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  1. I'm still a little confused on how all of this works. I can get the slide down ramps but how do I just jump up thrust and slide down.
  2. What 10 competitive gametypes did halo 3 have?
  3. I seem to remember a lot of players in Halo 4 explaining that Oddball did not work because of sprint and being able to throw the ball. I don't think Oddball will work with the pace they want to make Halo play. Koth maybe but I'm sure if it didn't play well they would get hated on for that. So I think the Pros at 343 have been playing the competitive gametypes and these are the ones they have selected. I'm not gonna hate on the game because there isn't a few gametypes I have been playing for years and years I like change and I would like to think a Pro Halo player would know more about what is best for the community than myself.
  4. Man I love these forums but you guys are some negative gamers and you sure know how to kill the hype for a new game coming out that none of us have played. (Full game) I understand a lot of you don't trust 343 but are we really that low that we bash the creators of the game because they didn't add a few playlist we want at launch? I see a lot of people saying 343 is killing halo because of MCC and what they are doing to Halo 5. I talked with Mikwen a little bit at Stl and he was explaining that 343 outsourced this game (MCC) to another company completely. I get it the game didn't work at launch but I mean you can't put all the blame on 343 when we saw the state the xbox was in itself. Halo 4 worked, it might not of been the best Halo game ever but it did work. The beta also worked. This and a ranking system that works are the only things that really matter because this is what keeps people interested in Halo not the playlists at launch. We talk about how 343 is trash because they are only putting 4 gametypes in HCS at launch. I would much rather have 4 gametypes and ten maps to play said gametypes on instead of the other way around. We complain that there isn't enough maps and then when we have ten maps we complain there are not enough gametypes. Man these guys cannot win can they? Halo 2 did not work perfectly at launch and also had what 4-5 gametypes halo 3 had 4? Looking at what 343 has done from Halo 4 to Halo 5 I really like it. Have we ever stopped and thought that the reason Halo could be in the state it is in possibly because we bash halo games before they even come out. I mean Cod hating on Halo I can understand but our own community hating on Halo now that must send a message to other gamers trying to get into Halo. Sorry for the rant guys I am just very disappointing with how the Halo community is looking as a whole right now.
  5. Obviously complaining about it doesn't do anything. I would like to know what the issues with sprint are in your opinion. You say it breaks the game but couldn't it be kids non stop complaining about it before the game releases that is actually what breaks the game? I get it we like classic Halo I mean I started in Halo 2 but come on we are splitting the community again before the game comes out with sprint or no sprint. Lets just play the full game before we jump on the this is what we need to do to competitive settings train again.
  6. MaG1K

    NFL Thread

    Second best New York team in their division.
  7. MaG1K

    NFL Thread

    Buffalo Bills to win the Superbowl.
  8. Need scrims in HCS to prepare for Daytona. Add and message me on xbl GT: H2 MaG1K.
  9. I'm getting more and more excited for Halo 5. I just saw something that Halo 5 is listed on MLG Gamebattles. #WeBack
  10. I followed you on twitter. I already have a team but would be interested in scrimming once you have found your team.
  11. Sounds good bro. Can't wait to see you guys in Daytona it is going to be a fun event.
  12. Nice we should set up some scrims later in the week.
  13. Yo you should hit up Aaron Aimbott
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