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  1. I decided I will be selling my X1 and trying to obtain a refund for MCC. I didn't expect this game to play like OG but I expected it to be an improvement over HPC. After 12 years I only recorded two games and it was a month before MCC. Here is one of them. I think I can safely say most would still prefer XBC lag over what it is now. At least you could determine how to accommodate. <3 you guys!
  2. As i said before if they are using the same thing from H2A its just a bigger reticle, auto aim unaffected. I actually think its more difficult to snipe only because is obstructs the view of what your hitting. That was my experience on H2A campaign at least. This video also confirmed they are def using the H2A new sounds for multiplayer.
  3. What was the confusion? I missed the edit. I am Pac. I am Jeffrey.
  4. I would gladly go out and capture some footage to show off and give full disclosure as to where the build was at currently relative to what was being shown. FOR FREE! My only opinion on this game (Halo 1) and how its being handled in quite a bit of secrecy is that this is not a new game. There is nothing to hide and there is nothing that would ruin the sales of the game for anything to be revealed on the progress. Appears to just be a marketing effort only I suppose for additional exposure with the exclusivity agreement with IGN. If anyone is to provide us details IGN must? Hire me as the free H1 liaison.
  5. But, the "no lead" mod IS better than what it shipped with no? So you either never know where your shots land and each trigger pull is a crapshoot or you use something similar to the mod and everything lands right where you place it. As I said, I was just commented on how it WILL change the gameplay on that level. Not necessarily complaining about it. Something had to be done either way, they sure as hell were not going to allow XBC style H1 play on XBL. THEN ID BE KING!
  6. I would have to argue it does in fact change a few things about how you can play the game. Its one of those subtle nuances however that doesn't come into play until you reach a certain level of complexity. Primarily on when you may adjust your play style dependent upon your opponents style. Being overly aggressive doesn't work as well for instance when you can't dodge bullets as well because the aiming is easier. Im remarking on this as a result of the ease of shooting I have noticed playing Halo PC "no lead" servers the past few weeks. I can not take as many risks when I am uncertain of an opponents actual location as they are more likely to take me out when I am making a risky play. This fosters a more passive play style reminiscent of some other Halos. Im not saying this is how MCC will function but if it is an easier TSK it will for sure change it at the top level of play. Also, I got really good at strafing after 12 years. I have other complaints I could list but most have already made comment on them always and what is the point in continuing this negative path. CT wrote a pretty well post quite a few pages back, pretty accurate in why we have the right to express ourselves at least. We are some dedicated fans! I am thankful for some things they DID intentionally go back to reimplement such as Xbox timing! THANK YOU!
  7. This is true. Then we inquired if he would like to make a 360 knock off H1.
  8. LoL I always give up host advantage... with 60 plus ping and still wreck everyone who's ever played this game. Who cares if they provide the option for dedicated servers online. Wait for ittttt.....
  9. There's one unanswered question, which can't be answered in text. It just must be felt. We won't fully know until the controller is in our hands (in my case my pants) and MCC is loaded on our XB1s.
  10. I thought about adding something to indicate rockets or powerups. But then the color was that indicator. Red for rox green for powerups. Similar to my app.
  11. Haha. Ya. It was actually the least tedious edit of the overlay. This wasn't anything special. I got the capture device that same day. I'd like to capture some better footage soon. Hope you guys enjoyed.
  12. It was with Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls. They discussed it but switched formats now and its called Running WIld with Bear Grylls. INstead of taking randoms into the unknown for 30 days they are taking celebrities for two. A far cry from actual survival scenarios and I cant help but laugh when I watch the celebs mention how its been "one of the most challenging events of their lives." But I praise them for doing that at least. I can tell you from our experience the real pain doesn't even set in until the fourth to fifth day. The hunger alone for those 48 hours at that point is miserable. Thats before you consider the negative temps without a sleeping bag and miles and miles of hiking through all kinds of terrain. Throw in the fact I had just been in a wheelchair for four months two weeks prior. I dont think any show on network TV has ever put its contestants through so many miserable conditions. The camping trips ive been on since, have been a cakewalk. Thanks for the support though. Im still searching for my icon. I cant find it, ill just just recreate it.
  13. Something like that. H1 more like it. But ill certainly delve into H2 as well a bit. I have played H1 on and off for 12 years.
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