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  1. Been playing Halo competivley since H2, I have 50 experience from Halo 2 and 50s in TS,SWAT,Snipes,MLG in Halo 3. Mainly looking for people to climb ranked ladder with at LAUNCH (MST tonite) and if conditions permit compete in the futre. Have Astros and am dedicated. Add GT: tempname7219 Let the grind begin.
  2. Ogre 2 also said that he will be returning for MCC.
  3. This just makes me even more pumped to compete with all the old pros coming back.
  4. I do agree planning a tournament this far ahead is a little risky but 343 will get the system link taken care .. #WeBack
  5. In the main article is says that forge will be available for H2:A, well this is true it is misleading. Dan Ayoub said that it will only be available for the 6 remastered maps.
  6. I dunno about that source but Dan Ayoub said specifically that H2A will run at 1080p. It is the Anniversary edition of course it will.
  7. Forgot about Arby n The Chief, good times!
  8. Halo 2 campaign for me and currently reading Fall of Reach during this 5 month wait.
  9. Either way if it is a show or actually league it still sounds awesome.
  10. Halo 2 was the most fun I ever had playing xbox online, and was also for many other people. This is why everyone is so hype for it.
  11. It has already been confirmed that the new spartan abilities are not the same a reach. They are more like spartan features such as dual wielding and hijacking.
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