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  1. I feel like the only good CoDs were vCoD and UO. Everything else has been all down hill.
  2. If anyone is looking to pug or play match making hit me up on steam. I have a couple of dedicated servers as well as a mumble channel. Steam ID: obby4567
  3. Hey man if your looking for some one to play with I'd be totally down to help you out. Been playing cs since 1.5.
  4. Have you ever pugged on esea before? You might have to think again. ESEA and the NA scene is still just as atrocious as it was 8 to 10 years ago.
  5. That was my exact reaction when I woke up and saw that. I'll definitely get on more to practice up for that ffa tournament.
  6. Just requested to join. Should be a really good time when the game launches in September.
  7. Rambles if you send me a PM I can hook you up with one later today when I get off of work.
  8. You know I totally forgot about about that last night when I was writing my post that there will be more classes. I shouldn't be so rushed to judge right away until I have my full understanding of how the meta will be affected by the other classes. Extremely tired and I was just about to fall asleep. Sorry about that. That's probably why I'm not 100% completely satisfied with the what the game has to offer pvp wise. Come September and ive logged about 100+ I'll have a much more informed opinion on the game.
  9. For hipfiring is moderately accurate surprisingly in close quarter battles, I find myself using it more often then I thought I would, but ADS is still pretty dominate and i'd say it will dominate majority of gun fights. One thing I think that is actually pretty good is the registry and netcode of the game. Skill-gap wise. I'm not quite sure about that one. Somethings about tailoring your character to certain builds I think is pretty cool and I think a lot of great things could come out of that one, but at the moment I feel like majority of the builds are very similar and that the super abilities are super gimmicky and are just free kills, much like killstreaks in call of duty. One thing that really bugs me is that you have the ability to spawn with a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher which I think is absolutely ridiculous and totally broken. Co-op/campaign is probably going to be the main reason why I actually pick up this game. I'm a huge fan of loot based co-op games like diablo 3 and borderlands so the co-op aspect of this game is going to keep hooked for a long time, even without playing the crucible. I'm also really fascinated by the story and lore of the whole game which i'm really excited to see once it finally releases in September.
  10. I dont know what to think of it so far. At first I was really liking the game but after about 5 hours of play time in the crucible I seem to enjoy myself less and less. I'll keep playing throughout the weekend and see if my mind changes but at the moment i'm a little disappointed.
  11. GT: obby5 Xfire: sadpanda22 (for HCE PC)
  12. I could possibly see microsoft releasing a tournament edition xbox one for gaming organizations that allows system link support. Only problem would be is that UGC would have to buy all new consoles unfortunately and that would hurt the bank quite a bit.
  13. Hey guys, I was just seeing if anyone on this board from Minnesota is interested in getting a consistent LAN community going. I just moved in to a new house in Bloomington with my brother and we have plenty of space to host a good amount of people. Bring your own box and monitor would be encouraged. But I would provide the tables, LAN routers, free beer, pizza, bbq, snack or what ever you guys would be interested in having. With MCC coming out, I know a lot of people are trying to get some CE/Halo 2 practice in before it releases and I thought maybe getting some organized weekend lans going would be a great place to meet some of the local players and get everyone warmed up for launch. We could also play some Halo 3/NBNS Reach as well if anyone is up for it. Just let me know! Just write a post in this thread or send me message/friend request on xbox live. My gt is obby5.
  14. Thanks a lot for the info man ill definitely give it a try and see if it works.
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