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  1. iL Havok ii Looking to play customs in H2A, H2C, H:CE Region: Ontario, East Coast Canada
  2. I WISH there were postgame stats, Pistola was going Ham pretty sure he was one off a running riot.
  3. Well that was anticlimactic now they have to replay...
  4. I'm glad Lockout is one of the confirmed maps now it honestly looks awesome. I'm worried about the dynamic element mechanic though and I also hope this doesn't turn out like Blackout did. That was a MAJOR disappointment in Halo 3. Reading the description again maybe the dynamic element blocks library window or something since it says it "should help counter an entrenched group of enemies".
  5. Completely agree. If Ogre 2, Naded, Legit and Pistola are ever on the same team I'll lose my mind, would easily be my favorite roster ever, definitely worthy of the terminology God Squad and the legacy of Final Boss.
  6. Lol if it makes it through to the full game, my rage will be unprecedented.
  7. Along with those I hope they get rid of seeing the opposing team's names through walls.
  8. Well that sucks, last match is playing now so I'm guessing it's over after this.
  9. Neighbor and Dersky are playing against GhostAyame and Killer V on twitch!. http://www.twitch.tv/halo
  10. Currently they're showing Gho57Ayame and Killer V vs Neighbor and Dersky, playing H2A. EDIT: Link to the rebroadcast/video. http://www.twitch.tv/halo/b/558482025
  11. I'm guessing he was looking at it from the perspective of 30 FPS, so maybe you would need to look at H2A as 92 and 98 frames for the BR, and Carbine respectively? That's just my guess.
  12. It depends on how long they're willing to grind. I'll agree with you on Naded.
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