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  1. Finally switched and it hurts. GT: Inversionist -Inversion
  2. Definitely playable now, much better than when it came out and 400k people quit. Taking the right steps in the right direction but so much more needs to be done on Halo 4, and Halo 5 is going to have to be almost flawless on release if we expect the competitive community to survive. Good Luck & Have Fun 343 -Inversion
  3. Unfortunately I remember reading that the determination of the host relies heavily on your upload speed. Your ping and download speed are excellent but your upload for todays day and age is meh. DOCSIS 3.0 and fiber optics are constantly pushing over 100mbps of upload speed, that would seem to be your problem. -Inversion
  4. Somebody with a ton of XP in Team Slayer add me so we can run a couple games from 46-50. <3 GT: Inversionist -Inversion
  5. Here's the link to a nice monitor that you could probably search around Best Buy to buy. I think it's exactly what you're looking for and it will surely be an improvement from what you currently own, check it out here. EDIT: Destroyaaa, I found a youtube video that explains how to configure your Turtle beaches with a VGA setup on your monitor. Hope it works out, . Happy hunting, -Inversion
  6. Sorry man, I looked it up the specs on future shop and what you're running into is called response time. From when you move the analog sticks on your controller to look or move, it will take 8.5ms to transfer on to your television making a slight delay between action and reaction. This is your problem, the only way to try and improve this is to try and find a "game-mode" setting on your television settings to try and reduce the response time (barely helps). Otherwise, I'd recommend returning the current one you have and looking into a television with a much lower response time >5ms at least, or you could go the other route and buy a computer monitor instead of a television. Good Luck, -Inversion
  7. SpinCycle, follow this link to the homepage. It's a gameplay/theater pan of the entire map and all of the additions are explained. -Inversion
  8. Great tournament, I remember destroying NyneTails in the quarter-finals and then he just came back and slapped us all. Just that so many people signed up that didn't actually show. Good job man, -Inversion
  9. "Sir, request permission to leave the ship." "For what purpose, Master Chief?" "To give the covenant back their bomb..." Nostalgia from those Halo 2 campaign days <3 -Inversion
  10. Swat is an individualy ranked playlist, relating to CSR in a way that it will rank you according to where you place in the game (the whole lobby included). All the CSR in an individualy ranked playlist does, is look at the score earned that game and then rank you 1st if you have the most points. So if my team loses and I still earned more points than anybody in the lobby, I will still rank up. Try to be the best in the lobby, -Inversion
  11. Or just a router that likes to disconnect you, happened to my friend quit a lot. I don't think there should be a "quitting ban/timeout". However, in its place should be a differently penalty reminiscent of Halo 3. I would fucking love visible trueskill to make a return in Halo 5 and with that said, if you quit out you go down. Sufficient enough penalty to stop people from quitting out because they tried hard to earn their rank. -Inversion
  12. What's up guys, i'm James Suddoth, but most of you guys know me as Suddoth 2. I've got the tips, that'll have you fraggin' like a pro. -Inversion
  13. Oh, better start saving $80 for my brand new Micro$oft adapter. -Inversion
  14. My friend, there is a reason why Micro$oft is spelled this way. -Inversion
  15. I'm pretty sure the only thing that Micro$oft announced for sure is Halo 3, and Assassins Creed 2 (both with no DLC). Otherwise, if they haven't announced anything for August yet, expect to be hearing about that sometime in July. -Inversion
  16. Oh I thought they clash really nicely -Inversion
  17. Card playing isn't a sport, it's just that when there is so much money on the line people love watching it (that's just the nature of the beast :gandhi: ). Although Halo currently is so far from being broadcast on television like Halo 2 and 3 sometimes were, it's being worked on and headed in the right direction. Thanks for joining to be a part of that, -Inversion
  18. The excitement from Goldenboy and Ghost is incredible. Roy is our Boy -Inversion
  19. If you want to play customs/throwdown/doubles or anything that you need to improve, I'll be down to practice with you and help you improve. Just add me whenever you're on (GT: LNVERSLON) -Inversion
  20. Dude, it's your life. They think you're a summer hand so they're gonna give you the shittiest shifts with lame hours, that's just what it is (trust me on this). If you think that your plans outweigh your need for this job and you can find another one that is better for you then do it. However, if you need this money badly and you can't find another job then just stick with it and try to soldier through. -Inversion
  21. P..P...Puckett... Where are you? -Inversion
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