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  1. thats how fast a chat is supposed to move when you have 50k+ viewers #MrDestructoid
  2. i cant be the only one thinking that stream was viewbotted with so many viewers
  3. Ricochet in HCS? 343 finding ways to plug in stuff from their game #NoRicochet
  4. Title pretty much says it. Highest placing - Twitch spectator 2015 message me on Xbox if you need 1 more and if interested GT: Horcey Dedicated to all HCS online tourney's and PGL's
  5. I am writing this as Gamer's 4 Giving is playing the clip of a Halo 4 game where someone gets 45 kills. We are watching a competitive (?) game and event and they show this casual game play of a banshee flying around half the time. This is honestly depressing and in my opinion a slap in the face to the competitive community. Regardless to whatever we do, whether it was 343's idea or G4G idea to put this up, it seems like the casual community is being catered to by 343. I assume they do not read the chat (even though it does get bad). I didn't see one person in the chat think " Wow 45 kills this guy is good" but "Why are we watching this?" I tried to support this game with its 3 repetitive maps and Halo 5 doesn't look promising in my opinion competitive wise. Also I cant take 343 serious when basically the whole Halo community has said countless times we dont want sprint and they still put it in. Its been 100 DAYS after the release date and i still don't see a ranking system on any other playlist. I feel bad for all the pros and current fans that stayed with this community through thick and thin and are getting the shaft from 343.
  6. People who bought the season pass for Assassins Creed Unity payed $30 for the pass. Players get to select a game Ubisoft layed out for them to choose from. Now what we get for playing a FULL game that we paid for that took a while to make it barely playable is: -Halo ODST (Valued at $12.99 on Amazon, but since its only campaign and doesn't include firefight and Halo 3 Mythic II DLC which cost $9.99 since dlc prices never go down, this game pretty much cost $4-5.) - A exclusive in-game nameplate and avatar (wow, not really exclusive in my opinion since almost everyone is going to have it.) - 1 month Xbox live gold (Basically refunding us the month we all wasted playing this game) - Remake of Relic (Why not Midship, Beaver Creek. HCS has only 3 maps that get tired of looking at pretty quickly, talk about not having maps to play on. i.e Halo Reach. I assume since they gave us relic that their will be DLC for this game, which i think we shouldn't have to pay for) Overall Return Value for AC Unity: $30 Overall Return Value for MCC: $18-19 (depending on whether you would pay $5 just for ODST campaign) Im not mad, just disappointed in 343. #WeBack?
  7. im going to throw up. we play a broken game for over a month just to get another campaign. Very disappointed. Would have preferred reach multiplayer or a game that actually works
  8. So recently I was looking at the Destiny tracker leaderboards for Xbox and noticed that I am ranked #10 with the least amount of games played. Also I didn't even play the last two days of the beta. The reason im posting this is because I feel like if I would have played just as many games as the top players I felt like I would have been the best for Xbox and maybe even PlayStation. Here's the link http://destinytracker.com/destiny/player/xbox/Horcey for my stats.
  9. Horcey


    Hello guys my name is Adam. Im originally from the Dead or Alive community (not the fighting game). I thought since that community was at a stand still that maybe i might try getting into Halo. Halo 4 has to be the best halo game ive ever played in the franchise. The game is sooo competitive that i wish MLG would pick it back up soon, My highest MLG placing is Spectator and hope i can improve to LBR1. Also im a professional twitch chatxpert. If you want to talk to me, ill be lurking in Nadeds offline chat. #RC for life
  10. That sucks Reach lost by 2 votes. Oh well good luck on everyone participating in the tournament.
  11. Honestly, Reach gives players a better opportunity to win while Halo 3 depends mostly on internet connection.
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