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  1. Looking for good team players to join the st louis sentinel pbl team. I just joined the team and have a solid teammate flurriously my gt is Lp Relentless we need 2 more solid players to run this pbl like champs
  2. Hmu quickly through twitter(@LpRelentless) or xbl (Lp Relentless)
  3. i need a sweaty 2v2 partner for todays tourney and future tournaments!!! gt: Lp Relentless
  4. Trestlentless is good
  5. im interested in going to st louis for sure. maybe las vegas hmu to run
  6. tournament starts at 6pm est time! need a partner who is knowlegeable on how to move with their team and control power weapons with movement and tracking the spawn times! hmu if you are are sweaty doubles try hard Lp Relentless Limitless Possibilities
  7. limitless possibilities!! looking for solid players to practice hard with to team up for the ugc event gamertag is Lp Relentless
  8. i live in Des Moines iowa and im one the best players u can find in iowa! add me Lp Relentless
  9. please reply here with a brief msg .stating your availabilty for practice and the roles u are comfortable playing! as well as your gamertag! My gamertags Lp Relentless and were serious t03 please do not contact us unless u are confident in your skill and are able to attend the st louis event thank you for your time.
  10. yo i added u are u available to tryout for my to3 cypher for st louis? Lp Relentless
  11. interested in trying u out for st louis hmu as soon as possible gt Lp Relentless i added u
  12. whats up man gt Lp Relentless. ill send u a fr on xbl im interested in trying u out for our t03 for st louis
  13. to3 cypher add me not sure if those where ls or is so add me please Lp Relentless for st louis
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