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  1. 1. Sprint needs to be re-balanced. Honestly I feel like it has no place in the game and is just there. Its not necessary and is a cause for bad map design. 2. Smart scope is really weird. The visuals are just not a halo style. This makes me think they want the game to look more like cod with the DMR/BR. also takes to lomg to scope in. 3. Make shooting a bit harder, less "auto aim" 4. Medals. TBH I like the perfect medal but dont like the fact that some guy shouts PERFECT everytime I get one. Its just a medal that doesnt need to be announced or you will hear it to often. Imagine if you heard assist everytime you got one. 5. weapon balance. Honestly its pretty great only thing that needs to change is the AR. It wins to many long range gun fights and needs to just be nerfed in damage just a little bit. 6. Maps have me worried. Will power weapons be editable? Can we move where they spawn on map. LIke empire has two snipes which maps map control less important(on that particular map) Its honesty just to small to have 2 snipes. Maybe rockets that spawn out side where snipe would spawn. Truth is honestly just horrbly designed IMO because of sprint. Currently I am semi pro ranked.
  2. Team Name: Two Cuties Winnier Two Cuties Round Number 2 Score 2-0 (best of 3 games)
  3. Looking to play "mlg varaint/iron gaming variant gametypes. Gt: DevInvert
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