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  1. Curious, anyone from Nebraska play MCC currently?
  2. I think the most frustrating thing about this is being an amateur player. Its absurd that we are 4 weeks away from the first event and have no idea really of the season format, we just know the dates of the event.
  3. Menke went straight in on these kids @ing him for complaining about their placements.
  4. Glad to hear that the stream went well and the viewers at home had an okay experience. From an amateur competitor this was an unbelievably poor run event. Between taking 3 hours to start some wbr1 series, to not having a bracket all day, and even to millenial CHANGING the bracket after half of wbr1 had been completed. Sad to see the most attended event be so poorly run. Side note- Overall thoughts on the venue is very nice, cramped with 55 open bracket teams and definitely couldn't handle more than 64. Main stage looks awesome though.
  5. Another reason why flights are so expensive is that you are still technically hitting Spring Breaks of some schools. I know that's why my flight to Vegas is going to cost more than normal (Normally able to get for about 150-200, it is probably going to run me around 350). Also Tips for anyone who doesn't know, booking on Tuesday's = Cheaper flights, and make sure to clear you cookies and history when you go to purchase it. Simms was correct about them raising the prices on people who search consistently. Edit: Sorry for poor wording, at work and I kind of rushed this post :p
  6. The same thing happened to me. My teammates mentioned they had seen the stats after we got eliminated and I knew they were off immediately. I know I saw @@SnakeBite thinking his and TJ's were switched.
  7. In the LCS Riot pays the players a salary. I believe they get a salary as well through the org but I'm not sure about that.
  8. On the ESPN article it said $250,000 per season. So I assume at least one more season before the end of the year. If that's correct that is pretty good imo.
  9. Just ran into Pistola, Mikwen, plus 2 others on fake tags in the arena playlist...
  10. And red velvet one ups him with a $750 donation... in like 5 minutes Edit: Damn it....
  11. How does renegades have the tiebreaker over epsilon? Epsilon won head to head?
  12. Question, does anyone know what international teams were invited to the x games? I'm guessing Epsilon and maybe Team Dignitas?
  13. Looking for two for tomorrow's cup. We are normally a team of 3 looking for 1, but one can't play tomorrow. We hope to narrow down the fourth by tomorrow's tournament. Let me know via direct message on here or Twitter @v4v_vulcan. Also available on xbl @ v4v Vulcan
  14. I'm not so sure he is not talking about both. He retweeted esl's reminder and tweeted that out right after...
  15. I have a team of two looking for two others for today's cup. Message me on here or reply if interested!
  16. 1. Team Randa 2. Denial 3. EG 4. CLG 5.C9 6. Elevate 7. Optic 8. Reality Check Reality check beats noble black for top 8 and the Ryanoob curse stays alive. Also Naded finally gets an event win.
  17. They already said that halo 5 has a November 2015 release date. I was also thinking @@AkaRyanC might be correct. Or start Halo 5 at the end of the year. I believe MLG played Halo 3 right around the reach release date if not right after and had a reach exhibition?
  18. I always thought it was "str8 rippin heads", like a lot of sniper headshots, but that definitely makes more sense.
  19. I could see this whole str8 rc thing being real except for two things. Sudd 1 has been begging chalkie to come move here, and I thought septic has made up his mind moving here?
  20. h2a would be better if there was less aim assist. A child could pick up the controller and hit you with that br. Also it needs bleed through really badly.

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