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  1. I just play bumper jumper and jump up the ladder backwards. Its crazy how many people you see walk straight up to it, look up, and start climbing. I can't agree with this, CE is fun, but not when you have the nerf edition pistol. I'd rather hop on H2.
  2. Highly recommend blocking servers not near you if you mostly play social. Its not that bad for competitive, but at non-peak hours it can get rough. For some reason if some else in your party searches that doesn't have that server blocked you can still play on it.
  3. Happens on PC every so often for me TBH. I have to force quit the game.
  4. Figured I'd give an update. Haven't had a chance to run competitive, but works pretty good for social for H2/3. 10/10 blocking servers if you run mostly social.
  5. Its incredible the difference servers make. I mean I knew it would make some difference, but every single game plays like butter when its on a West server and a flaming hot turd on East. I've thought about blocking the server like Tommy Kost showed how to do however long ago, but I feel like my queue time would increase greatly. Has anyone blocked servers? How did it work out for you?
  6. I knew about Staten joining. Didn't know about Pierre, my bad.
  7. So according to this Staten is running the campaign now and Pierre Hintze is in charge of the multiplayer. Pierre was brought onto 343 last year to help fix MCC.
  8. https://steamcharts.com/app/976730 The internet is a wonderful place.
  9. Apex has one, I think Destiny is getting one next gen.
  10. That honestly is some awesome scenery. I wish the level assets would have been used in the campaign somewhere.
  11. Yeah there was definitely an over abundance of film grain. But yes the models and textures are mostly what I’m talking about.
  12. I still like Reach’s aesthetic, Halo 3 is great and ages well, but Reach just had a bigger impact on me.
  13. I miss messing around on maps finding as many super jumps as possible.
  14. With what I know, he isn’t a hardcore MLG Halo fan, but he definitely enjoys the series. He’s made “Halo X years later” where he evaluated each title, their strengths, their weaknesses, and how they hold up today. Definitely some good videos if you have the time to watch them. Though I’ve definitely disagreed with things he’s said in his videos before, especially concerning multiplayer and I don’t agree with everything he says in this video either. I just thought it was interesting. I guess I just gravitate towards how I hate how people say X is dead because it isn’t what it use to be or because population drops. Halo still has an active community, competitive tournaments, grassroots, and a will to continue the series. Halo might as well be dead to a lot of people and it’s hard to see how far it’s fallen, so I get it.
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