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  1. All the way on the west side of North Carolina. WANTING TO GO TO EVENTS GT: House the Dime
  2. Im down to play, HMU GT: House the Dime Lets run some games
  3. Hello, my name is Jeff House, I am 19, I live on the east coast and I am looking for a team for Halo! I have been playing halo competitively on and off since H3 launched (I also played a lot of CoD competitively). I have been to a few local halo events and won most of them. I also attended MLG Orlando in 2011 and the recent IrongamingTV event in Chattanooga. Ive always just played with friends but I would like to get on a team that practices a lot and actually have a shot at winning. I am willing to travel anywhere in the US, just want a team that is willing to play a lot, and attend. My GT: House the Dime HMU if you are a F/A or a to2/to3. I am down to run games whenever. Please be good and have a headset. I don't want people new to the game. Also event experience would be good too but if not, thats fine. Just be good and dedicated Thanks!!!
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