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  1. There are a few tweaks that need to be made to the Halo iteration, but overall, the modified ELO systems are the best systems that have been implemented to date.
  2. You can drop out of champion, because it is the top 200 of onyx, so it's always changing. You cannot drop out of any other tiers, though.
  3. When reason doesn't work, you gotta move on to phase 2.
  4. It's the same principle. Your train of thought is: If you suck ass, you should be punished for it in the long term. I simply applied your thought to other areas of life so you can see how fucking ******** it is. Though I believe I failed.... I blame common-core and the state of the education system.
  5. It bothers me that you don't see the issue with this. Like... truly, deeply, bothered. If it bothered me anymore than it currently does, I'd be writing songs for Drake. Real world examples: If someones starving, food shouldn't be more expensive for them because they had to go without. If you're born into poverty, it shouldn't be harder for you to have a chance at a real quality life (even though it is). if you're benched on a kindergarten softball team because you had never played before, you shouldn't be granted less practice time than other kids because you are new.
  6. Today I learned: If I suck ass in the beginning, practice a ton and improve, it's too late. I missed the window of opportunity. I should be punished for being new to the game for the life span of the game, because fuck progress.
  7. I remember when I took Introduction to Logic at my community college... I thought I was the shit too for a while back during the MLG forum days. Your entire argument is based off an argumentum ad ignorantiam. Your tirade is solely based off the fact that you haven't seen it implemented, it sounds great in practice, so it's obviously the correct fucking answer. That's not how it works. Your inability to respond to anyone's comments or criticisms without grasping at a logical fallacy is in and of itself a red herring. And yes. My responding to your case of the downs (ad hominem) is tu quoque.
  8. Stop making sense. I find it funny that this is really a debate. If a zero-sum W/L system worked, or if a individual stat based system worked, they would have been implemented. However, we've instead created incredibly complex algorithms that take into account a multitude of different variables to produce a rank consistently and fairly... but that's not good enough for the Halo kids with their (hopefully) passing grades in pre-calc.
  9. Is this independent of the actual matchmaking system that seems to place emphasis on speed rather than anything else? The issue I face is that some of my friends played their placement matches, they could barely play the game at all. Now that they are competent (again), we steamroll through all the kids in their ELO (I'm usually the highest). Other than the system trollololololing me last night (25+ wins and ~5 losses and no rank increase), I haven't had any games where I've thought the system unfairly matched me. Last night, for example, aPZesus and I were both Onyx 1600+, and the other two players in our party were Diamond/Plat and Diamond/Diamond (depends which point of the night). We consistently got matched against parties with similar rank makeup's and steamrolled them (there were actually several good/close games as well). So, I guess the issue might not start to sort itself out until after the rank reset, because people have had a chance to play and learn the game... so the good players won't be placed as low, and the bad players wont get as lucky and place as high. I suppose this is why League forces you to play until you reach level 30 (XP based) before you are even allowed to play ranked in the first place. Makes sure you've had enough time to learn the game before it allows you to subject yourself to the more serious side of the game. Counter-Strike has implemented a similar function, albeit a much lower requirement. Maybe 343i could consider something similar? Arena playlists aren't unlocked until you reach Spartan Level 20 or something -- would force familiarity with the game.
  10. Because their MMR will continue to drop.
  11. Because an inherent trait of an ELO system is this initial randomness. As it sorts everyone out, it will become more consistent than any other system in any previous Halo game. Starcraft and League of Legends both use their own variants of an ELO system. Give it time and stop complaining only because it is different than what you're used to. For PC gamers this is basically the norm (because it shits on everything else).
  12. Good post. I agree with everything, except for dropping tiers. If you are at (for ease, lets call it XP) 0XP in Diamond 1 for 5+ straight losses, you're probably doing something wrong. Getting from P6 to D1 should remain easy (though I would really like to see promotion matches, similar to League), but going from D1 to P6 should be more difficult. If they introduce a buffer of ~50XP or so at the tier threshold (for deranking only) it could solve the problem. To clarify, once a player reaches 0XP at D1/P1/G1/S1/B1 (or Onyx 1500), there should be an invisible 50XP buffer. Any wins would immediately disregard this buffer, meaning if you lost 4 games at Onyx1500 (so your invisible rank was Onyx1460 and one more loss would result in you deranking to Diamond 6 with 0XP), but you win your 5th, your rank would be Onyx1500+ XP from winning... the -40XP from losing the previous 4 is NULL. Also, for the INITIAL placement of a player, the system shouldn't place a player in the highest tier. I could live with the highest placement being Diamond, but Onyx should be something that is achieved only if you absolutely PROVE you deserve it. However, after a rank reset, the NEXT seasons placements ABSOLUTELY should take into consideration your previous seasons rank (see LoL). So, if your first season you grind into Onyx-1xxx and the ranks reset, your placement matches should account for your previous season, and not waste time matching you with low-tiered players UNLESS you perform extremely poorly in your matches (indicating that you were likely boosted/carried).
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