in any way imo. TU is nice, but I'm not sure its enough to keep me playing. Also Zealot is not as good of a map as I remembered it being, though I have a strange fondness for powerhouse. I also think film grain did a lot more than I thought it did. Everything on the Xbox One X just looks so washed out?
  5. I imagine you could hook up an Xbox to professional grade CRTs (Sony PVM/BVM and many others). Not really a cost friendly route, but it makes older games look amazing. You have to get either specific cables that will probably be some third party product that may or may not be a shoddy product or BNC connectors to hook into the back of these CRTs. I go to my parents every couple of months and will try to test next time I go home.
  6. Overwatch does okay. A lot better than most shooters on the market anyways.
  7. Yep I've seen Evader practice ghost jumps plenty of times.
  8. Yeah the UNSC architecture just isn't really aesthetically pleasing. Even the Pit and high ground aren't that great, they just do a better job than the others you mentioned.
  9. Clamber is nothing more than holding a button and looking in a broad direction. There isn't skill involved in it.
  10. Oh thats what I got an email about. I was like WTF is this minecraft spam I'm getting.
  11. I'm not sure tbh. I just took a trip to Seattle and yesterday was my first day playing again for 6 days. I got hit offline on Pit about halfway through the game and was served a 1 hour ban. I thought it was within 24 hours of you playing again, not dependent how many days actually pass by? I'm well aware of the repercussions of getting quitting/booted/hit offline as I hate it just as much as the next person. I'm still willing to find better solutions that give people more opportunities to continue playing the game of their choice rather than a 1 hour ban. Literally every time I get booted offline I just go play PUBG or Destiny and don't come back once my ban is up. I'm not sure what else to do at this point. I'm not technologically illiterate, I've tried every "fix" that I've seen on the internet, reached out to my ISP and xbox support. Nothing has fixed it.
  12. Didn't think about that. I do have an alt I can switch over to.
  13. I gotta say, getting hit with an hour ban because my xbox got hit offline for a second is a pretty brutal punishment. Whats the incentive to turn my box back on and keep playing? Like can I get at least get a gimme once a day? I have everything port forwarded, my xbox has good wifi signal, the only thing left to do would be to hardwire my xbox into the modem and my roommate wouldn't be down with me running a 50ft cord through the apartment just for that.
  14. I gotta say, Reach is looking pretty tantalizing after watching GameCheat's modded firefight maps to be Multiplayer maps. Hopefully MLG V7 gets put into the ranked gametypes, if not I can deal with TU.
  15. Honestly I'd love to see Halo get better post-launch content and I'm not talking about missing content that has been in other releases, but was delayed. Besides Spartan Ops what post-launch content have we really gotten? Some multiplayer maps? Where is the extra story DLC, new gametypes, enhancements to existing content like Forge? Halo definitely needs a better post-launch content to stay relevant especially with how long Halo's typical development cycle is compared to something like CoD.

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