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  1. Just picked Destiny 2 up a few days ago. I've been having some fun with it, definitely a good change of pace from other games and shooters I've been playing. The PvP is so hard for me to get use to though, everyone just seems to stomp me and my team every game!
  2. I hate myself for the accidental neg my phone just made me give out to you. That's my favorite south park episode
  3. Im still fairly new to the competitive scene of Overwatch. First season ever playing this game and i locked in around 2200 after my placement matches all solo. I play a lot of arcade and the occasional competitive solo queue when i feel like knocking my rank down, haha. Feel free to send me a FR or Inv, im always wanting people to game Overwatch with. I only ever play solo. GT is same as my username, Bromanjaro
  4. Played this game during the free play days and decided to buy it with the Spring Sale on Xbox. Any tips for beginning the game lateish? And if anyone is ever down to play, my GT is Bromanjaro. Mainly play Tracer and Widowmaker, but want to learn all characters for competitive when I unlock it. Really enjoyable game.
  5. Anyone here play gears regularly? Still not too good but it's taken on Halo 5s spot as my most played game lately. Definitely need people to run with!
  6. Bought Gears 4 during the black friday sale. Only played 4 games of TDM but had fun. I played a bit of Gears 3, but have never been to good with the series. If anyone is down to play and possibly help a new guy learn the ropes, add me! GT is Bromajaro Also after buying the game I checked out some of the tourney that's going on too, and it seems rather high quality and enjoyable. Escalation is definitely a fun watch for me, wouldn't mind seeing more gametypes thrown in like Execution for variety and clutch moments like suggested above.
  7. Nope, lmao. Was free this last weekend for people to play, the whole game. Was suppose to end the 12th, but I still have it and just finished playing a second ago. I know it can probably get taken away at anytime but Rocket League was also free for a weekend a couple months ago, and I downloaded and played it. After the weekend, was still able to access the whole game and still able to, I play it all the time with friends with never having to buy it. I'm just guessing the same thing happened with Overwatch :P
  8. I think I got Overwatch for free from Xbox, so that's pretty neat. After the free weekend was over, I'm still able to play it. Same thing happened with Rocket League
  9. Literally doing the same with my gf haha. Been playing Black Ops 3 bots so much lately I can't stand to play CoD anymore. I've found that playing through the Halo campaigns are a lot more fun to her. Easier and more fun for me to play, and she dies much much muuuuuuch less (she doesn't have the best hand/eye coordina2 either) so she has been enjoying that more lately. Also a lot easier to carry her through levels and offers a nice change with Warthogs and stuff getting added from time to time, she is my dedicated gunner :p She will also play the hell outta some Peggle.
  10. Playing through the first Dead Space for the first time. Very enjoyable so far, already debating on wanting to pick up the other 2 in the series for whenever I finish the first.
  11. When we play through the campaign, she'll kill maybe 3 to 4 grunts and MAYBE an elite. I kill literally everything else! When I die, I have to try to guide her to safety so I can respawn back to kill everything some more. Probably the most fun I've had playing the campaigns in quite a long time! Black Ops 3 was her first game, unfortunately. ADS definitely isn't her thing, haha.
  12. Trying to teach my gf to play Halo. Picked up the MCC and started with the CE campaign. On Truth and Reconciliation. So entertaining to watch her play. She looks down at an angle the entire time and just runs into the enemy shooting non-stop. She loves the Plasma Pistol hahaha. Anyone else try to teach their significant other to game or play Halo?
  13. Mine has to be the one where Dwight starts a fire in the office and everyone freaks out.https://vimeo.com/136822167 "Save Bandit!" kills me every time. Along with the Lazy Sunday spoof they made in the show. Everything that is The Office is golden. I've seen the whole series about 4 times and it still makes me die of laughter.
  14. The fact that I accidently negged a post so great makes me so, so upset. Sometimes I hate being a mobile user.. I'll pay it back!
  15. Now all you need is an autograph from Randy Jackson on it and you're all set!
  16. Alan Wake is fun, I've played it loads of times. It may not be an Xbox One game but it's compatible and I think is cheap nowadays. I bought it a while back and definitely got my money's worth.
  17. Go to play some Halo today, ready to grind. Go to start arena to find out my gold membership ran out today (prepaid card) and my pay day isn't for a few more days. Wasnt too upset because I have a 48 hour trial so I go to enter that to get me by. Whenever I enter it, my Xbox just says "Give this code to a friend, you already have a gold membership". Man I need a PC.
  18. Streaming some H5 for a while. Playing solo BTB atm then switching to arena. Feel free to watch or join! Just using the twitch app. Twitch.tv/bromanjaro_
  19. Being from Missouri as well, I can confirm this. Most boring state ever. OT: Pro League hypeeee. Have casters been announced?
  20. 2 bedroom apartment with one bathroom for 365 a month and it isn't a rough place. Utilities run around 90 bucks. I feel like I got super lucky tbh.
  21. Ashland is like 15 minutes from me haha. I'm from Fulton. Crazy, didn't know anyone from the forums was so close by.
  22. Wow. Had no idea he was from Missouri, He is also very close to me. MU is like 20 minutes away from me. Might have to go pick up a paper :p haha. What city are you from?
  23. Started playing league regularly and trying to branch out to other PC games. Gaming on a laptop so it's not the best rig ever, but plays league super smooth. Anyone recommend any good Free to play FPS games? Prefer to not have to install steam.
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