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  1. Does anyone have recommendations on what sensitivity/settings to use on Xbox? I don’t know if I’m head casing hard but nothing seems to feel comfortable or consistent.
  2. Teacher/Student: Student Gamertag: obby5 Games to Learn: Halo CE/Halo 2 Specifics: Spawn System in CE / Leading shots in CE / Map control in CA / Improve FFA in H2 / Improve 4v4 game in halo 2 Timezone/Location: Minnesota /CST
  3. Gamertag: obby5 Ganetypes: FFA customs and 4s region: central time/Minnesota
  4. Southpaw for all of them. I might try out Bumper Jumper with switched triggers and bumpers so I my left trigger is still my shoot button.
  5. I hope they do something to recognize the PC community. I think it would be cool if they gave us a free to play version of vCoD or CoD UO where it can be ran in a Web browser. Much like how Quake Live is set up. Have a dedicated pug and scrim system along with both rifle and default leaguea, daily cups, and tournaments. Also include pub servers with all the game types from search, hq, tdm, and ctf. Just a thought. I think it would be a huge hit with the competitive pc community and also the old school players who still play vCoD and UO today.

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