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  1. I'm in the Green Bay area and there are a few players here that would LAN H1. One of the 4 players moved to Milwaukee a year ago so we don't LAN anymore. There is a Wisconsin Halo group on Facebook. Join there and post that you're interested in LANing H1 in the Milwaukee area. There are a few players that may be interested. I'm up for H1, but just tired of not being able to get any games going over the past few years.
  2. Great summary Moa. I feel like many of us could have expanded your last 2 paragraphs to >5k words (including some not very nice ones..) but you're writeup is very objective and concise.
  3. I know they have Microsoft behind them with Twitch as a partner, but how can 343 keep upping their ante with prize pools for multiple seasons/final events for MCC or even Halo 5 for that matter? I guess I don't understand where all the tournament dollars come from and how they get distributed, but apart from the initial influx of $$ from game sales, continued game sales, where does a developer like 343 get the cash to put up these payouts? Apart from a company like Valve/Riot/other successfull esports gaming developers who make continued profits off gamers buying gun skins/models/fluffy eye candy I just don't see the continue influx of cash to really make Halo esports into a high value gaming league.
  4. I was starting to think we were going to get another update this week since the last one was basically delayed from last week to Monday this week but... alas... Next update will likely be made Friday the 20th.. smh.. this waiting game sucks.
  5. H1 nades are so powerful that they actually affect item spawn locations...
  6. Not sure as I haven't read all of his posts, but at the end of his webinar he mentioned that he plans to do more of them in the future and has some announcements to make.
  7. If you're building, here's a good place to start looking at various build quality components and pricepoints for entry. http://www.logicalincrements.com/ Site stays updated pretty frequently (view the blog link for latest posts) to reflect latest video cards/etc and why author moves items around the various build qualities. Once you figure your components, Slickdeals.net and sites like camelcamelcamel.com can be your friend for finding hot deals.
  8. And they get an A for effort for really really trying each year to show us how much they try to meet Cursed Lemon's accurate description.
  9. Also check out PGL for 1v1/2v2 ladders for Halo 1. Not sure if they will be running tournaments too. http://www.progamingleague.com/ladders/640/ladder_standings#ladder-menu
  10. Agree. Sounds like they're testing a large patch to update whatever party/linking system that was messed up with the initial release. I also think Frankie will keep on his word on a post carnage report. People can call the release whatever they want. If this finally fixes things I think everyone will be happy.
  11. So this "real world" testing patch seems to bring real credibility to the theory of the MCC using the new 2015 multiplayer rules but failing miserably to me.
  12. You may have seen this, but Hardy posted yesterday that he's holding a 30 min Google+ webinar on February 4th at 6PM (PST) to discuss level design and is taking requests for topics to discuss. http://www.hardylebel.com/2015/01/level-design-webinar-free/
  13. Agreed, kind of ridiculous huh? Its not like the players grew up and out of the game. Some did, but there are still a lot of passionate players from H1-3 days that are still here and hoping things get better. They are still here lingering. We now have a game that semi works, but instead of the MCC feeling like an homage to the games of past, its more of a send off, see ya later cause we're going a different direction from the games that got us where we're at. Thing is too as you browse more than just Team Beyond, these posts are everywhere. Lots of fans don't like the direction things are headed.
  14. And how is this going to help the game? "I don't like it"... and dev moves on to waypoint user to ask about their thoughts on sprint.... C'mon guys, the forums has voiced their opinions on sprint only to have the developers continue to defend it. Almost every other community wants it/doesn't care to explore its consequences too (reddit/waypoint). Clearly it has shaped H5's map design, is required for several of the spartan abilities (ie, shoulder charge & slide), and is a major fundamental design in where 343 is taking this game. You may not buy this game, but the masses will and sprint will remain. Go ahead and enjoy your other games. Also, argue that the TTK of automatics do not need to be buffed, I agree in that they are powerful so far. But automatics don't have a history with Halo, precision weapons and sound shooting do. When a BR/DMR/pistol cannot take down an auto when both players have an equal opportunity then there is rebalancing needed. Buff BR/DMR/pistol to have a faster TTK than autos. I'd like to see pistol at 4 shot (with fast rate of fire) and AR/BR at 3 shot. With the low aim assist in H5 so far this will not make all encounters 3 shots and done. Have you played H1? Are you 3 shotting all day? Reward those players with good shots with a dead opponent so that they can move on to the next guy without having to call out where he's sprinting too. Take out the player before he/she can even get up to full speed sprinting and we don't have a problem. Yes sprint still breaks a number of issues with game flow, but with faster TTK at least some control goes back to the attacking player. Maybe a good way to show this is compare actual match times across all Halo games. Start tracking team slayer match times in H1/H2/H3 and compare them against what we see in H5.
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