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  1. Starting to rev up abit. Would be more if we get more teams to show. Novastar, pds tournaments, and kcgameon trying keep halo alive in kansas city.
  2. My team mates have fallen through due to work or ride situations. I need 3 to help me rep NSG (Novastargaming is a local lan center in KCK). I am a solid player and am more practiced then most. If you already have teams and did not know about this. Then please attend... None profit event. There will be a payout based on entry fee collection. My GTs NSG Doctorgrady Doctorgrady
  3. We have just bought the team pass. We are looking for an org to rep. We are still looking for 1 F/A to finish this roster.
  4. All 3 of us have Lan Experience..... 2 of us have had a top 32 finish during HCS season 2. We are looking for someone solid that we can mesh with. If daytona is a success, will lock down roster for future H5 events. This is it boys and girls. 1 month to grind halo. We will be running games every night between 7pm and 2am central standard time. Hit me up here on the forum or tweet me at @halodoctorgrady ..... GT: Doctorgrady update as of 10/2 : Team pass is payed for already. Registered under style points. Team name can be changed at the registration if we find an org or better name.
  5. Currently our team consists of 2 players. Darkreaper aka:kevin (GT:Darkreaper1337) & myself GT:doctorgrady (currently playing under cog doctorgrady as well).... Both Kevin and myself have competitive experience on GB/PGL ladders. I am the only one with halo lan experience. My halo lan experience consists of UGC st louis during HCS season 1. I had a team of pickups with minimal mcc experience and of course no practice. We managed to win a couple of matches, but our encounters with cloud 9 and velocity left us with a disappointing yet not so bitter LBR3 finish. I was the only one to make it past the first round of the ffa on my team and our seeding was aweful. I plan on getting on the bandwagon with the HCS grind along with my trusted friend and team mate kevin. We are looking for reasonably skilled team mates with patience and a drive to win. I cannot promise a top 16 finish or to even threaten it. We will for sure be going for top 32. If you feel you want to give us a go. Hit me up on twitter @enrozdrgrady or add any of our gamertags. If things work out, team pass will be covered. Team name undecided. We are even willing to merge with another already existing team.
  6. I am just a gamer pushing 30 who enjoys the halo genre. Even though I have strayed from it off and on over the last 10+ years, I will always come back for more. Currently do youtube and am a pub star trying to be more competitive. I have lan experience in cod but not really halo (Unless you count me hustling people in the college dorms over some halo ce). Always looking to play with strong team mates that can adapt to my schedule. I just got done posting my latest halo 4 montage. Check if out if you want.
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