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  1. Yea that makes sense! I am super excited however to see and play more of the "classic" style of halo since like I said most of my large experience was during Reach, and some during the end of 3. Reach and 4 seemed to stray pretty far away from the original style so it should be exciting to play the older titles in a new way.
  2. Hey guys! I go by Motif online, Hope you are all having a wonderful week! So I actually didn't play much of the first two halo games, but rather got into halo 3 when my friend introduced me to MLG and living in NC allowed me to go to the Raleigh events. I got decent at h3 by the end of its time before reach, and have enjoyed playing halo ever since at a pretty high level. Everything I have heard about halo 1 and 2 sound fantastic, and for somebody who never really got a chance to sink my teeth into these games while they were in their prime, I must say I am SO excited for these games to be coming in such a beautiful collection this fall. The anticipation that came around reach and halo 4 was fun but was definitely not as epic as what it seems is coming in a few months. All I can say is 343 did a fantastic job presenting their upcoming products, and at least for me I am super excited waiting for November! (slowly) Anyways just wanted to share my story, are yall just as excited as me?

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